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Chapter 1: Gorgeous Stranger

Blond hair whipped around the corner as she distanced herself from her home-correction, her former home. How could she have been so stupid to think that this was actually going to work? Nothing from her 23 years of life could have prepared her for this feeling; this feeling of hurt, embarrassment, but most of all the feeling of being worth nothing. She hated herself for falling for her again. She wanted so badly to hate her but her smile was captivating, her voice was like velvet when she whispered sweet nothings into her ear, her body would make a goddess jealous, and she was drawn into her again and again. Well apparently she would never be good enough and was being tossed aside like last week's trash so she could 'upgrade' again. The blond needed to get her mind away from her old home, but mainly her, before she collapsed on the street and broke down completely. Blue eyes frantically searched for any type of distraction, really anything would work. She just needed her brain to stop reminding her of the hurt.

Finally she spotted the perfect thing to help her get distracted. Outside of her favorite bookstore there was a big sign posted alerting any passerby of the event.

Magazine signing and Pictures at 3pm with the gorgeous….

The rest of the sign was blocked by a rather large man thoroughly enjoying his hotdog, but the blond didn't care what the rest of it said as she glanced down at her watch. The purple face read 2:55. Perfect, she thought as she made her way into the crowded store.

The tall blond carefully sifted through the store and took in the crowd around her. There were a lot of people holding signs and looking anxious to meet the mystery, well at least to her, gorgeous person advertised on the sign. Most of the crowd was made up of teen aged girls who were so excited some of them were literally vibrating with their uncontrolled enthusiasm. The blond gave them a wary glance and decided that perhaps she'd better stand towards the back in case one of the fan girls made a bum rush for the stage. Some of them looked like that was there actual plan.

A couple of minutes passed and the blond was starting to think that her distraction was a bust, but then a tiny brunette woman dressed in a horrendous sweater, plaid skirt, and knee high socks walked onto the stage. The strangely dressed woman had a microphone and tapped it a few times to get the crowd's attention.

"Hello everyone, I am so excited to see all of you here to support my dear friend. She and I go way back to the tender age of 7 when we met at our private elementary school. I remember it as if it was only yesterday. I was wearing the cutest yellow summer dress and I even had a matching bonnet. It was tied in a graceful bow under my chin. That was the very first outfit I ever picked out by myself. My dads were so proud that they took numerous pictures to document the momentous occasion and put it in my scrap book for the Spring of Age 7. There was a slight dew to the ground when I strolled the playground…" the woman rambled on

"Rachel, shut the hell up! No one wants to hear your life story. Get on with it", someone yelled from behind the curtain. The blond couldn't help but chuckle at the comment and silently thanked the mystery voice.

"Right, sorry," the brunette said. "You all will proceed to make a line starting at the stairs and wait patiently for your turn for pictures and autographs." She smiled out at the crowd and gave a little wave that indicated the crowd could form the line. That was when all hell broke loose. The blond was right when she thought there was going to be a bum rush. Girls started screaming and throwing elbows in their attempts to reach the front of the line.

The blond quickly ducked towards the back of the store to avoid any possible injuries from the crazy fan girls. Who was the person all of these girls were waiting for? She was clearly someone famous because otherwise who would get an autograph or a picture from a random stranger? Actually now that the blond thought about it, asking random strangers for autographs and pictures sounded like fun. She made a mental note to put that on her "Random Shit I Gotta Do" list.

While the blond was musing about strangers, the security guards were able to get the crowd under control but not before a girl lost a tooth and another managed to get a black eye. The short woman was clearly shocked at the behavior but continued to raise the microphone to lips to finally introduce the gorgeous stranger.

"Without any further ado, I give you…" The blond was unable to catch the name that was announced because the second the curtain opened the crowd went nuts and was so loud the blond could barely think straight. That might have also been because the most beautiful women she had ever seen had stepped out onto the stage.

The woman immediately captivated the blond. This glorious woman had dark curls that framed her perfect face. She had a tiny smirk that graced her lips and took the blonds breath away. The brunette had dark, caramel skin and the blue eyed blond wonder if her skin tasted like caramel too. As she walked, no, glided across the stage, the blond was able to appreciate the Latina's perfectly shaped ass. The blond was sure that her eyes were the size of dinner plates and her jaw was dragging along the floor and people were probably judging her but she really didn't care. She clearly died in the bum rush for the stage and was now in heaven with this brunette angel.

The blond would have been content to just stare at the woman on stage forever but she was pulled out of her revive when she was prodded in the back to move forward in line. She snapped her head forward and chastised herself for acting like one of those crazy girls but damn, that woman was perfect.

Slowly but surely the line moved along and the blond was finding herself closer to the gorgeous woman on the sage. It wasn't until the blond was 2 people away from the angel did she realize that she didn't even have a magazine to be signed. She didn't have much time to worry though because she was being guided up in front of the Latina.

"Hi I Santana Lopez," the woman said in a tired voice not looking up from the table in front of her. "What's your name?" she asked in the same monotone.

The blond had to clear her throat so she didn't sound weird. But even with that her reply sounded a little strained. "My name is Brittany S. Pierce"

The Latina finally looked up from the table to question why she didn't have a magazine but the second her brown eyes locked onto blue ones her only thought was wooooooowww. The two held the eye contact because neither was willing to look away. Santana had never seen eyes so blue nor had Brittany seen eyes that were so deep she felt like she would fall into them. The moment felt perfect to the two women, almost as if they were in a romantic comedy or fan fiction, but they didn't care. They would have happily stared at each other forever except their little moment was ruined when someone, Rachel, rudely cleared her throat to alert the two of the impatient girls still in line.

"I-I'm sorry th-that I don't have a magazine for you to sign," Brittany managed to stutter out. Wow, way to screw that up Pierce she thought.

"Oh that's fine," said Santana with a small smile. "Do you still want a picture?" she asked in a hopeful voice. She wanted nothing more than to wrap her arms around the blond and pull her in tight to her body….for uhhh the picture.

"Oh yeah, of course." Brittany smiled and took out her phone, handing it to Rachel so she could take the picture.

Santana shocked Rachel and Brittany by actually getting out of her chair and walking around the small table so she could be closer to the blond…for the picture. Santana gently wrapped her arm around a slim waist and tugged until Brittany was pressed against her side. She inhaled and caught a waft of the blonde's shampoo - Green Apple. Brittany snaked her arm over Santana's shoulders and was surprised by how well their two bodies fit together, almost as if they were meant to be together, like two puzzle pieces.

Brittany glanced down at the Latina and her breath got stuck in her throat. She was standing next to the most beautiful woman in the world, no the universe and she couldn't be happier. Santana looked up through bashful eyes because she was thinking the exact same thing.

Before they knew it, Rachel was handing Brittany back her phone and ushering the next girl from line up to Santana. Brittany looked shocked that their little moment was over and so did Santana.

"Bye Santana, it was nice meeting you" Brittany said with sad and wanting eyes.

"Bye Brittany" was all Santana said as the gorgeous blond walked off the stage.

Once Brittany was off the stage she glanced back at the woman she would probably never see again and let out a deep sigh. She caught Santana's eye and gave her a small smile and a wave before she turned and went out the door.

Santana continued to stare after the blond as if willing her to come back. But Santana had to accept that she would never see the blond again and that thought made her chest tighten. She walked back around her table and flopped down, praying that her day was almost over. She simply didn't want to see any more fans today.

"Brittany" Santana let the name roll off her tongue and enjoyed the tingles that it caused. It was then that Santana decided that she would see the blond again.

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