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Notes from the previous story/chapter:

*Obi-Wan was born in the year 51 BBY and also that makes his friends and Bruck Chun younger than what they really are in the canon.

*Mace Windu became a member of the Jedi Council at 51 BBY rather than 44 BBY.

*Count Dooku never accepted the offer of being part of the Jedi Council

*The mission that will turn Xanatos to the Dark Side will occur in 51 BBY and not in 53 BBY and has occurred already in this chapter.

*Obi-Wan is chosen as a padawan when he was (will be) 5 standard years old.

*Owen is Obi-Wan's younger brother.

*Cliegg Lars is Obi-Wan's uncle.

*There are three important Jedis chosen by the Force. The Chosen One, The Power Wielder and the Dark Phoenix (Prophecy can be found in the last chapter of Origins)

*Obi-Wan shares an apartment with Qui-Gon Jinn because the Temple creche is full of initiates. (Mace Windu has two younglings living with him and his apprentice Depa)

Chapter 3

Qui-Gin Jinn was getting annoyed. The short mission that he and the Jedi Council thought was now on the brink of a blood bath unless he put a stop to the arguing parties. Unfortunately the rebel group sees this as the Jedi being partial to their opponents and would not listen to negotiation talks.

The government of the planet wishes for the dispute to not turn violent which Qui-Gon agrees but unfortunately this is the exact opposite of what the rebel leader wants. Qui-Gon thinks that the rebel leaders wants a battle and then with the confusion rise and become the new leader of the planet. The current government is willing to make compromises with the land disputes that those part of the rebel group are demanding but the leader would see none of it. Its either the government abides by their demands or they start attacking people.

Qui-Gon speculates that if the rebel group looses faith in their leader or sees it that his intention is not to help them at all, talks make actually occur and violence prevented. Unfortunately, calling the rebel leader a liar may just spark the flame.

Qui-Gon contemplates on what to do and decided to contact the council of what has been going on. Truth be told, he also wanted to ask Mace if Obi-Wan was all right. Truth be told, the master would never admit to his best friend that he's growing attached to the boy. But Qui-Gon was still adamant of not taking in a padawan, besides Obi-Wan was three…he still had a long time before being sent to Agri-Corps and Qui-Gon knew that the boy was gifted and talented not to be taken in by other Jedis.

"I wasn't expecting to hear from you at all!" Mace Windu's holographic image appeared before Qui-Gon. "You sure have bad timing, Qui. The council didn't actually meet today."

Qui-Gon shot his friend a confused look. The council always meets at around this time. "What happened?"

"A little commotion at the Senate building…" Mace began, leaving the part out of a specific initiate having saved the lives of a lot of Senators. "Someone from that rebel group of yours tried to bomb the senate building to make a statement."

"I feared as much…things are escalating here. What we thought would be an easy round of peace talks is now turning into a possible war." Qui-Gon explained, but he never imagined that a member of the rebel group could even consider blowing up the Senate building. "Was he working alone?"

"Yes, apparently every one thought his idea was mad. Mad enough that even he wouldn't do it but he tried and failed." Mace pointed out.

"Agreed." Qui-Gon then felt something nagging at him. He knows something that took place in the Senate building today but he can't quite remember what it was. "Was there something going on at the Senate building today? I can't help but shake a feeling that there was…"

"Well not in particular…" Mace began, out of all things for his friend to remember he just had to think about the initiate's field trip to the Senate building, one thing Mace and Master Yoda wished to leave out and not tell the Jedi master at all.

"Mace, what are you hiding?" Qui-Gon raised an eyebrow at his friend. "You might as well tell me since you mentioned it."

"I didn't mention it, you did!" Mace argued and let out a sigh. "Okay, I'll tell you but rest assured everyone is alright and you only come home when your mission is done with."

"What in blazes are you talking about of course—" Qui-Gon's eyes widen with realization. Of course he knew what took place in the Senate building today, the youngling living with him had informed the master about it. Obi-Wan along with his age-mates were supposed to meet the Chancellor today.

"What happened? Are they alright? Did any bombs go off while they were inside the building? Is Obi-Wan alright?" Mace knew that he should have just brushed Qui-Gon's feeling but eventually the Jedi Master would find out.

"I just told you that everyone was alright, including Obi-Wan. So take a deep breathe and let me explain and no interruptions if you want to get back to the temple as soon as you can." Mace said in the most serious Jedi Master tone he could given the look on his friend's face. "The field trip earlier was accompanied by Master Yoda and I. We were at the Chancellor's office when the first bomb went off but—" he immediately said, when he saw that Qui-Gon was about to interrupt. "—we got the initiates out as fast as we could. I stayed with them and Master Yoda went to see if he could do anything to stop the bomber from setting off another bomb near the Senate dinning hall where he had managed to trap several senators. Eventually they did stop him and like I said everybody's fine, albeit a few injured from the first bomb blast but none of the initiates were hurt. Just a bit ecstatic and asking if that's what they would expect when they go on their first mission."

Qui-Gon sighed in relief. He really cared for Obi-Wan and just the idea of the boy being so close from a mad man was enough to give him a heart attack.

"I guess I should mention this to the minister." Qui-Gon said, pacing. Mace could see that his friend was still feeling troubled.

"Look if you still need reassurance that Obi-Wan is just alright I could ask Depa to—"

"Please, Mace." Qui-Gon replied. "Looks I know you and Tala and everyone else wishes me to take Obi-Wan already as a padawan but he's still much too young and I just can't but I care about that boy and—"

"Understood Qui." Mace said, signaling his friend that he doesn't need to explain anything to him. "I'll go get Obi-Wan."

The enemy was up to something. He knew for sure that the people who wanted to wreck havoc on the planet was up to something but nevertheless, he agreed to meet with the leaders of the opposing side. They had expressed their desire to finally have talks of peace. He, accompanied with the some republic representatives, agreed on the 'peace talks' that was coincidentally taking place in a deserted and isolated place and which meant only one thing, this could be a trap.

He perfectly thought it was but the representatives of the Republic, the planet's government, did not wish to think ill of their fellow men even though they had rebelled against their own laws and all that. This was simply a land dispute and must be resolved before anything drastic takes place, before a war is sparked.

The meeting was to take place without any form of arms and weaponry in sight and so he had reluctantly left his only weapon back in the planet's capital.

The two groups finally met and the rebel leader stepped forward. Demanding the same thing, for the current government to step down because they have clearly failed at representing the people because the people have lost their own livelihood to the rich. The representatives of the Republic argued that they did not fail the people at all and was to further explain their side when the rebel leader cut him off. This was never a negotiation, he explained, it was a way to show their power. And then, just as he had predicted, the entire rebel group appeared and they were pathetically outnumbered, and outgunned.

The rebel leader stepped right in front of him. Showing him the device that would start the blood bath he had sworn to prevent.

"Foolish of you, Master Jedi to think you could trust me."

"NO!" Obi-Wan woke from his nightmare…his vision or whatever the kriff it was. He hugged his knees and started to tear up a little. He kept thinking to himself that Master Qui-Gon said that the mission he was assigned to wasn't dangerous and that the Jedi Master had promised to be back after a few standard rotations only. Surely, what he saw was just a bad trip, unlike the one he saw about the Senate Building blowing up or that time he saw some younglings dead with lightsaber wounds. No, this was just a nightmare because the Jedi Master had been gone for a while.

Obi-Wan stopped and thought back to Qui-Gon Jinn, he had this protective feeling towards the master and he wished to shrug it off because why would he need to worry about a Jedi Master in the first place? One, Qui-Gon wasn't his Master at all. Two, Qui-Gon was a Jedi Master, he could handle himself. Obi-Wan argued to himself that once a Jedi is given the rank of Master he can get out of many different sticky situations.

But something was still eating at Obi-Wan…something he had seen in that nightmare of his. Something familiar…the device the man held up. The device? Where had Obi-Wan seen it before? Along a hallway…was it inside the Jedi temple where he saw it last? No, it was in a building of some sort.

Obi-Wan immediately got out of bed and ran to Master Windu's apartment. He remembered he had seen that device before. It was just earlier that day that he had stared down that device and was a mere seconds away from making that device the last thing that he would have seen. It had lined up the hallways of the Senate building, and each one he had diffused.

It was the same device the man used to blow up the Senate building.

Qui-Gon was never one to care about younglings except for those in his care. Sure he was biased like that. Obi-Wan seemed rather troubled when they had spoken a while ago and Qui-Gon was able to crack the youngling's demeanor when the boy had opened up that he had a nightmare before speaking to Qui-Gon.

Qui-Gon initially thought that maybe it had something to do with Obi-Wan being close to the bombings earlier today but Obi-Wan said that the dream wasn't about Senate buildings blowing up and that was all he got out of the youngling.

Qui-Gon assured the boy that he would be coming home soon and that he won't have to sleep inside the apartment all by himself anymore.

Obi-Wan nodded but before signing off the comm link something happened that Qui-Gon now questioned what Obi-Wan had dreamed about. The youngling insisted that the Jedi Master always keep his lightsaber, which was weird because of course all Jedi never left any place unarmed. But the boy, fought hard that Qui-Gon would not set out without his lightsaber or trust anything besides his instinct. Qui-Gon made to ask Obi-Wan what he was thinking might happen but Qui-Gon nodded at the pleading face of the young boy.

Qui-Gon was still pondering on what Obi-Wan had requested when one of the government representatives entered his quarters with a message from the rebel leader. He wanted to meet with the Qui-Gon and the government leaders to finalize the initial offer of a deal. The rebel leader did not want for a war to break out and he argues that the other side does not want it as well. But if they were to negotiate, it would be in the rebel group's territory and the representatives of the government and the Republic as well as the Jedi must be unarmed. And only the Jedi as well as other government officials were to come and no one else.

Qui-Gon's thoughts initially went to what Obi-Wan had requested of him a while ago. Stars, did the youngling see a Vision of what would happen in the meeting? Mace would have a lot of things to explain to him when he got back but first he had to deal with the trap that was set out for them. No way was he going to a meeting unarmed and if the other government officials seem to think that it is there only best option, well they had an argument to win over Qui-Gon Jinn.