Summary: What if Aragorn wasn't a human. What if he was halfelven like Elrond? My first attempt at writing a lord of the rings story.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately is Lord of the rings not mine but it is the brilliance of Tolkien. If it were mine Aragorn would be halfelven and not married to Arwen.

A love that will last for eternity

The thunderous sound of galloping horses sounded. It was a gloomy day on middle earth. Two horses both going at a break-neck speed came into sight. Each seating a male. To be precise two identical males.

Their names were Elladan and Elrohir Elrondion. They were the twin sons of Elrond Halfelven, the lord of the Last Homely house in Rivendell(Imladris).

Elladan the eldest and the gentlest of the two held a small bundle cradled with one hand against his chest. They raced to a stop in front of the house. Ada! Ada! Elrohir shouted." Ada! Come quickly we need your help".

Elrond who was in his study busy with papers when he heard his son calling went out to greet them. He quickened his pace for he thought something had happened to Elladan.

"Welcome home ion nins' he greeted them relieved when he saw everything was fine. Just then the bundle in Elladan's arms wailed. Elrond raised an inquiring eyebrow before he took over the babe in Elladan's arms.

Gently he bounced the boy up and down. "This is Aragorn son of Arathorn who was slain today along with his wife Gilraen. There was an ambush of orcs and although we went to help we were outnumbered. His mother was killed by an orc arrow from behind".

"We had to cut the child from her. The last thing she said was that she wanted to name him Aragorn" Elrohir explained. "Ada, look at his ears they are like yours" he said then.

"No matter the nummenor blood he has his elf blood is too dilated for his ears to be pointy. And he doesn't look like Arathorn at all. He resembles Haldir, I find no trace of Arathorn in him".

We shall see as he grows older ion nin Elrond said. For now let us go inside and warm up. "The weather is chilly and Aragorn will catch a cold". "But ada!" Elladan protested we can't we have to go look for survivors.

With that the twins climbed their horses and sped away leaving Elrond with the newborn. He turned and climbed the stairs to the house and went to his room. "We shall have to give you a different name little one, he said to Aragorn. No one may know that you have survived. I shall name you Estel".

At hearing his new name Estel cooed. Suddenly he grimaced and began to wail shrilly. A stench came up from beneath. Elrond groaned before he laid down Estel on his bed and went to prepare a bath.

He opened his make-shift diaper and cleaned the boy. Afterwards he brought the boy to the bathroom and gently lowered him in the slightly warm water. He then selected a citrus scented soap and gently cleaned the boy . after the bath he clothed the baby in old clothes of Elrohir as a babe. During this Estel had fallen asleep.