Jade West walks through the main entrance to Hollywood arts high school, with her best friend Cat close by her side. As she walks through the door, she catches sight of all of the decorations that are hung up, and stuck to some of the student's lockers.

All Jade can see from her left to her right is pink, pink hearts, pink banners, pink everything. She groans internally. She never really got the big deal with Valentine's day- mainly because she hadn't ever spent it with anyone.

She had received cards, and presents in the past, but none from anyone who she actually liked enough to agree being a valentine. Usually she just went home, and cut up whatever she had received with her favourite pair of scissors.

She walks over to her scissor decorated locker, where her friends, Andre and Robbie stand waiting for the two girls. When they reach them, Robbie smiles at Cat shyly- it isn't a secret that Robbie likes, Cat, and it isn't really a big secret that she likes him, but neither of them has ever done anything about the way the feel.

Jade, opens her locker, feeling slightly sick at the sight of all the pink. As she opens the metal door, she sees a card, sitting in front of her. She picks up the red envelope in her hand, and studies it for a while.

"Look, at this." She says as she closes the door to her locker, and rests her back on it. The handles to the scissors dig into her back- she doesn't really mind it though.

"What is it?" asks Robbie, not really paying any attention to what is happening around them.

"A card," Jade says dryly.

"But it's not your birthday," says Cat in an absentminded manner.

Jade rolls her eyes at her friends comment, and before she can say something sardonic, Andre cuts in. "I don't think it's a birthday card little red."

"Oh," Cat giggles. "Open it Jadey." She pleads.

Jade, sighs and opens the envelope. She reads what is scrawled in the card, and makes a disgusted sound. She shoves the card into her bag and walks away from her friends.


Later on into the day, Jade, is changing from having dance class, when her phone buzzes from inside her bag.

She unlocks her phone to see that she has a text from an unknown number, she opens it up, and reads the letters on her screen.

Be mine?

Jade groans at the cliché, at least they could try to be creative, since the number, isn't blocked, Jade tries her luck; she quickly types back a reply.

Tell me who you are!

She waits, no more than a minute before her phone is buzzing again.

You've got to say yes first.

Jade, locks her phone and throws it into her bag in frustration. She finishes getting changed and storms out of the changing room.


At lunch, Jade sit's in between, Andre and Cat. She angrily stabs at her lettuce that is in her salad.

"Whoa, what's up with you?" says Andre.

"This stupid valentine's thing." She snaps.

"So, I'm guessing you'll be breaking another heart this year?" he asks in a joking tone. But, Jade isn't in the mood to joke around.

"I'll break more than just their heart, if they keep this up. Look."

She shows Andre the text that is on her phone. "Oh, come on." He says "You don't think that that is a little funny, and creative?"

"Yeah, I guess, in an pretentious way."

Andre sighs "Just agree to meet the boy; you never know you might actually like him."

"Fine," She growls, I'll meet him, but is he ends up being Sinjin, I am blaming you."


Its seven PM, and Jade is on her way to the movies, after agreeing to be the random peron's- who she is assuming to be a boy- valentine.

She pulls up into the parking lot, and checks, her phone that had buzzed not too long ago. She reads the writing on the screen, and initially, she worries that she has been stood up- not that she cares about this person, she just doesn't want to be made a fool of.

The message reads; Where are you, I'm here and waiting.

She gets out of the car and scans the street for any sign of the freak she may be meeting.

She feels a light tap on her shoulder, she turns quickly to see a boy stood behind her, a cute boy, a really cute boy, someone who Jade had seen around school, she'd always thought he was cute.

"Hey, I'm Beck" he says softly.

"Hi," she replies. "I'd tell you who I am, but I guess you already know that what with the cards and messages."

He smiles at her again, and lets out a breathy chuckle, "I'm glad you agreed to meet me here."

She shrugs "I don't think you left me much of a choice. I wanted to know who you were, and the only way I could do that was to come here." She says dryly.

"And now that you are here?" he asks, his voice taking a nervous tone.

She shrugs, "I might as well stay." But what she means is 'Yes I'll be your valentine.'


Beck and Jade sit through the movie. And then go for some food at a MacDonald's near the movie theatre.

Once they are seated and have ordered their food, Jade begins to eat her fries- she always leaves the burger till the end, she always has- Beck picks at his burger, pulling off the pickles. "Are you not eating those?" Jade asks, in a sceptical tone.

He shakes his head "No, I hate pickles." She arches her eyebrow at him "Why, do you want them."

She shrugs "Well, if you're not gunna eat them."

He smiles at her before pushing the box that his burger had sat in towards her.


Beck and Jade sit inside the Macdonald's for a while, talking about their interests and hobbies.

They sit, and talk until they are asked to leave by one of the employees.

Beck holds the door open for Jade as she leaves, as they walk towards, Jades car their hands brush together, Beck takes her hand in his, and surprisingly, Jade doesn't move her hand away.

They walk to Jades car still talking idly.

When they reach, Jades car Beck leans towards her and places a light kiss on her cheek. "Bye," he says quietly.

She smiles at him, before realisation hits her "Wait," she says "How'd you get my number, and how'd you know which locker was mine?" she pauses before taking a sardonic tone and saying "Have you been stalking me?"

He laughs and shakes his head "No, though that probably would have been a better idea." He jokes. "Andre gave me your number, and I have seen you opening that locker many times before."

"Andre?" she says "How'd you know him?" she asks.

"He's in my photography class."

"Oh," she says, but she isn't angry, or upset that Andre had given him her number, in fact she was happy, because she'd had a great time tonight.

"So," he says "Now, you know who I am, will you go out with me again?" he asks.

"Well, I'll really have to think about that," she jokes, before smiling at him "Yeah," she says.

"Great, well I have your number so, I'll call you." She nods "Bye," he says again. He leans down once more, but this time, Jade tilts her head up to kiss him, and they place a light kiss on each-others lips.

Jade climbs into her car, and watches as he walks away from her.

Jade will definitely take Andre's advice on things again, and she now, most definitely gets the big deal with Valentine's Day

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