The arrival of the black spider

Last time so did it turn out that Spidey had survived after getting the building over him, he managed to get out from under the rubble by going down into the sewers and made his way towards his home there Captain Stacy and his friends who thought he was dead revealed to his aunt May that he was Spider-Man. Once he got home he learned about Black Tarantula's weakness, he once again went after him and after a long and hard battle he finally took Black Tarantula down but collapsed because of the damage from both battles with the Black Tarantula and George and Molten Man who had been released to help fight Tarantula took him to the hospital, will he be okay?

Chapter 6- The madness finally ends


Spider-Man woke up and saw a white ceiling over his head, he looked around and saw that he was in a hospital room, he tried to sit up and held his left side in pain, he felt a pair of hands grab his shoulders, he looked to his left and saw that it was the same doctor who had treated him after his battle with Carnage.

"Take it easy now kid, I have just put your ribs back together and I don't want you to break them again", Spidey nodded and went back down on the bed, the doctor walked towards the door, "I promised Captain Stacy and Mr Allen that I would tell them when you woke up".

He opened the door and called out to George and Mark, they came into the room in a hurry and smiled then they saw Spidey look at them, George sat down next to him, "You gave me almost a heart attack today Spidey, when I heard you scream in agony I thought it was over but I should've known that you wouldn't give up that easily".

The doctor looked at George like crazy, "You call that easy? I had almost four heart attacks today, then the building collapsed over him, when he came back to fight Tarantula again, when Tarantula grabbed him and when he collapsed after he defeated Tarantula. I have I question for you web-head, do you have a death wish or something because it looks like it according to me".

Spider-Man looked at him, "I know it was risky but I was the only one at that moment who knew his weakness and I was also the best one to fight him anyway, by the way how bad is my injuries because I need to be out of here as soon as possible". The doctor looked at him, "If you were a normal person you would be here for a few weeks and then would almost two more months before you would be fully healed. You had six broken ribs, the muscles in both of your arms were almost torn to shreds, you have cuts and bruises over all of your body and you have three cracks in your left arm. However since you're not a normal person I say that after about four days you will be able to get out of here".

Spidey sat up despite that both the doctor and his body protested against it, "I can't be here for four days, it's almost like asking for this hospital to get attacked by criminals who wants to try and take me out while I'm weak". The doctor was about to argue then Mark said, "How about I stay here until you are allowed to get out? I will make sure no one tries anything and you will get the chance to recover a little".

Spidey looked at him and then at the doctor and George and sighed when he saw that there was no way to get out of the hospital any earlier than four days, "Fine I stay, but as soon as it has past four days I'm out of here even if I'm not completely healed".


As soon as George entered Peter's house so was Gwen, Mary Jane, Harry and May in front of him asking how Peter was doing, he told them that he would be in the hospital for four days and that they didn't need to worry about his secret identity because the doctor looking after him knew that it needed to be kept a secret.

May looked at him, "I really want to see him but I know that we can't, it could give away his identity but even so my little Peter is in the hospital and I can't visit him", May began to cry and everyone tried to cheer her up.


Spider-Man was putting on his shirt, his web shooters and gloves before he put on his boots while Mark looked at him, Spidey looked at him, "Thanks for helping me out in my battle with Tarantula and for looking out for me while I was stuck here in the hospital Mark". He held out his hand and Mark smiled before he shook it, "No problem, I owned you for saving me and no matter what I do I will always owe you a lot, I guess it's time for me to get back to the Vault, because even though I helped you I have caused a lot of destruction and I need to pay for it but since I helped you my sentence might get reduced".

Spidey nodded, he didn't like that Mark had to go back to the Vault even after he helped him in his battle with Black Tarantula but he knew that Mark was right, he had to pay for all the crimes he had done even though he didn't want to do them.

The doctor came in and saw that Spidey was about to leave, "Even though your body has healed enough for you to get out of here so do I still think that you should stay a few more days", Spidey waved his hands in front of him, "Oh no, not happening, we have already pushed our luck too far by having me stay here for four days, I need to leave now, thanks doc, for everything". The doctor smiled and shook hand with Spider-Man, "No problem it's my job, and by the way my name is Jack Peterson".

Spidey nodded before he thanked both Jack and Mark once again, he jumped out of the window and began to swing home again, but on the way he saw the place there his first battle with Black Tarantula, he took a detour and swung there and looked at the rubble that was left of the building that had collapsed over him, he had asked what happened to the kids he saved and he was relieved that they had escaped unharmed, after a few minutes he began to make his way home again.


Spidey made sure that no one saw him before he made his way to his window and jumped in through it only to see that his aunt May sitting on his bed waiting for him, she looked at him and he took off his mask and they hugged each other.

"Peter dear are you okay?" Peter smiled at her, "I will be fine aunt May, listen about what I told you, about uncle Ben's killer and that I let him get away…" May held up her hand and stopped him right there, "Peter, even though you should have stopped him so can't you blame yourself for your uncle's death, you can't blame yourself for another man's actions, I just hope that he regrets what he did".

Peter looked at her, "The day of the school play so asked Norman Osborn me to test the Vault's security, at the time I didn't know that it was a trap for me, but while I was there so did I meet him again, his daughter the Black Cat tried to break him out but he chose to stay there to pay for his crimes, he said that he regretted what he did to uncle Ben but even so I still can't forgive him".

May smiled at him, "Your uncle wouldn't want you to feel hate for anyone, I know it's hard but try to at least forgive him a little", Peter nodded and then looked out through the window, "Now it's just one more thing to do so that this madness can finally end".


George turned around as he heard something land in the window, "You may be allowed to be moving around but you should still try and rest", Spidey looked at him, "I recover the best doing this stuff and we also have a big fish to fry", George looked at him, "Let me guess, he one who hired Black Tarantula to kill you?"

Spidey nodded, "During our first battle Tarantula gave me hints that made me able to guess who his employer was, it was Tombstone Captain Stacy and I have an idea of how we can take him down for good". Spidey told George his plan and George nodded since the idea was good.


L Thompson Lincoln also known as Tombstone was sitting in his office while typing on his laptop, he suddenly heard something land on his desk and looked up and saw Spider-Man in front of him, "Spider-Man, tell me, why do you honor me with a visit?" Spider-Man leaned towards Tombstone, "Did you think you could hire someone to kill me and get away with it? Don't deny it he gave me hints and when I said your name he admitted that it was you, he probably thought that I wouldn't live long enough for it to matter".

Tombstone looked at him, "Even so, knowing that won't do you any good, you don't have any evidence against me and without that my lawyers will get me out of prison the next day, so it doesn't matter that you know that I sent Black Tarantula after you". But after Tombstone said that so did Spidey began to chuckle to his shock, "No evidence you say? You just gave us all the evidence we need", Spidey lifted a little on his mask and Tombstone saw a mike around his neck, "This mike is connected to a radio with a recorder, this entire conversation has been recorded", Tombstone roared in anger and lashed out with a punch but Spidey jumped out of the way.

"Face it Tombstone you're finished, at this very moment police officers is on their way up here and you can't escape both them and me", the moment after he said that so flew the doors to Tombstone's office open and a dozen officers came in with their guns aimed at Tombstone. Tombstone knew that he couldn't get out of this one so he gritted his teeth before he held his hands out, one officer walked up to him and placed handcuffs that was specially made for him on his wrists before Spider-Man webbed his arms together and then webbed his arms tight to his body.

Tombstone was led out his building and into a police car, Spider-Man swung after the cars and landed outside the Vault just as the cars stopped there and felt great satisfaction when he saw Tombstone be led into the super villain prison, George came up to him, "We got rid of one great enemy but you have made yourself some other deadly enemies when you defeated Black Tarantula. No Black Tarantula have ever been defeated until now so the name of both the Black Tarantula and the Tarantula organization had been dragged through the mud and they are going to seek revenge on you".

Spider-Man looked at him, "They can come at me as many times as they like, I will keep knocking them down, they will have to learn that this city is under my protection and will never fall into their hands", after saying that so jumped Spidey up in the air to swing around city for a while to just enjoy that the battle with the Black Tarantula and his organization was finally over for the moment but he knew that new challenges was waiting for him, and he would be ready for them.

So this was my forth Spider-Man story, I hope you enjoyed it and I say good luck Spidey because you might have a few new challenges sooner than you think.