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Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen: Taken Care Of

"I don't think transporting myself to a fast food restaurant and back with a cheeseburger and French fries is 'using my powers for the betterment of mankind'." Castiel explained to Dean as young hunter pointedly pushed away the tray holding his dinner.

"I'm a man…" He looked down at his small body. "… sort of, and thus part of 'mankind' and bringing me food that is actually edible, unlike this crap, is definitely for the 'betterment'. So, yeah. I stand by my statement, Cas."

Castiel rolled his eyes. "And when I get caught bringing you outside food, which you know you are not allowed, and are no longer allowed to visit you, I assume there is another angel who will help you with your nightmares?"

Dean scowled at him. "Fine. Let me starve."

"You have food to eat." The angel reminded him.

"You call that food?"

Castiel took the lid off the plate and looked at the meal. Yes, it was food. But even he had to admit that it looked unappetizing. "Perhaps I can bring you something from the cafeteria. They might not be as strict with that."

Dean sighed. "Not as good as a cheeseburger, but I guess I'll take cafeteria food." He glanced over at the clock. "Speaking of which, you think Anderson blew us off and just went down for dinner?"

"No, he always shows up when he says he will."

"Well, he's late."

Castiel reached out to check on the police officer to see if the man had perhaps fallen asleep, because you'd have to be blind not to notice that Anderson hadn't been getting much rest since this had all began for him, and was immediately overwhelmed by agony the moment that he touched the guy's mind. The angel's eyes went wide as realization hit. Anderson had been injured, and badly. Without hesitation, Castiel stood up and transported himself into the waiting room with the police officer.

It took only a second to comprehend what had happened. The angel had practically closed off his ability to sense demons and other angels because it allowed other powerful beings to get a sense of him as well, but this close to the presence in the room made it impossible for him to not realize that the man standing over the body on the floor was possessed. As for the person on the floor, Castiel glanced down to see Anderson lying on his back, blood soaking the front of his once white t-shirt and streaming down his right arm. His overly-large brown eyes were filled with pain, fear, and defiance as he stared up at the demon that crouched over him with a huge knife that was dripping blood.

Castiel knew that neither of the room's occupants had noticed him yet, so he pulled out his angel blade and started forwards, almost stepping on the body of a deceased woman in a nurse's uniform. Noting that she was beyond saving, the angel moved around her and kept going until he'd reached the demon. At the last moment, the thing possessing the man realized that Castiel was there, but by then it was far too late. Castiel dropped to one knee and thrust his sword into the demon's stomach, watching as its stolen eyes widened and light flickered inside. He placed his left hand against the man's shoulder and pulled his blade free, pushing the corpse to the side so that it wouldn't fall on the injured policeman.

The threat disposed of, Castiel put away his weapon and turned his attention to Anderson. The officer looked up at him, pain still etched in his features, but the fear was now replaced by relief and confusion.

"I sensed that you were in danger." Castiel explained.

"Could've… shown up… a… a bit earlier."

"We didn't know. I came as soon as…" Castiel felt Anderson grab his hand.


Castiel nodded. "Are there more? Did it say if there were more in the hospital or if more were on the way?" Dean and the others were safe, protected in their warded hospital rooms, but that wasn't a guarantee, especially since Mary and Sam couldn't stay in those rooms forever. He felt bad for pressing the injured man for information, but he needed to know what they were up against.

"No. No more." Anderson let out a groan and closed his eyes. For a moment, Castiel thought that the man had passed out, but then his eyes opened halfway. "Said that… wanted… to impress… uh… can't remember name…" The officer squeezed his eyes closed in a combination of pain and concentration. "Al… Ala…"

"Alastair?" Castiel supplied, worried that the answer might be 'yes'.

"Yeah. That's it. He… wanted to… to know why… angels… why they were here... for Dean. Thought that… if he were the… one to tell… to tell Alastair that… he'd get a… a good position… in Hell. But… didn't sound like… he'd told anyone yet. Wanted all the… the glory for himself." Anderson stopped talking to take shallow, ragged breaths. Castiel knew that he had to call for medical help for the man soon. But first he needed to get some things ready.

"That's good. Thank you. I need to get rid of the things that Mary gave you earlier so that no questions are asked. I'll be right back."

"Used… used some water."

Castiel looked at him for a moment before he realized that Anderson was talking about the holy water. He looked around and sure enough saw the small bottle lying on the floor. The angel picked it up, located the cap and screwed it back on. After putting it back in the bag and zipping the pack closed, he transported himself out to the Impala. Castiel pulled out the spare set of keys that he'd been given and popped open the trunk. The angel tossed in the bag, closed the car, and returned to the waiting room.

Miraculously, Anderson was still awake. Castiel figured that the man probably didn't want to fall asleep for fear of not waking back up. But the thread of consciousness that he was hanging onto was not a very strong one.

"I need you to stay with me for just a little longer. Can you do that?"

"Yeah." The officer agreed weakly.

"I cannot take credit for killing this man. It would not be good for me to get caught up in all of this." Anderson nodded his understanding and Castiel continued. "Perhaps you can take the credit as it would be self defense."


Castiel cocked his head to the side. "Excuse me?"

"Your weapon… is strange. Use… knife… in wound… then give… give to me."

It took a moment for the angel to catch on but then it was his turn to nod. He reached over and went to take the knife, but Anderson stopped him.


Castiel removed his tie and wrapped it around the handle of the knife. Then he grasped the weapon and dug the blade into the dead body, right where he'd already stabbed the possessed man a few minutes before. The large serrated blade was wider than his sword and widened the wound. After pulling the knife from the corpse, Castiel dropped it to the floor, just inches away from Anderson's good hand and carefully removed his tie. The police officer reached over and grabbed onto the knife's handle, gripped it tightly for a moment before it fell out of his grasp. But it was enough and now the scene looked right. It was time for Castiel to go alert the doctors to Anderson's condition.

"I'm going to go and get you help."

"Oh… good. Think… need…some." The officer's eyes were starting to flutter closed.

Castiel knew that he had to be careful because with a police officer involved, security cameras in the hall were sure to be checked. So he ran his hand over his clothes to clean the blood from them and then appeared back in Dean's room. Without a word, he quickly left and made his way out of the ICU and down the hall to the waiting room. He opened the door, pretended to be surprised by what he saw and then turned toward the nurses' station at the end of the hall.

"We need help in here. There are three people that appear to have been injured and are bleeding." As he stepped back into the room, he figured that even Dean would be impressed with his acting skills.

It was only moments later when people were rushing into the room and Castiel got pushed aside. He didn't leave though. They'd left Anderson alone and unprotected and the man had almost died. That wasn't a mistake he was going to make again.

There was a bit of shocked sadness at the discovery that one of their own nurses was dead, but they quickly moved to the other two bodies to see if there was hope of saving either of them. Castiel heard Anderson's first name mentioned a couple of times and some talk of what they thought might've happened in the room mixed in with their medical talk. From what the angel could tell, it seemed that their ruse had worked and that it was likely that the officer would survive if they could get his wounds stitched up and get some blood into him quickly.

Castiel watched as Anderson, now unconscious, was rushed from the room. He excused himself, saying that he had to get back to Dean but that he'd be pleased to answer any questions that they might have later on, and then made his way back to his friend's room.

By the time that he got there, Dean was sitting up in bed with Sam standing next to him; the younger boy trying desperately to keep his big brother from getting out of bed.

"Dean, you know that you're only allowed up with help to go to the bathroom or if…"

"Cas!" Dean exclaimed. "What's going on?"

"A demon attacked Anderson." Castiel informed him. Then so Dean wouldn't worry about his family being in danger, he added. "It was acting on its own and I killed it."

"Why was it after Anderson?"

"From the way he was injured, and the information he told me before he passed out, I would imagine that the demon was most likely torturing him to try and get information on us and our situation with the angels showing up here."

"Damn it!" Dean exclaimed, making Sam jump. "So we got him killed?"

"The doctors are working on him now. He'll most likely be alright."

"Is… is he hurt bad?" Sam asked.

Castiel wasn't sure how to answer. The truth was that the officer had been cut deeply and had lost quite a bit of blood, but he was certain that that was not the answer that the little boy needed to hear. "He will be fine. I am going now to keep watch over him. If anyone comes to look for me, tell them I went for food and will return soon."

Dean looked for a moment like he'd protest, but then the boy simply nodded. "Okay, Cas."

Castiel concentrated for a moment to locate the injured police officer and then appeared in the room that he was in, making certain that he was invisible to the people in the room. He wondered if Anderson would've sensed him if he'd have been awake. Probably. The young man's ability didn't sit well with Castiel. No one was able to perceive angels true forms without the angels having some sort of use for them. Castiel himself was unaware of what it could be, but that sort of thing had always been well above what Dean would call his 'pay grade'. But Castiel wasn't the only angel that was ignorant of which humans possessed gifts and now he was concerned that their interaction with Anderson may have exposed him and endangered him. It certainly seemed to have put him in the line of fire so far. But depending on what the angels might have planned for him, things could possibly get worse for everyone involved.

The angel turned his attention to the officer in question. Anderson was still alive and the doctors already had blood going into him and the cut on his chest partially closed up. Castiel stepped back into the corner of the room where he'd be out of the way during his silent vigil and continued to contemplate what the future might hold for his family and everyone they knew.

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