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Chapter 16: Hold Me in Your Arms Again

Brittany had been pacing around her apartment for the past 15 minutes after she received Santana's text. This was a good thing right? Santana was back in New York and she wanted to talk so that was good, right? But Brittany couldn't help the nerves that immediately took over and settled in her stomach. What if Santana wanted to talk about how they were over? What if she really lost Santana forever? Brittany shook her head in an attempt to remove the negative thoughts that were floating around. Talking to Santana was going to be a good thing.

Sighing, Brittany looked down at her phone and acknowledged that she had to reply to Santana at some point tonight. Or, she could just not respond at all and let Santana sweat it out. Brittany, after all, had been left in the dark for weeks so it would only be fair to put Santana through the same thing. But Brittany knew that she could never do that so she typed out a quick reply and hit send before she could chicken out.

To Sanny: Your place or mine?

The text was simple and to the point so Brittany wasn't surprised when she received a reply almost immediately.

From Sanny: Yours. Be there in 5.

Even though Brittany wasn't surprised by how quickly the reply came, she was, however, surprised by what the text said. Santana's house was 20 minutes away from the blonde's so that meant that Santana had probably already planned on coming over. Brittany smiled a little but then immediately freaked out. Santana was coming over in 5 minutes to possibly end or fix their relationship.

Brittany started to fly, well limp because she was still in her boot, around her apartment and tidy anything and everything. It was safe to say that the last few weeks Brittany had kind of stopped caring about a lot of things and cleaning was first on that list. She grabbed the plates and cups from her coffee table and threw them in the sink before she started gathering up all of the random bits of trash that had accumulated all over the room.

There was a quick knock on the door just as Brittany was making her bed. She sighed down at it and gave up, just throwing her blankets onto the bed and slowly got up. This was it. Santana was there to talk. Brittany started to panic. Yes, she wanted things to be fixed between them but it was extremely nerve racking to finally have Santana so close, even if she was still outside.

Another knock on the door caused Brittany to pull away from her fretting and realize that she had yet to answer the door, the door that Santana was currently on the other side of.

Brittany quickly smoothed out her wrinkled shirt and attempted to fix her wild hair before she moved towards the door. She took a deep breath in hopes of calming her nerves but it had little effect. Grasping the handle Brittany quickly flung the door open before she could stall any longer.

There on the other side of the door was Santana who had her fist raised as if she was going to knock again. Her fist hung in the air and her eyes went wide, startled by the door being opened so aggressively.

Brown eyes met blue eyes for the first time in weeks and neither girl wanted to break the contact. Santana's fist dropped slowly to her side as she continued to stare at Brittany. Their eyes seemed to be saying everything that they wanted to say. They said I love you, you are so pretty, but mostly they both just said I'm sorry. The blonde was starting to feel uncomfortable under the gaze so she looked down and cleared her throat, effectively ending the moment.

"Hi," Santana sighed out quietly. She looked tired and not at all like the woman had Brittany known three weeks ago. Perhaps the distance had been hard on her as well.

"Hi," Brittany whispered back just as softly. "Umm, please come in." Brittany stepped away from the door and motioned for Santana to enter.

Santana quickly entered the room, almost as if she was afraid that Brittany would slam the door in her face. The Latina went over to the couch and perched awkwardly on the edge of one of the cushions. She didn't even bother to take off her coat which Brittany took as a bad sign. She saw it as a sign that Santana didn't plan on staying long. Santana sat rigidly and stared down at her hands which she kept twisting together.

Brittany calmly walked over and took a seat on the opposite end of the couch and rubbed her hands together awkwardly. She took in a deep breath and glanced over at the Latina who was still looking down. Brittany sighed and decided that she should probably say something soon otherwise Santana was likely to just get up and leave.

"Umm can I get you anything to drink?" the blonde asked, startling Santana a little. Santana quietly said no thank you with a shake of her head. She still wasn't looking up and it was starting to concern Brittany. "So…uhhh…how are you?"

Santana's only response was a small scoff which made Brittany feel extremely dumb for even asking. She wasn't expecting a positive answer so didn't even know why she asked.

"Right, sorry that was a stupid question," Brittany mumbled out. An awkward silence fell over them and it was killing Brittany. It was unnatural to have Santana so close yet she wasn't touching or talking to her. Another awkward silence washed over the room and it was starting to frustrate the blonde. Why did Santana even bother coming over if they weren't going to talk? Brittany decided that she needed to start this conversation herself.


"Look Brittany,"

Both girls said at the same time. Brittany paused and glanced over at Santana who was still looking down. Santana let out a big sigh and squeezed her eyes together in frustration. It looked like she was having an inner monologue and a serious one at that. She took in a deep breath then lifted her head and turned to look at Brittany.

"Britt," she sighed out while looking into blue eyes as if they were her lifeline. "I need to…holy shit, what happened to your foot?" Santana asked with wide eyes, cutting off her previous statement, as she looked down at Brittany's right leg. Unconsciously Santana moved closer to Brittany so she could further examine the injury.

"Oh, that's nothing," Brittany replied quietly. She was still caught off guard by Santana's closeness.

"Bull shit," Santana quipped as she reached down to touch the black straps. "What happened?" she asked with sincerity.

"I sprained my ankle…uhhh running," Brittany shifted slightly away from Santana. She wasn't lying per se she just wasn't telling the whole truth. "I'm in this boot for three more weeks."

"Three more weeks?" Santana questioned with a raised eyebrow and Brittany gave a brief nod in reply. "How long have you already been it?"

"Umm three weeks," Brittany averted her eyes when she saw the gears start to turn in Santana's head.

"So that means you were in this when you came to L.A." Santana whispered mainly to herself. Brittany remained silent because she didn't know how Santana was going to react.

All of a sudden Santana was on her feet and pacing in front of Brittany's sofa. Brittany jumped a little in surprise by how quickly the Latina got up. Santana's brows were furrowed in either concentration or in anger, Brittany couldn't tell which. She paced around several times before she stopped abruptly and threw her hands in the air.

"God I'm such a fucking asshole. First, I just run away from you and from all of the responsibilities I have here. Then when you come to save me from myself I push you away when I actually needed you more than anything. And as if that wasn't bad enough I didn't even notice that you were in a fucking boot? You were injured, you are injured, and I was too fucking selfish to even notice." Santana rattled of quickly as she ran her hands through her hair and sighed.

She finally looked Brittany in the eyes and the blonde's heart clenched at the misery she saw in Santana's eyes. "Brittany, I'm so sorry," she whispered. Tears started to flow down her cheeks and drip down to her trembling chin. She dropped down to her knees in front of Brittany, who was still sitting in a stunned silence, and reached for the blonde's hands. "I'm so sorry for everything Brittany. I'm a horrible, selfish person and I don't deserve you. But I need you. I need you more than anything so please forgive me. Please." Santana sobbed out.

Brittany sat in a confused silence. Wasn't she the one who was supposed to be begging for forgiveness? Wasn't she the one who had told Santana that she was her rebound? Brittany shattered Santana's heart yet San was the one on her knees begging for forgiveness and it was confusing the hell out of Brittany.

The blonde must have made a face while she was thinking because she felt Santana pull away her warm hands and shift awkwardly to her feet.

"Uhhh well I guess that's your answer then," Santana whispered softly. "I'll just go. Again, I'm sorry."

Brittany was still extremely confused but when she noticed Santana turn towards the door she knew she needed to do something. She sprung off the couch and grabbed Santana's wrist to prevent her from moving further away.

"Santana wait," Brittany rushed out. The Latina froze mid step and turned towards the blonde expectantly. "Why are you apologizing to me? I'm the one who lied, the one who said all of those horrible things and I'm the one who broke your heart. So why are you begging for me to take you back when I'm the one who is at fault?"

Santana shook her head and let out a little sniffle. She took both of Brittany's hands in her own and took a step closer to the blonde.

"I'm the one who needs to be begging for forgiveness because I completely overreacted to the situation. I should have waited and given you time to explain yourself but me being stupid me, I jumped to the wrong conclusions and I'm so sorry." Santana squeezed Brittany's hand tighter in her own, afraid that Brittany still might pull away.

"Santana, no," Brittany shook her head. "You reacted that way because I pushed you too far. If I had just taken a moment to compose myself I would never had said any of those horrible things and I'm so sorry. You aren't a rebound, you were never the rebound and I'm sorry that I ever said that. And I know that I should have told you about Quinn the moment I found out but I was afraid of how you would react and I just didn't want to lose you right after I had gotten you." Brittany rushed out quickly.

"But if I had just listened to you when you were trying to explain everything you wouldn't have had to try and compose yourself. I should have been an adult and waited for the answers but all I did was jump to conclusions." Santana quipped back.

Brittany shook her head and was about to rebuttal but she stopped herself for a moment so she could think. Here Santana was, in her house, finally back from LA after 3 weeks and all they were doing was arguing about who was more sorry.

She sighed and looked down at their conjoined hands and smiled a little. It felt incredible to finally be able to touch Santana again. Santana must have followed Brittany's gaze down to their hands because she squeezed a bit harder almost as if she was thinking the exact same thing.

"How about we agree to disagree?" Brittany asked quietly as she looked back up and met Santana's gaze. She pulled her hands away and moved them down to find Santana's hips and pulled her in. Santana was a little shocked but recovered quickly and moved her hands up to their rightful place around Brittany's neck. "We both made some mistakes that night and we are both sorry for it," Brittany continued as she rested her forehead against Santana's. "But if we continue to stand here and argue about who is at fault we will never be able to move on and I am very ready to move on."

"I agree," Santana nodded and giggled when it caused Brittany's head to move as well.

"I love you," Brittany whispered as she moved in a little so she could brush her nose against Santana's.

"And I love you," Santana whispered back just as quietly.

They stared deeply into each other's eyes and took in the moment. Brittany saw the love in chocolate orbs and knew that her own eyes were saying the same thing. In that moment, Brittany knew that she never wanted to be anywhere else and that she would do her best to never leave.

"I'm gonna kiss you know," Brittany stated quietly as she moved into the brunette.

"I'm gonna let you," Santana replied.

They didn't waste any time bringing their lips together because, after all, it had been 3 weeks since their last kiss. The kiss wasn't slow and loving but rather wild and passionate. Lips moved together and breaths mixed as the kiss grew needier. Brittany didn't realize how much she had missed the Latina's lips but now that she had them pressed forcefully against her own she never wanted to move. But despite Brittany's unwillingness to end the kiss they had to pull away to breathe but even then they didn't separate much. Foreheads still pressed together and lips barely grazing.

"I've missed you so damn much," Santana panted into Brittany's waiting lips. "I'm sorry for everything. I love you."

Brittany responded by pulling Santana's body closer to her own and kissing her again.

"I love you so much and every day without you was torture," Brittany whispered after she broke the kiss. "Let's never do that again. Agreed?" Santana just nodded her approval and brought the blonde back into a searing kiss.

Without breaking the kiss the pair started to move towards the couch, with Santana leading the way but was halted by Brittany shaking her head.

"If we're about to have make up sex I need you in every way. We can't accomplish that on the couch," Brittany mumbled against Santana's lips as she pushed them slowly towards the bed.

Santana didn't fight it and let herself get pushed roughly onto the bed before she was quickly straddled by the blonde without breaking their needy kiss. Brittany didn't give Santana much warning before she started shredding the layers they were wearing.

"Whoa Britt-Britt," Santana panted out as Brittany worked the Latina's pants off her body. "Where's the fire babe? We have all night."

Brittany quickly moved up Santana's body and pulled her into a passionate kiss full of teeth and tongue. She moved her lips to the brunette's neck where she started biting and licking, intent on leaving a hickey. Santana moaned underneath her and rolled her hips up in need but Brittany just kept her lips pressed against her neck.

"I haven't touched you in 3 weeks and you want me to slow down?" Brittany husked out in Santana's ear. "Baby, I plan on fucking you into next week and if you think my speed is a little too fast that is too damn bad because I want you, I need you, and I'm going to have you," she finished with a soft bite to Santana's ear lobe before she moved back down to fully remove the Latina's pants.

Santana moaned and lifted her hips to help Brittany remove her jeans and underwear faster. It was always a huge turn on when Brittany was forceful and Santana couldn't help the way her body reacted. The next item to go was her shirt and it was off so quickly Santana was surprised Brittany didn't rip it off. She didn't even notice her bra being removed but Santana sure as hell noticed when a hot tongue came in contact with her pebbling nipple.

"God Britt," Santana moaned out as Brittany continued her assault on Santana's nipples. "Why…why aren't you naked yet?"

"Huh, I guess I forgot," Brittany shrugged as she sat up a little, still straddling Santana.

"Well I just reminded you so get rid of those clothes now," Santana growled out. She was painfully turned on and she needed to feel Brittany against her.

"Yes ma'am," Brittany answered with a tiny salute as she quickly hopped off Santana and stripped her clothing before crawling back up and hovering over the equally naked Latina.

Brittany paused for a moment once she was above Santana and just took her in. Her heart swelled with love as she gazed down on the beautiful woman beneath her. Santana met Brittany's eyes with just as much emotion and neither girl wanted to break the eye contact. It wasn't until Brittany moved her thigh to brush Santana's center did they finally get back on track.

"Britt, I need you," Santana husked out before she pulled Brittany into a passionate kiss.

Moans mixed together as Brittany started to apply more pressure to Santana's wet core. The blonde gasped in surprise when she felt Santana lift her thigh and thrust against her.

"You are so wet," Brittany rasped out against their gliding lips as she sped up her thrusts to match the pace Santana was setting.

Brittany slowly broke the kiss and started to work her way down Santana's body but a hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"No, baby, I want you up here," Santana said as she pulled on Brittany's arm.

Brittany quickly obliged and kissed Santana hungrily while getting their hips back in rhythm. They panted against each other's lips as the thrusting sped up and they moved together. Santana quickly slipped a tanned hand down between their bodies and found Brittany's sensitive clit. Brittany moaned at the added stimulation and followed Santana's lead by bringing down her hand to the Latina's dripping core. She quickly pushed two fingers deep within Santana and matched her movement with their hips. Santana was quick to follow and slipped inside the blonde's throbbing center.

"San, I…I'm close," Brittany hummed.

"Me too. Together," Santana responded and quickened her pace inside the blonde.

Their bodies pressed tighter together as they worked in sync to reach climax. Moans mixed; teeth and tongue crashed together in kisses that were pure, unrestrained passion. Slick skin glided past each other while bodies surged together. Hearts raced and with a few final thrusts both girls stiffened as their intense orgasms washed over them.

Brittany collapsed on Santana once her body had stopped shaking with pleasure and placed soft, butterfly kisses to the side of Santana's neck while she waited for both of their breathing to slow down. The pair laid in silence for a few minutes just basking in the glow of finally being together again.

"I love you," Brittany whispered into the soft skin of Santana's neck.

"I love you," Santana hummed in response and wrapped her arms tightly around Brittany's waist, holding her close. It felt amazing to have Brittany pressed against her again after so long and she didn't want to ever let her go. "I never want to fight like that again."

Brittany rolled off Santana slightly so she could see her face and wrap her arms around her waist.

"Me either," Brittany replied. "But I have to admit, the makeup sex was pretty great," she giggled out.

"Ehh I don't know about great," Santana started slowly and noticed a small pout form on Brittany's pink lips. "I would say it was amazing, wonderful, stupendous…perfect," she finished with a small peck to Brittany's lips.

"Mmm good; me too," Brittany hummed out happily. "Santana…I need to tell you what happened between me and Quinn." Brittany felt Santana's body tense underneath her. "You need to know the full story so we can mov…."

Santana cut Brittany off with her lips and kissed her deeply, letting her tongue roll out and tease Brittany's lower lip. Brittany gladly accepted the kiss even though she knew Santana just cut her off because she didn't want to talk about it. The kissed slowed down to little pecks before Santana pulled away completely.

"Britt, I know we need to talk about it and we will, just not right now. Not while we're naked in bed," Santana pleaded. "I promise that tomorrow morning you can tell me everything and I will listen this time. Just not now."

"Okay," Brittany replied quietly. She was glad that Santana was at least open to her talking about the engagement to Quinn and she understood why Santana didn't want to talk about it at that moment. Brittany was content to hold Santana in her arms all night and worry about everything else tomorrow. "Let's go to bed."

"Goodnight Britt-Britt. I love you more that I can ever put into words. Sleep tight," the Latina said quietly as she settled down to sleep.

"I love you too," Brittany mumbled into Santana's neck.

The pair quickly drifted off to sleep and it was the best they had slept in a while. Being in each other's arms again gave them peach and comfort. The next day was the day that everything would be brought up, even the stuff they didn't want to talk about. But until then, they were happy to just be together.

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