Author's Note: Merry Christmas everyone! Like I promised/said in some of the author messages I managed to send out. I'm doing some finishing touches on the second story in the Chosen One Chronicles: Origins Series. Vision will be shorter than the first story which a lot of you had received warmly and I thank you for that!

The next chapter of this story will be posted by the end of January. Yes, long wait, I know but I need to fix some of the stuff that happens in our dear Chosen One's head and visions to really make it worth reading. But here is the first chapter for everyone to hopefully enjoy!

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Notes from the previous story:

*Obi-Wan was born in the year 51 BBY and also that makes his friends and Bruck Chun younger than what they really are in the canon.

*Mace Windu became a member of the Jedi Council at 51 BBY rather than 44 BBY.

*Count Dooku never accepted the offer of being part of the Jedi Council

*The mission that will turn Xanatos to the Dark Side will occur in 51 BBY and not in 53 BBY and has occurred already in this chapter.

*Obi-Wan is chosen as a padawan when he was 5 standard years old.

*Owen is Obi-Wan's younger brother.

*Cliegg Lars is Obi-Wan's uncle.

*There are three important Jedis chosen by the Force. The Chosen One, The Power Wielder and the Dark Phoenix (Prophecy can be found in the last chapter of Origins)

Summary: Instead of getting the sleep he needs to get through he day, the initiate Qui-Gon Jinn shares an apartment with is shown different Visions by the Force and no matter what (good or bad) they also come true one way or another. 2nd in the Series of Alternate Universe of Star Wars where Anakin Skywalker is not the Chosen One.

Chapter 1

It was like living in a volcano. Debris of ships and other machinery floated on molten rock as they slowly burn to nothing. It was a despicable place to be in, but he was there nonetheless.

He didn't care about everything else. He could care less about how tired he was or how hot it was were he's standing. All he cared about was the man in front of him who had his weapon ignited. He hoped he wouldn't have to hurt him. He hoped he would just realize the mistake he has done and work with him to fix things.

But alas, his prayers were not met. The young man in front of him leaped for the attack and he had no choice but to defend himself. The man he considered his brother now laid among dirt would most of his limbs cut off from his body, fighting the pain he was in. He was defeated.

The other man took his opponent's weapon from the ground and began to walk away. His opponent shouted at him, voicing out his hate for him. The other just looked back and even if he had all of his arms and legs looked more defeated than the other.

"You were my brother..."

The eyes of a little boy snapped open. There it was again, that weird dream. Maybe he should tell a Master about it. The boy shook his head to disagree with what he thought. It was only a dream...maybe he was watching to much holo-vids...

The boy realized he'd best get back to sleep for his classes the next day. He needed the rest. The Force on the other hand had other plans.

It was an ordinary day. The Senate building was alive with diplomats and there discussion of different laws and views. The Senate's dinning hall was filled with voices and the occasional laughter as colleagues discussed amongst themselves.

Along the streets of Coruscant, business was the usual. Tourists flying by to get a good vibe of the city and to see all what is to be seen. Most of all, almost everyone, even the city's own inhabitants, wanted to catch a glimpse of the tall majestic Jedi Temple at the heart of Coruscant.

Everything changed when a loud explosion rocked the whole of Coruscant. Everyone was on the ground and looking around to what had caused such a disturbance. And there it was, the Senate Building was a big dome of fire and everyone else was rushing to it.

Youngling classes weren't that tough as padawan classes were but still for kids around two to three standard years of age, it was a difficult task for day to day.

It was an even harder task if someone didn't get much sleep last night.

Initiate Obi-Wan Kenobi's eyes were drooping shut but he would always get a hold of himself and make his brain focus on what the Master was discussing and/or looking at the book he was reading.

Truth be told, his lack of sleep wasn't his fault at all. Each time he closes his eyes, he has dreams or nightmares. He tries so hard to get back to sleep but images just play around in his head that rest was never an option.

His thoughts drifted to his last dream or could the Senate building explode? It's the most secure building beside the Jedi Temple in all of Coruscant. That couldn't happen at all. It was an insane idea to begin with. Bombing the Senate building meant, killing most if not all the Senators of the Republic. Who would want that?

The chime rang and it signaled the end of the class. Obi-Wan got up and fixed his things before heading out to the quarters he shared with Master Qui-Gon Jinn.

No, he wasn't a padawan learner. The temple had an increase population of young initiates and the crèche had been filled with children. Master Skyla had asked some of the masters if they could take in a few initiates temporarily as she sorted things out. Master Jinn had taken Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan did not regret having to live with a master, especially someone like Qui-Gon. Sure there were rules and chores to be done, but nonetheless it was fun having a room all to himself and eating with the Jedi Master. Downside of this is when Master Jinn was on missions. Obi-Wan was left alone in the apartment and some of the Jedi Masters would check up on him.

Not that Obi-Wan was scared of being alone. It was just at this times that his nightmares would always flare up. Like his head knew when Master Jinn wasn't around. Good thing, he was.

"Another mission? I just got back!" Qui-Gon questioned. Sure he was glad to serve the Jedi Council but weren't they working him a little too much for the past couple of months.

"We are sorry for the inconvenience Qui-Gon," Jedi Master Mace Windu said. The Korun Master had his stoic face on; Qui-Gon would definitely corner him later after the council session. "But as the best negotiator the Jedi have, you are in demand."

Qui-Gon sighed. He never did like the fame of being the best negotiator of the temple because he knew he wasn't. His previous Master was far better than he was, as is Mace and of course Master Yoda. But because his accomplishments were always in the news, everyone asks for him.

"Very well," Qui-Gon said, dejectedly. He was actually looking forward to spending some time with Obi-Wan, the initiate he had adopted for the time being for the crèche, guess it will have to wait.

"Come on, Qui." Mace complained. "It's not like it was my fault that you got the mission. I'm not the hero in the eyes of everyone."

The council session had ended and Mace and Qui-Gon were on their way to the latter's apartment. Qui-Gon had accused Mace of being the reason why he was assigned a mission all too quickly.

"I'm not the best negotiator in the temple Mace and you know that." Qui-Gon replied back. He had about an hour and a half to get ready for his new mission and he still hadn't seen Obi-Wan since he got back last night. When he had arrived, it was already late and the master didn't have the heart to wake the young boy. This morning, Obi-Wan had already headed off for class when he woke up.

"Well the whole galaxy thinks you are," Mace answered. "And I agree with them. In no time you might just get the nickname 'Negotiator'. Mace tried to lighten his best friend's mood. He knew why Qui-Gon didn't want to leave as soon as he had just returned from a mission. He's had Obi-Wan for three standards months already and the Master was growing fond of the boy. Mace truly hoped that when Obi-Wan was old enough, Qui-Gon would consider Obi-Wan as a padawan.

Qui-Gon used the Force to open his apartment's doors. To his and Mace's surprise, Obi-Wan was asleep in the receiving quarters with his books open in front of him.

"Guess Master Skyla's working the initiates hard." Mace said as he took some of Obi-Wan's things. "But all basic stuff that a two year old won't understand."

Qui-Gon wasn't paying attention. He was looking over Obi-Wan like a doctor. "Mace, does he looked exhausted to you?"

Mace looked up from scanning Obi-Wan's books and eyed the young boy. "He's two years old, Qui. He needs the afternoon rest. Especially with the energy that kid has." Mace answered as he once again tried to lighten the mood. "You should wake him. It'll be better if you told him that you were going away again rather than me or Master Yoda."

Qui-Gon nodded and shooked Obi-Wan's shoulder. "Obi-Wan? Obi-Wan, I need you to wake up for a bit."

Obi-Wan was thinking twice of sleeping. Master Qui-Gon had to leave for another mission so soon and he already had a bad feeling that he would have the worse nightmare to date.

Finally reaching a decision, Obi-Wan got out of bed and made his way to the Temple gardens. He usually found peace and solitude their. Maybe if he fell asleep there, he wouldn't have any nightmares.

It was already very late and he knew that everyone in the temple would already be asleep. He wasn't worried about getting caught by any Knight or Master.

Reaching the Temple garden, he made his way to the most secluded part. The part where Master Qui-Gon would usual stay in because it was the most peaceful place.

He tried to do what he frequently saw other Masters do. He heard it was called meditating or something like that. Obi-Wan sat on the grounds and took a deep breath. He was hoping that he wouldn't have any dream at all and would for once just have a peaceful sleep.

Unbeknownst to the young initiate, the grand master of the order was watching him intently. Master Yoda was headed to meditate himself when he saw the young boy making his way to the gardens. Intrigued, the green master had followed the boy.

"Interesting, this is." Master Yoda thought as he watched Obi-Wan try to meditate for his first time.

Darkness had fallen. The Jedi Temple was deserted. He sneaked in and the sight pierced his heart. His friends, his brothers, they were all lying on the floor dead. He ran to one of the younglings who was near by. He had a lightsabre wound on his chest.

He fought the tears that were threatening to run down his face. No, this couldn't be happening. He hadn't heard from anyone since he had narrowly escaped his own clones. His own men had raised their guns on him. What was going on?

He turned to look at Coruscant. Was it just him or did everything seem more dark, more devastated. Did darkness just fall? Have the Sith reigned supreme once again?

Was he the last Jedi alive?

Obi-Wan snapped opened his eyes. That was the worst feeling he had ever had in his life. He felt himself shiver at the thought of being the last Jedi.

What was that he had seen? The Sith….where had he heard the Sith before…it was familiar to him but nonetheless he couldn't remember what it was. Obi-Wan buried his face in his hands. He thought he could finally get a peaceful night's sleep but it looks like he wouldn't get it. Obi-Wan breathed a sigh and tried what he had done before. Maybe this time he could actually get some rest. Maybe that would be the last dream for the night.

Master Yoda watched the young initiate. Being so close while the Vision took place, Master Yoda had sensed what was going on. He was sure that some of the other Masters that had a bond with Obi-Wan might have sensed a feeling of dread.

How long has the boy been seeing Force Visions? By the looks of it, this wasn't the first the boy has seen. Have the other Council members sensed what has the boy been going through?

Master Yoda sent a strong sleeping suggestion to Obi-Wan, and the youngling was asleep soon after. The Council needed to be informed of this. If Obi-Wan was experiencing such a feat as Visions, then somehow his Force signature was getting stronger, that entails certain precautions to be considered.