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Notes: just started my a-levels so I'm SO SORRY if my work is a bit bad in quality cause I haven't had the time or energy to write much more than the homework given to me by my sadistic teachers at sixth form in addition to my coursework and mock exams and revision for my real exams starting in May. Not too say I don't like them or the school, just that I've chosen all academic subjects so it's all exams (except for a 40/60 split in English lit). I can't really complain though cause I chose these subjects and I do love them, any way... On with the chapter!

Disclaimer: I do not own this anime, or any of it's characters. The only thing I own is my own OC.

The limbs of a recently deceased, insane clown met the ground with a soft thump, as the murders swiftly sheathed their weapon of choice; three katanas'. Jumi stared at the body openly, not really trying to hide her confusion as to how a pirate that weak could have survived for as long as they had in the ocean (whether they were in the weakest of the four seas' or not).

Zoro on the other hand merely held discontent in his gaze as he looked down on the heap over his shoulder. Jumi could practically feel his boredom from her position in her's and Luffy's shared cage, she supposed that she could sympathise with his disappointment, after all she had not been able to go full out on an opponent since she spared with Ace before he left. Of course she spared often with Luffy, but he still had a lot of training to go through before he was able to beat her, as their score of Luffy: 5 Jumi: 217 since Ace left clearly shows. Jumi quietly huffs out a sigh. If she doesn't get herself a good fight where there is a high possibility of her loosing then there was no way she'd be able to improve herself... she was far too weak.

"That wasn't much of a fight now, was it?." Zoro growls, his lips turning down into the deep scowl Jumi had now become used to after seeing him wear it for the majority of the journey there.

"Oh wow, he's weak." Luffy marvelled, amused by just how little of a fight Buggy had put up against Zoro. "Way to go, Zoro"

"No way..." Over by the cannon Nami looked just as bewildered at the event as Luffy, but more in a disbelieving way than one of admiration.

It was then that the crew once again resumed their laughing.

The, not quite, Mugiwara crew (cause it sounds cooler in Japanese) looked about at the enemy pirates suspiciously, uncertain as to why it was they found the defeat of their Captain to be so amusing. Of course Jumi could see the humour in it, it was just that she expected them to be much more fearful and filled with remorse at their leaders' loss than happy and amused.

"Hey, why are they laughing?" Luffy voiced their thoughts, leaning forward incredulously causing Jumi to arch back uncomfortable due to the ropes binding them together by the arms.

"Their Captain is lying dead on the ground, and yet they're still laughing?" Nami continued, her tone filled with disbelief. "What's going on?"

"Unless, he isn't dead" Jumi muttered, though she wasn't able to check herself as the position Luffy had forced her into prevented her from seeing anything below Zoro's shoulders.

"Fellas', what do you fin so damn funny?" Zoro demanded, his grouchiness giving him a more dangerous tone. Or at least it did until his face distorted into a pained grimace, and he let loose an painful gasp that had Jumi stiffen while Luffy cried out to the green-haired swordsman. Jumi desperately twisted her head in search of what it was that had cause her boys' so much distress, however she still could not see past the injured man, that is until he fell to his knees and Jumi got a clear view of the once dismembered body now standing perfectly fine... without a head.

"No way.." Jumi gasped, her mind racing to try and find a reasonable explanation as to how a decapitated body could still be wandering around and pulling a complete blank.

"Buggy's still alive!"

"What the hell-?"

"The chop-chop-fruit" Buggy's voice drifted over to Jumi, as all four Straw-hats' watched the separated parts of the pirate began to float together in horrified amazement "That's the name of the devil fruit that's given me my powers. I'm A Chop-Chop Person And Now I Can Never Be Defeated By The Sword! HAHAHAHAHA"

"His limbs re-attach? I always thought that devil fruits were just a story that pirates told." Nami said. Though Jumi disliked the girl dearly, she couldn't really hold her ignorance against her, seeing as the government made it so that citizens would know as little about the devil fruits existence as possible.

"He's a chop-chop man?" Luffy asked rhetorically from behind Jumi "That's pretty freaky."

"Maybe so, Luffy. But it is a convenient ability for both defensive and offensive" Jumi admitted, sorely wishing that for once they could have had the advantage.

"I didn't hit any vital organs, but that's a serious wound you have there. So I'm guessing that I am the winner! Hahaha!" Buggy declared, his crew cheering his name in the background.

"I let my guard down, stupid mistake" Zoro grumbled from his position on the floor, his face scrunched up in reaction to the pain he was experiencing.

Jumi growled deep in her throat before both she and Luffy screamed in outrage at the detestable Pirate Captain:

"Stabbing Him In Th Back Was A Cowardly Move You Big Nose!"

Deafening silence followed, those outside of the cage remaining stock still while Luffy and Jumi both shifted as an outlet for the bubbling rage they felt within themselves, burning at their insides in attempts of crawling out to wreck havoc upon those who dared fuel their fury.

"What. Was. That. You. Said?" Buggy ground out from between gritted teeth. "Who's got a big nose?" He demanded as he detached his right arm, sending it flying for Luffy's head as he was the one facing Buggy face on.

Luffy and Jumi both grinned once the boy caught the knife between his teeth, Luffy in mock enjoyment while Jumi didn't even pretend to be joyous, instead unleashing her true feelings of murderous intent through her sinister smile directed straight at the Pirate clown.

"Buggy, I'm gotta kick your ass as soon as I get outta this cage. Hehehe." The two rubber people giggles sadistically, Luffy clenching his jaw so hard he bit the daggers blade in half.

"You'll kick my ass?" Buggy laughed. "you two have got a lot of nerve, but I'm afraid all four of you are going to die here today by my own hand, so if your going to do any ass kicking you better do it soon."

"It's over. We're all done for." Nami whispered in despair while Luffy began to laugh himself.

"I refuse to die! Zoro get up"

"What?" Zoro questioned, his face displaying pure bewilderment.

"You better have a really good plan, or else we're all dead! So what are you guys' gonna do?" Nami raged, bringing her fist up threatening.

"You threaten us, and I swear I'll kill you. Got it, sweet cheeks?" Jumi snapped, clenching her bound hands in agitation of not having anything to take out her pent up frustration on.

Luffy remained quiet, smile in place, except for a small "humf" sound. Zoro smirked in understanding.

"I gotcha" Zoro made to get up, drawing one of his black handled swords so as to hold up Buggy's newest attack, trying to prevent the ex-bounty hunter from escaping his grasp. Zoro clasped the hilt of his one sword stifly, weaving and ducking around the clown's attacks more than parrying them for fear of putting excess pressure on his fresh wound before swiftly drawing his other two weapons once he slashed Buddy's torso, quickly jumping through the gap between the Captain's upper and lower body so as to make his way towards his new crew mates while simultaneously ignoring any and all of Buggy's protests.

"Zoro, the cannon!" Jumi called, wildly gesturing towards the oversized gun with her head since her wrists remained bound. After I get out of this, Jumi thought I am gonna learn how to bet out of ropes... and chains if possible.

Heeding the girl's suggestion, Zoro crouched beneath the mouth of the cannon with his back flush up against the cool metal -providing him with temporary relief from the heat that plagued his body due to his wound- before straightening his legs with extreme effort and excessive grunting until he was able to flip the cannon to face the enemy crew causing mass panic.

"Light it..." Zoro gasped at Nami, still in a kneeing position so as to try and recover.

"Huh?" Nami asked dumbly, causing a tick mark to appear upon Jumi's brow accompanied by an ocean blue eye roll.

"Just light it, quickly!" Jumi demanded, receiving an obedient "Right" in return.

After Nami struck the match and lit the fuse, both Luffy and Jumi erupted in laughter from watching the chaos unfold among the Buggy pirates, finding their Captain's reaction to be the most amusing of all. He cried and pleaded, his hands clasping his hair in terror as Nami covered her ears- whether to block out the sound of Buggy's voice or the inevitable roar of the cannon fire Jumi was unsure, though she assumed it was the latter- while Zoro remained in his low crouch unmoving. Luffy and Jumi continued to laugh effortlessly at the display of men running backwards and forwards on the roof-top trying to locate a near by area that would remain after the Buggy Ball was fired, resembling scurrying rats after a light bulb was lit.

Even as the Cannon ball escaped the mouth of the cannon with an almighty crack, Luffy and Jumi remained back-to-back chuckling joyously in chorus.