The arrival of the black spider

This is a sequel to my one-shot `The return of the LizardĀ“ it has been pretty calm for Spider-Man ever since he turned Lizard back to human and saved Curt Connors from his nightmare once again. But now so is Peter's life going to become crazy again when a new criminal organization enters Spider-Man's life and is led by the deadliest man Spidey have ever met, can he stop them or will he die trying?

Chapter 1- Enter the Tarantula organization

Spider-Man was swinging away from the roof of the Daily Bugle, he had just given a few pictures to Jameson and got some money for his date with his girlfriend Gwen Stacy later the evening.

It had now gone two months since Peter went to Florida and helped Dr Connors, he had been forced to reveal that he was Spider-Man at one moment but it didn't matter, he trusted the Connors family and besides they lived in Florida, who would they tell that actually knew who they were talking about?

It had been pretty calm for Peter, the super villains was laying low and he had only been forced to deal with normal crimes, like bag snatches, car chases, bank robberies and muggings, and today had been a pretty calm day so he was thinking that he could try and spend most of the day with Gwen.


Peter was walking up to Gwen's door and rang the bell, a few seconds later so opened the door and he saw Gwen, she quickly got a smile on her face then she saw Peter stand there, "Hi Peter, slow day for Spidey?" Peter nodded his head, "Yeah I haven't seen any crimes all day which is a surprise since this is New York City, but I'm not complaining because that means that I can spend more time with you." Peter leaned in and kissed her, they was just about to get inside when Peter's cell phone rang, he took out and once he saw the caller ID he got a serious look on his face, "It's your dad Gwen I wonder what it's about now".

Gwen sighed, she knew that this was a request for Spider-Man's help because he knew that they were going to go on a date so he wouldn't call him today otherwise, she looked at Peter as he answered, "Hi Captain Stacy, is something wrong?" Peter's face got more serious as he listened to what George said to him, Peter then told him that he would be there soon, he cancelled the call and sighed while looking at his cell, he put it away and looked at Gwen.

"I'm sorry Gwen but your dad need Spider-Man's help and he said it might take the whole evening so we will have to go on a date another day". Gwen sighed, she didn't like when this happened but she had gotten used to it since her boyfriend was the Spectacular Spider-Man who risked his life on daily basis to make sure the city was safe.


Spider-Man was sitting inside a factory owned by Hammer Multinational, he had just gotten there and was waiting for a few unwanted guests there, he had faith in Captain Stacy and knew that it was going to be a robbery here tonight, he remembered back to what Captain Stacy had told him.


Spider-Man jumped in through the Captain's window and George turned around and looked at him, he had a few other cops there as well and someone he recognized as the Rat, he had that nickname since he was a lowlife criminal and a snitch, Spidey looked at George, "What do you need my help with Captain Stacy?"

George looked at him before he took out a picture and handed it to Spidey, Spidey took it and looked at it and saw some kind of weapon in the picture, George said: "About a month ago so told the Rat us that this new weapon that Hammer is developing for the military is going to get stolen. Apparently so is a criminal group in Russia interested in this weapon and has hired a criminal group to steal it for them, we don't know who ordered the theft and we don't know which group they hired or if this theft is going to happen at all, but the date we heard from the Rat here was tonight and my guts tells me that it's true. But we need evidence in order to take the weapon for safe keeping and we also need a judge to agree with us as well and that can take days which we don't have so we can't do anything".

Spider-Man returned the picture to him, "And that's where I come in, I don't need a judge's approval to get in there, I can sneak in there and guard the weapon and make sure that no one steals it". George nodded, "Yes but we don't know when the theft will take place but we know that it will be stolen before midnight, so you will have to be there the entire evening to be on the safe side".

Spider-Man now understood why it might take the entire evening, they didn't know when they would try and take the weapon only that it would be before midnight, so it was logical that it would be sometime in the evening then all the workers had gone home. Spider-Man looked at Captain Stacy, "Don't worry Captain, I will never let them steal that weapon", George smiled at him and said that he knew that he could count on Spidey.


So now here he was, sitting on the wall waiting for the criminals to show up so that he could kick their butts, he was irritated over that he had to cancel his date with Gwen, he had looked forward to it the whole week, he sighed and decided to focus on his job here, he could take out his frustration over the cancelled date on the bad guys once the fighting started.

Time past by and he waited, and waited, and waited, he was starting to get bored so he looked at the weapon, he had looked it up and saw that it was a sonic blaster that could generate sonic blasts that would put Shocker's gauntlets to shame and it also had small laser blasters on the side as well, by combining the sonic blaster with laser blasters so did the destructive power increase and created a mass destruction weapon.

Spider-Man was not very fond of weapons but he couldn't let them fall into the hands of the wrong people, especially this weapon because it could cause a lot of suffering to innocent people and even if it wasn't people in New York so didn't Spidey want them to suffer because he didn't make sure this weapon fell into the wrong hands. He waited again for a while before he took out his cell phone and looked what the time was, he saw that it was 10.30 pm. He had been waiting for four and a half hour now so it was no wonder he was starting to become restless, he knew that if nothing happen until midnight so was this just a false alarm and they could calm down, but since he knew his luck so was something going to happen soon.

A few minutes later so did his Spider sense tingle and he looked down and saw the doors to the factory open and saw a old man that had to be between 70-80 years old come in with a group of eight masked men, Spidey began to crawl down the wall to hear what the old man said to one of the masked men that was kneeling in front of him.

"Well done Snake, you did a great job infiltrating the company so that you could get access to the facilities and their security, that made it easier to sneak in so that we could get the weapon, it wouldn't have been any problem anyway but it's better if it's planned well". The man in front of the old man bowed, "Thank you sir, I just wish to serve you and our master", the old man smiled before he ordered two of his men to go and get the weapon.

The two masked men walked towards the weapon, but just as they were going to pick it up so did a web-line each attach itself to their arms and flung them into opposite walls and they lost consciousness, the masked men got ready as Spider-Man landed in front of them and got ready, "Sorry boys, but this toy isn't yours so I will have ask you to leave before you get into trouble, oh wait you are already in BIG trouble".

The remaining six masked men drew their katana and ran towards Spidey, the web-head saw them come towards him and got ready, his spider sense warned him and he avoided the first two, but his spider sense suddenly warned him and he saw a blade come towards his head from the right and he barely dodged it, he then saw that two was coming from above as he was about to land and felt that the last one came from behind, he quickly used his hands and pushed himself forward to avoid the three incoming strikes and rammed his feet into the faces of the two in front of him at the same time.

His spider sense warned him before his feet was able to touch the ground so as soon as his foot was back on the ground he back flipped to avoid getting a sword in his back, he spun in the air and delivered a powerful kick to the man's head knocking him out. He had now taken down five of the eight masked men, he looked to make sure that the old man didn't try to take the weapon or tried to escape but he only stood there and looked at the battle going on calmly.

The remaining three rushed at him but he jumped over them as he shot a web-line at each of them before he pulled them up into the air before he flung them into a wall before they fell to the ground hard. He webbed them all up and turned his attention to the old man, "Okay old-timer I really don't want to beat up a man that must be something between 70-80 years old, so how about you give up peacefully and I'm sure that the police will go easier on you since you're so old and also if you tell them about that master of yours".

The old man didn't answer and just walked over to a big metal pipe, he grabbed it and threw it like someone throwing a tiny stone, Spider-Man got so shocked by this that he barely had time to dodge, but then his spider sense managed to pull him out of his shock and he quickly jumped over the pipe that got stuck into the wall behind him, Spider-Man landed on all four but didn't have time to avoid the old man who had gotten closer and got a hard kick in his left cheek that sent him flying three meters up into a wall hard enough to crack it.

Spider-Man quickly stuck to the wall and looked at the old man who grabbed the weapon and tried to get away, he shot a web-line that connected with the old man's back and pulled him towards himself, Spidey gave him a hard kick to the face while he grabbed the weapon as well and got it away from him. The old man fell to the ground and Spidey threw up the weapon and webbed it to the roof to keep it away from the old man below him, Spider-Man shot a web-line and swung down to take this guy down.

The old man got up in time to see Spider-Man come towards him, Spidey let go off the web-line and jumped towards him, but the old man stepped to the side and grabbed the wall-crawler and threw him into a few machines in the factory, destroying them. Spider-Man was getting up while shaking his head to clear it, he suddenly felt his spider sense nudge him to look in front of him and saw the old man come towards him, Spidey waited and stepped to the side as the old man tried to punch him and placed a hard kick in his stomach sending him flying into a few machines, breaking them as well.

The old man got up while he had begun to breathe heavily, he got a smirk when his eyes fell on the wall-crawler, "So you're the famous or infamous Spider-Man, depending on who you're asking, I can see why most criminals in this city fears you, you are good, but you won't stop me from fulfilling my mission boy". Spider-Man looked at him while they began to circle each other, "So you know me so what do you say about we even it out, tell me who you are and who sent you to steal that weapon".

The old man's smirk got bigger, "Sorry boy, no can do, but what I can do is kill you right here, right now", as he said that the old man grabbed one of his men's swords and ran towards the web-head. Spider-Man dodged a few swings of the katana but then just as he dodged a strike the old man twisted the blade so that it came towards his face and he didn't have time to dodge, Spider-Man used his hands and caught the blade before it could cut his head in half.

The old man and Spidey struggled to overpower the other one, luckily it seemed that Spider-Man was slightly stronger, he then decided to start to counterattack, with a swift movement he broke the sword in half and placed an elbow in the old man's face knocking him back a few steps. Spider-Man rushed towards him and placed one punch after another in the old man's face, he then accidently ripped of the left arm of the old man's suit and he quickly covered his arm, Spidey didn't know what he was doing and he didn't have time to time about it either. Spidey shot a web-line at him and pulled the old man towards himself and gave him a powerful punch that sent him flying to a few other machines and broke them as well, Spidey was gasping for air and looked around and got nervous when he saw that they had trashed almost the whole factory, "Well this is going to be fun to explain to the owner".

He walked over to the old man who was barely conscious, he looked at Spidey and smiled, "Be on your guard from now on Spider-Man, because now that you have defeated me you have become a threat to the Tarantula organization, and we deals with threats by eliminating them", after saying that the old man lost consciousness and Spider-Man was left thinking about what the old man just had said.


The police was placing the now unmasked man inside police cars, Spider-Man was sitting on the hood on Captain Stacy's car while he had the weapon leaned against the car, George smiled at him, "Looks like you had a party here tonight". Spidey chuckled before he sighed, he was sore in most of his body, he suddenly saw a few police officers come out with the old man, "Be careful with that guy, he has strength that rivals mine", the officers got shocked but then nodded before they placed the old man inside the car.

Spidey looked at George, "Captain Stacy, have you ever heard about the Tarantula organization? That old man said that he was a part of it, and I have never heard about it". George put a hand to his chin and began to think, "All I know about them is that they have bases in many countries and have a few across the entire America but they haven't set up one here in New York yet, I can call around to different police Captains in other cities around the country and see what I can get on them and their leader who I know is called the Black Tarantula".

Suddenly a big white limo stopped in front of them and out of it came the soon 22 years old Justin Hammer, he looked furious and walked towards George and the web-head, "Captain Stacy, what is this I hear that this wall-crawler has destroyed one of my factories, I demand that you take him into custody and make him pay for all the damages". George looked at him, "Mister Hammer, he doesn't have that kind of money and you should be thanking Spidey for saving that weapon you were building for the military".

Spider-Man got off the hood and picked up the weapon and gave it to Justin, Justin had a angry look on his face and took the weapon, "Be happy that I'm in a good mood and won't sue you web-head", Justin took the weapon into his limo and it drove away.

Spider-Man looked at George, "Find out what you can about the Tarantula organization and the Black Tarantula Captain Stacy because I think we're going to need it soon", George nodded, "I will and you will go straight home and get a good night's sleep, you look like you need it". Spidey nodded and jumped up into the air before he began to make his way home to Queens.


A man in black clothes and a black mask with a spider on the face part was sitting in a chair as he heard about that his men had been taken down, the phone began to ring and he picked it up, "Hello, no we didn't get that weapon, I will of course transfer your money back to you, we will not take money for a failed mission, okay good bye".

The man put down the phone and put his hands together, "So this Spider-Man took down eight of my best ninjas and also my right hand man, my grandfather, I guess he must be a formidable foe". The phone suddenly rang again and he picked it up and answered, after about a minute he put it down again and called on his personal servant, "Mac pack my things and tell all my men to get ready, I'm going personally to New York for this job and they are coming with me", said the Black Tarantula as he got ready to the first time in months to do a job personally.

So Spider-Man managed to prevent that the weapon got stolen but it seems like he have made another dangerous enemy, can he stop this new evil or will he fall trying? And who is this Black Tarantula anyway? Continue reading to find out and please give me reviews.