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Chapter 17: Crazy in Love

Cold sheets were all Santana felt as she stretched her tired body out on the bed. The crack that her back made was satisfying but the fact that she woke up alone was not. Santana groaned and took one more moment to let her body adjust to being awake before she rolled out of bed, put on a shirt she found on the floor, and then went to search for her favorite blonde, which didn't take long.

The smell of waffles and bacon immediately invaded the brunette's senses as soon as she left the bedroom. It led her straight to the kitchen where she spotted Brittany hard at work over the stove. Brittany didn't hear the brunette come in and just kept flipping bacon while humming out a small tune. Santana paused in the door and just took in the sight before her for a moment. An overwhelming feeling of love swelled in her chest. How could she have been so stupid and run away from this beautiful woman? This beautiful woman who was making breakfast while only wearing a gray t-shirt that barely covered her perfect ass.

"Moring Tana," Brittany said suddenly without looking away from the stove, effectively pulling Santana from her thoughts.

"How'd you know I was here?" Santana questioned as she walked up behind the blonde and carefully wrapped her arms around a slim waist. "I was being super sneaky."

"Well not sneaky enough," Brittany chuckled. She quickly turned off the stove and turned in Santana's arms to give her a quick kiss. "Good morning," she hummed out happily with their lips still connected.

"It would have been a better morning if I could have woken up to you," the brunette replied when the kiss broke. "I would have loved to gone another round," she husked out while her hands moved down Brittany's back to grasp her ass firmly before giving it a squeeze.

"San," Brittany smacked her on the chest and pushed away but not before blushing and another firm kiss to Santana's lips. They were addicting and she couldn't help herself after going so long without them. "As much as I want to get you back into bed I just made breakfast and I'm kinda hungry."

"I'll give you something eat," Santana winked but still turned to help Brittany set the table for breakfast. Brittany just giggled and shook her head.

Once the table was set Santana took a look at all the wonderful things had prepared for them. There was bacon, waffles, freshly cut strawberries, bananas, and orange juice. To top it all off there was a vase of white tulips as the center piece.

"This looks wonderful Britt," Santana smiled out as she took her seat opposite of the blonde.

"Well don't just look at it silly. Eat up because I made lots."

Santana and Brittany helped themselves to the food on the table and feel into silence while they ate. They weren't silent because there was nothing to talk about. On the contrary, they weren't talking because they both new what they needed to talk about so they were going to stall as long as possible. It wasn't uncomfortable per se but they both could feel the weight of the conversation that was bound to come up looming over their heads.

"This is good bacon Britt."

"Thank you."

"Uhh, how is your ankle today?" Santana cringed slightly at her bad attempt at small talk but at least she was trying.

"It's doing better."

The silence continued until Brittany and Santana both finished eating. They knew it was time. Brittany sighed and looked through her eye lashes up at Santana. She didn't know where to begin.

"So I guess we should talk now," Santana started slowly when she noticed that Brittany probably wasn't going to start talking.

"Yeah…yeah we should," Brittany said shakily. "Where do I even begin?"

"How about the beginning? Like maybe why you didn't tell me you were once engaged to Quinn Fabray." Santana did her best not to sound angry but the last part came out in a snarl. She couldn't help the venom that came out whenever she said that name.

Brittany took in a deep breath, trying to stabilize herself. This was it.

"Well the reason I didn't tell you was because I thought you'd be mad," she started quietly but was stopped when Santana scoffed.

"No shit," Santana chuckled darkly. Brittany shot her a look that halted her from interrupting anymore. "Sorry, please continue."

"Anyways, I noticed how much you hated her so I was already reluctant to tell you but then you said that she left you for some blonde bimbo. I immediately knew it was me and I just couldn't bring myself to tell you that she left you for me. Also the fact that you said you, and I quote, rip her face off if you ever saw her. How could I possibly tell you after hearing that?" Brittany looked at Santana nervously.

"I did say that didn't I? Well I would never would have done that to you. Your face is way too pretty to rip off," Santana tried to joke but noticed that Brittany wasn't laughing.

"But hearing you say that made me think that if you ever found out you would hate me. Plus I was still fresh off the break up with Quinn. I had already lost her I couldn't lose you too," Brittany said quietly.

"Britt," Santana reached her hand out across the table to hold one of Brittany's. "I'm so sorry that you thought I would hate you. And if we're being honest I still would have been upset even if you told me then but I wouldn't have freaked out as much as I did. And I'm sorry for the way I reacted when I found out. I was already upset but then this was just the icing on the cake. I felt so betrayed and lied to. It felt like I didn't even know you at all."

"I'm so sorry that I didn't tell you. I should have but I was scared. I'm sorry," Brittany gently squeezed the hand in hers as a sort of outlet for her emotions.

"I forgive you. And I'm sorry for the way I reacted that night."

"No you shouldn't be," Brittany started to say but was cut off when Santana held up a hand, stopping her.

"Yes, I should be. If I hadn't of freaked out and jumped to conclusions we could have talked everything out that night and I wouldn't have ran off. I just got worried that you might have never actually loved me. To be honest it was like a big flash back of what happened with Quinn and I couldn't handle it," she admitted shyly. "I just pictured her stealing you away from me and I got scared."

"I'm never going to leave you Santana," Brittany said passionately. "I messed up by not telling you but we're moving on from that and I'm so thankful that you're giving me a second chance, because I need you in my life. I need you now, I'm going to need you in five minutes, and I'm going to need you forever. I love you Santana. More than anyone I've ever loved before."

"More than Quinn?" Santana didn't mean to ask that but it just happened to slip out. "Sorry, you don't have to answer that." She looked away awkwardly.

"Santana," Brittany said softly. "Please look at me." Once brown eyes met her own Brittany started talking again. "Santana Lopez, I said that I love you more than anyone and that includes Quinn. Whatever I felt for Quinn doesn't even come close to the way I feel about you because you….you're my everything. You are the reason why I wake up in the morning. You are the reason why I smile and the reason for my happiness. Santana, you make me so happy, more than I ever thought possible. So please don't worry because Quinn has nothing on you. I promise."

She extended her littlest finger across the table to help seal the promise. Santana just looked at the finger and didn't make any moves to connect hers with Brittany's. The blonde started to worry that maybe she had said something wrong and ruined everything she had worked so hard to fix. It wasn't until Santana got up from the table and walked toward her that she started to relax.

Santana carefully pulled Brittany's chair away from the table and sat down in her lap before connecting their lips in a kiss. This kiss wasn't like the kisses that were shared the night before. Those kisses were rushed and needy but this kiss was soft and gentle. It said everything that Santana couldn't put into words. This kiss said I'm sorry, I need you so much, please never leave again and so much more. But most importantly it said I love you more than anything in this world.

"I love you," Santana whispered against Brittany's lips.

"I love you too. So damn much."

Hands grasped at waists and fingers tangled into hair for what turned into a steamy make out session in the middle of the kitchen. The pair kept kissing until lips were bruised and they were both panting from a lack of air.

"So just making sure, I wasn't a rebound for Quinn?" Santana panted out.

"Hell to the no. I immediately regretted saying that the moment it was out of my mouth. You were never a rebound. Remember how it took me forever to even go on a real date with you?" Santana nodded her head. "Well it was because I needed to be sure I was ready to move on so you wouldn't be just a rebound. I could never do that to you."

"Okay good," Santana smiled out and gave Brittany a peck on the lips and giggled when lips tried to recapture hers as she pulled away. "Last question I promise. Why did you know the exact number of days it had been since Quinn ended things with you?"

"That answer should be obvious," Brittany sighed out. "That number just so happens to be the same as the number of days that I've known you. Meeting you that day made the worst day of my life suck a little less. So that is why I knew that number. Not because I was hanging onto Quinn but because I was working towards my future with you."

"Good answer," Santana leaned back in for a kiss and tangled her fingers into Brittany's hair, securing their kiss.

They continued to kiss on the chair until it got a little too steamy and the chair was no longer suitable for what they wanted to happen next. Brittany took it upon herself to move things along so she wrapped her arms under Santana's thighs and swiftly stood up, earning a squeal from the girl in her arms. The blonde carefully maneuvered to her bed where she all but collapsed, pulling Santana on top of her.

Limbs tangled together and breaths became labored as Santana and Brittany fought for dominance in their kisses. Brittany quickly gave up in favor of running her hands up under Santana's shirt to caress her tensed abs. The Latina shuddered and dropped her hips into Brittany's, making her moan loudly.

"Oh my God, I need you now," Santana moaned out and reached down to pull off Brittany's t-shirt but was stopped when she heard a phone start to ring.

"Is that mine?" Brittany asked as she tried to sit up but Santana held her down with her lips.

"It doesn't matter baby, just get naked," Santana husked while she pulled the shirt over Brittany's head and released her perfect breasts.

"What if it's important?" Brittany moaned out because Santana had moved down to pull a pert nipple into her mouth.

"You and I having sex is way more important," Santana said around Brittany's now stiff nipple. The phone stopped ringing and beeped once to indicate that Brittany had a new missed call. "See? Not important."

Santana moved from one nipple to the other and ran her hands down Brittany's stomach. Brittany was in bliss and all but forgot about her phone as Santana's lips moved down to her abs. But she was startled back to awareness when her phone started to ring again. It had to be an important message if the person was calling twice.

Brittany carefully slide out from Santana, who made a sound of protest, and her a silent apology as she reached for her phone.

"Baby it's probably important," Brittany reasoned as she watched Santana frown.

She looked down at her phone and noticed it was Mike who was calling. Why was Mike calling her?

"Hey Mike. What's up?" Brittany answered a little breathlessly, still incredibly turned on from Santana.

Where are you? You should have been her 20 minutes ago.

"What?" Brittany questioned.

You have a class to teach today remember? It starts soon.

"Oh shit!" Brittany had completely forgotten about her class that was set to start in, she glanced at her clock, 15 minutes. "I'm so sorry! I got…uhh….distracted but I'm leaving now. I'll be there in ten minutes."

Okay just hurry. I'll cover the first few minutes for you if I need to.

"Thanks Mike!" Brittany quickly hung up the phone and turned to find some clothes.

"You're leaving aren't you?" Santana pouted out and Brittany froze because she just looked so sad.

"Yeah, I'm so sorry. I forgot that I have a class to teach today. Your sexy ass distracted me," Brittany winked at Santana as she slipped on a sports bra. "And I'm already late so I need to leave now. You are more than welcome to stay here if you'd like or you can even accompany me to class."

"Well I think if I go with you I'll just get more sexually frustrated watching you dance and I'm pretty sure you don't want me to jump you in front of your students. So I might just stay here or go home so I can get settled in again." Santana replied as she sat up and watched Brittany slip on her sweat pants.

"Good idea baby." Brittany leaned down and gave Santana a quick kiss on the lips before pulling away to go find her keys. "If you do end up staying please make yourself at home. I'll call you when I'm out and we can finish where we left off."

"We'd better!" Santana yelled after her as she moved towards the door. "I love you."

"Love you to! Bye" Brittany called out just as she slipped out the door and left Santana in silence.

"Well now what?" Santana asked herself quietly. She was painfully turned on and Brittany just left her to suffer through it by herself. It wasn't fair.

The brunette lied in bed for a few minutes before deciding that she should go home and unpack from her adventure in LA. She literally got home, dumped her stuff on the floor, called Brittany, and came straight over.

Once Santana found her clothes, they had been thrown everywhere, she made her way out to her car and drove home. Memories of the last 24 hours flooded her memory and made her smile. She was incredibly grateful that she and Brittany had made up. Her life was incomplete for weeks while they were fighting but thankfully they mended things so she could start her life back up.

Santana parked her car in the garage and quickly made her way up to the top floor where her apartment was located. She hummed a happy tune, the one Brittany was humming this morning, and slipped her key into the lock. The door opened quickly and Santana was barely a foot in the door before she realized that she wasn't alone.

"Santana….you're home."

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