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Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Six: How Was Your Day?

Dean ran as fast as he could, pushing his body to the limits. He'd need to since the person behind him was much taller than him. But despite his size, the young hunter could move quickly. So, he kept up his pace and rounded the final turn. Dean kept his breathing even and forced his legs to go just a tiny bit faster as he neared his goal. Almost there. Almost…

Dean crossed the finish line and thrust his hands up in a victory gesture. Sure it was just a practice meet for track, but he'd still come in first so he figured that he could celebrate.

"Great run, Winchester!" The coach praised. "Patterson, nice job! You're lagging a bit, Zimmerman."

Dean gave a mock salute to Coach Bryans and flopped down onto the grass. The track pants and 'Lawrence High' tee he was forced to wear as a team member were severely lame, but he'd discovered on the first day of practice that showing up out of 'uniform' just got you sent back to the locker room to change. So, he sat there picking at the black pants with the red stripe that ran up the sides. It was better than the red shorts he'd been offered. To complete the outfit, he wore a red t-shirt with a picture of the school's mascot, the 'chesty lion' (and boy could he think of a million jokes for that), on the left breast.

He'd tried out for the team when his guidance councilor (and his parents) had pushed for him to add in some extra-curricular activities, citing that it would help him get into Kansas University after graduation. He still had to get through junior and senior years, but everyone said that now was the time to plan. And then Sam had gone and signed up for debate team, mathletes, and soccer (he was gonna be one busy kid!) so Dean had figured what the hell and had looked into what was available to keep him busy after school until it was time to pick up Sam from his stuff. He'd been a bit disappointed to discover that he didn't meet the age/weight requirements for wrestling (that brought back memories) but he'd look into it again next year. No way in hell he'd do football. He wasn't going to put his questionable scars on display for swimming. He'd done baseball as a kid, but really that had been something special with Dad and he didn't want to do it as a school thing. So he'd finally settled on track. Oh and Latin club. But that met once after school every other week and he'd already blown it off twice. It was boring as all hell.

"So where's your trophy?"

Dean looked up to see Emily standing over him.

"Didn't get one. I was disqualified for being too awesome."

She dropped down next to him. "Aww, poor Dean.

"Yeah, I totally deserve compensation… like, say whatever is in that foil covered plate you're carrying that smells so awesome."

"Oh heck no! I just spent all that time in home-ec club baking this pecan pie and I am not going to hand it over to the one guy that can consume it all before I can get a taste."

"Pie?" Dean asked with a smirk.

"No… what? Did I say pie? I meant… carrot cake."

"No, you meant pie. Hand it over."

"Like hell."

Dean chuckled. "First off, your language has suffered since you've spent time with me. And second… that pie is mine!"

He lunged at her and knocked her backwards, smoothly snatching the still-warm plate from her hands. Then he scrambled to his feet and got ready to run. She was fast, but he was faster. However, before he could get more than a step away, a hand grabbed his ankle and Dean went down. The hunter held the plate in such a way that it was protected in the fall. As soon as he was on the ground, he felt his friend climb on his back and begin to try and recover her baked goods. He struggled to hold it out of her reach.

"Dean, you're going to ruin the pie!"

"Well, you could just let me eat it…"


"Then it'll suffer a worse fate. Ow… hey, your knees are crushing my spine."

"Don't be a baby. You've had worse. Now give it back."


"Sullivan!" The coach's voice rang out. "Please leave Winchester in one piece so that we'll have him at our next meet."

"I can't promise anything if he doesn't give me my fresh baked pie back, Coach Bryans." She responded sweetly.

The plate was pulled from Dean's hands by the coach. The boy looked up to see Coach Bryans looking down at them with an amused grin, shaking his head.

"Get up you two and learn to share."

"Yes, sir." Dean replied with another mock salute.

Emily let him up and accepted her pie back from the man. Once he walked away, she turned to Dean. "How come I have to share with you?"

"'Cause he likes me better."

"That's only because he thinks you can help the school win state finals this year."

"Still… you owe me pie."

With a smile, Emily sat down, opened her backpack, and took out two forks. "Here." She passed one to him.

"Hey… you planned on letting me have some all along."

"Like I'd really bring pie around Dean Winchester and not expect to share." She took the foil off and they both dug in. "So… any Halloween plans?"

"Yeah, I might still be out on a job. We're heading out tomorrow, but it could turn into a weekend thing. You?"

"Go into my room, keep the lights on, pull the covers over my head, and go to sleep. I still like you and all, but after that first year I spent with you, the holiday kind of got ruined for me."

"Yeah… sorry 'bout that."

"Not your fault. It's just…"

"That was scary as all Hell?"


"Totally get that. There's stuff that still haunts me."

Emily shook her head. "Anything that can still haunt a badass like you has to be bad."

"Really bad."

"Want to talk about it?"

"Sure. See, there's this girl that's always bugging me. Her name is Emily and she…"

A hard punch to his arm cut him off.

"Oh my God, you are such a total dork!"

Dean burst out laughing. Then he checked his watch. "I gotta go. Me and Cas have to pick up Sammy. See ya Monday."

"Kick his butt for me, Cas." Emily fake grumbled. Then she gave Dean a quick hug. "Take care. Come back in one piece."

"'Course I will."

Dean got up and walked off the field and into the mostly empty school building. Once in the locker room, he stripped out of his sweaty clothes and pulled on his jeans and Black Sabbath t-shirt. He'd have to shower at home to pick up Sam on time. Besides, public showering was just… wrong. Who wanted to be looking at other naked dudes while trying to get clean? He tossed on his denim over-shirt, shoved his track clothes in his locker and looked around to make certain that he was alone.

"Okay, Cas. Let's go."

He felt a hand fall on his shoulder, and then both he and a now-visible angel were standing around the back of Lawrence Middle School. They walked around front just as a familiar long haired boy came bouncing down the stairs talking animatedly with another kid.

"No way! If that is their standpoint, our team is definitely gonna win."

The blonde boy shrugged. "That Tammy girl is very convincing, though."

"Doesn't matter. Their argument is lame. I don't see that they can come up with enough facts to back up their… Dean!" He broke off his speech to wave excitedly.

Dean waved back. "Hey, Sammy!"

The boy ran up to him and gave him a hug. Dean chuckled. His little brother wasn't embarrassed at all to be affectionate in front of his friends. Well, not with Dean, anyways. Last week he'd complained when their mom had given him a kiss on the cheek outside of the school building.

Dean ruffled Sam's floppy, chestnut hair. The kid had suggested at the start of last summer that he get a haircut just like Dean's, but the older boy had shot it down, claiming that it wouldn't suit the younger child. Really, he just couldn't ever picture his brother with short hair. That just wouldn't be his Sammy.

"Ready to go?"

"Yep. See you, Tim."

"Bye. We'll work more on the project next Tuesday, okay?"

"Same time, same place." Sam gave thumbs up as they walked off. They went out of sight and then took the angel taxi home.

"Hey boys, how was your day?" Their mom asked.

"Great!" Sam replied. "I got an 'A' on my history test, the art teacher said she liked my project, and I found out that it was just a stupid rumor about dissecting a frog in science class. And we have a really good shot at winning in debate team."

"Dean?" His mom questioned.

"I survived."


He rolled his eyes. "Aced a pop quiz, didn't throw up the crappy cafeteria food, and did good at track."

"And he did not get caught when he…" Cas started.

"Cas!" Dean cut him off. "Seriously, what have we talked about?"

"No, I really want to hear what he has to say." Dean's mom put in.

Dean groaned.

"I just wanted to add that Dean replaced the slides in biology class with his own and did not get caught. The teacher was quite confused. And Dean seemed very proud."

Dean felt his mom's glare without even glancing at her to see if she was looking his way.


Dean shrugged. "The class is boring and the dude is a pompous ass. It was either this or sick Gabe on him."

"And just what slides did you replace his with?"

"Uh… I snuck into the teacher's lounge and made some on their equipment using some pages from a… magazine."

"An age appropriate magazine?"

"For the kids in the class that are over eighteen." Dean responded.

It was his mom's turn to groan. "Dean…"

"Hey, it is biology."

Sam was trying to follow what they were saying. "What exactly did he do?"

"Nothing." Their mom replied a bit too quickly, before turning back to him. "Now Dean, you are not to pull a stunt like that again. Got it?"

"Yes, Mom."

"And if you are ever caught doing something like that, I'll encourage them to punish you however they see fit. Including keeping you after school to listen to more of your teacher's lectures."

"Oh c'mon! That is considered the worst kind of torture! Even demons don't cross that line!"

His mom just smiled. "Now upstairs, all three of you. And I am not telling your father about this because he'd probably approve."

Dean snickered. As they headed off, he lightly pushed Cas. 'Really? You had to tell her?"

"Sorry. I thought you considered it an accomplishment."

"Yeah, but not one to brag about to my parents."

"I'll keep that in mind for the future."

"Why?" Sam asked as they all entered Dean's room. "Dean can't do anything like that again. He told Mom he wouldn't."

"And so long as I don't get caught, and Cas doesn't slip up, she'll never know."

Sam's eyes widened. "So you're gonna pull more stunts?"

Dean grinned. "Oh Sammy, you have a lot to learn about pranking."

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