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Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Four: Never Break

The demons were fighting them viciously and Castiel was wishing that Mary hadn't gotten this 'lead'. Not only was it a dead end at best and a set up at worst, but if they didn't watch out, their group was going to suffer casualties.

Two possessed men rushed at him wielding large blades. Castiel used his powers to hold them in place while he finished smiting the demon closest to him. Then he turned and skewered the two that had been planning to do much the same to him. The angel was about to turn to check on the Winchesters when he felt something cut into his back. He tightened his jaw against the pain. Things like this had never been an issue for most of his existence, but since he had his powers turned down (and some not even in use) so as not to be detected by the other angels, he found that he could get hurt a bit easier than usual. Luckily he was still tougher than the average human and healed a lot quicker, but it was still an inconvenience. Especially when he was battling a bunch of demons that were attempting to murder him and his friends and were brandishing wicked looking, very sharp blades.

Castiel leapt forward and away from the demon that had cut him. He spun and swung his blade but the demon used its powers to deflect the blow. No matter. Castiel stepped forward, placed his hand on the possessed man's forehead, and smote him. The dead body dropped to the floor.

The angel heard John cry out and saw the man get flung into a wall and was pinned there. Castiel turned his head to locate the demon doing this, but before he could run to the hunter's aid, Mary rushed into the room and shot two demons with the Colt. Her husband dropped to the carpet.

"John!" Mary called.

When the hunter looked up, Mary tossed the demon-killing knife to him. John raised his hand and smoothly caught the handle. He got to his feet and stepped forward to continue the battle. Castiel looked them both over. They had various cuts and bruises, but nothing too terrible. The demons were most likely toying with them or had orders to not kill them. In any event, there was actually a chance that they might survive this.

After stabbing and slicing five more demons and smiting three others, Castiel turned to see that there was only one left. And it was pinned on the ground under John's foot; the hunter crouched down with the knife rammed into the possessed man's shoulder and Mary standing by his side with the Colt pointed at the demon's head.

"Now," John growled out. "I want answers. Where is Dean?"

The demon laughed. "You really think I know?"

"Yes. And I think you'll tell me if you don't want to die slowly and painfully."

The thing laughed again. "Right… you'll kill me either way."

John turned the knife slowly, making the demon grunt in pain. "True, but how much you suffer beforehand is up to you."

"Those are probably the same exact words that Alastair is saying to your brat right now. " The demon mocked.

John extracted the blade only to plunge it back into the opposite shoulder. The demon cried out. "Where is my son?!"

"I don't know!" The demon shot back. "We were told to just come here and have some fun."

"Why?" Mary asked. "As a distraction?"

The demon glared at her. She shot it in the foot. The demon screamed as lightening jumped from the wound. Castiel was certain that the demon would've left its host long ago if it could've but the Winchesters had probably spoken the incantation to lock it inside the body.

"Yes! And because we're celebrating. The apocalypse is coming. It's starting now, you morons, and you can't stop it! You think that a few mere humans can stand in the way of the end of the world?" He scoffed. "You have to be kidding. No. Alastair is taking your kid apart right now to get the final piece on how to raise Lucifer and we are paving the way for his paradise!"

"So you know nothing." Castiel stated.

"I know that you will fail and that we will win! I know that the world will bleed and…"

Castiel stabbed him in the heart, killing him in a second.

"Why did you do that?" John snapped. "We needed more information."

"Yes we do. But he had none."

"He could've been lying."

"He was not."

Mary shook her head. "But if he was being truthful and they really are paving the way for an apocalypse, we can't trust omens to track Alastair. Not if there will be a bunch of other demons out there."

"Not completely, no. But maybe if we track and study them we'll be able to discern what is normal demon activities and what could be Alastair."

"Dean might not have that kind of time." John protested.

"Alastair won't kill him."

"No… just torture him." Mary countered. "And I don't want him to suffer through that."

"Then we need to do what we can to make certain that we don't expire following up on any other false leads."


Dean was certain that he was awake again. When he was asleep he felt like he could reach out with his mind and possibly change the scenery, even when Zachariah blocked him from actually doing so. But now, as he was lying face down on the table, hands and feet chained tightly, he knew that he was powerless.

The razor whip bit into his back again and again Dean cried out, the idea of keeping silent long ago abandoned. But he had promised himself two things. He would never beg. And he would never break.

Dean closed his eyes and tried to block out the pain and torment that his body was being put through. It was like Hell all over again. It really was. When he was awake his body was being cut, beaten, and he was certain that it would take no time at all for the demon to resort to burning. Then when his physical form gave out and he fell unconscious, his mind would be tormented by Zachariah; so he'd be put through all the weird kinds of crap he'd faced down in the pit as well.

But it wouldn't last for decades. Dean was smart enough to realize this. First off, Alastair might be patient enough to take him apart for that long (hell, he'd probably enjoy that), but Zach didn't have that kind of tolerance. And the other thing was that Hell and Heaven were on a schedule. Also, Dean was certain that his family would come for him. He just had to hold on until they got there.

He'd thought about praying for help, but that wasn't an option. If he prayed to Cas, the other Castiel (the one from this time that was up in Heaven and didn't know that his future self had come back and was screwing with the timeline) would also hear the prayer and that was not really part of the plan. Dean could pray to Gabriel, and he'd contemplated it even though he knew that the archangel wouldn't be able to find him with the symbols that were carved into his ribs and Dean had no clue where he was, just so that he could let the Gabe know what was going on and maybe open a line of dialogue. But then he'd seen the symbols on the walls and knew that it would be pointless. If he was recalling them correctly, no angels on the outside of the room would be able to sense him or teleport in. He'd drawn those symbols himself for protection in his own home. Cas and Gabe had a charm to negate them, but it was specific to their house symbol and this looked slightly altered.

The excruciating pain of being thrown onto the floor on his torn up back snapped him out of his thoughts. Damn… he hadn't even realized that the chains had been released.

"So, Dean… you feeling any more talkative now?"



"Sure. What d'ya wanna… talk about? How you're… gonna lose in the… end? Or how I'm… gonna be… the one to… stab you in the face?"

Alastair chuckled. "Oh, Dean. You play so bravely. And you like to think that you're strong. But I'm just getting started and you are just a child for me to take apart."

"Do your worst." Dean spit at him. "You'll still lose."

"And why is that?" The torturer seemed amused.

"Because you already lost. I'm stronger than you can ever hope to be. You're nothing but a twisted broken soul that pathetically enough actually enjoys being twisted and broken. Me? I'm never going to break. Not by your pathetic hands. And certainly not by the dirty hands of those winged dicks." Dean narrowed his eyes. His chest was burning with the effort of getting through that entire speech, but gasping it out or choking during it would've ruined the effect. "So in the end, you'll be dead on the ground and I'll be victoriously standing over your ruined corpse. With a smile on my face."

Alastair started to smirk but something must've stopped him. Dean wasn't sure if it was the way he'd said the words or the expression on his face, but the demon studied him closely. "You are much more than I could ever have imagined. And that is truly one of the reasons I will enjoy it when you do break."

"Still not gonna happen."

"It always does."

"Not this time."

Alastair turned to stroll over to one of the walls to select a new piece of torture equipment. Dean propped himself up on his elbows and one working leg and half-crawled/half-dragged himself over to the cart that had been wheeled close to 'his' table. With all the strength he could muster, the hunter dragged himself up (holding on to the table and not the less stable cart) and stood on unsteady, bleeding legs. He reached down and snatched up a large, wicked looking blade. It wouldn't kill Alastair, but maybe he could incapacitate the demon long enough to get away. Long shot, but Dean had to take it. Looking at the knife in his hand, he thought it kind of ironic. In his original timeline, Alastair had spent three decades trying to convince him to pick up a blade, and now he'd done it of his own free will, but for a completely different reason. Defiance instead of giving in.

He hid the weapon behind him as his tormentor turned and stalked towards him with an archaic tool that made Dean shudder when he remembered the agony the freakin' thing caused. But he stood his ground as Alastair approached.

"You think standing up is going to prove something? Oh, Dean… it just makes it easier to get you back in your proper place."

Once the hated demon was close enough, Dean lashed out with the knife and, catching Alastair completely by surprise, plunged the blade deep into the son of a bitch's left eye. Dean's momentum drove them both to the ground, the hunter lying on top of the demon. He pulled the blade out, only to stab it back down and into the other eye. Then he went for other parts of the face, throat, and chest. Afterwards, Dean scrambled off of Alastair and crawled to the door, using the doorway to pull himself up.

But then, before he could make his escape, he was grabbed by an invisible force and thrown back across the room. Dean screamed in pure agony as his shredded back connected with the wall and the torture equipment that hung on it with inhuman strength. He found himself pinned there with his feet dangling inches above the floor. The hunter let out a moan.

"Did you really think that'd work?" Alastair asked around a mouthful of blood. The voice was barely audible as more blood was spilling from his ruined throat.

"Had… to… try."

"And you'll pay for it."

"Was gonna… be… tortured anyhow. Not seeing… a downside to… hurting… your ugly-ass… face."

"Really?" The body of Dean's geometry teacher dropped to the floor, dead.

Dean fell to the floor right after. He no longer had the strength to get up. Instead, the teenager lay there, wanting to curl in on himself, but not being able to because of the multiple injuries on his back.

The hunter had no clue how long he was lying on the ground before someone stepped into the room. He'd never seen the dude before, but he knew before the eyes ever rolled back to become white that it was just another Alastair-suit.

"So, you were telling me that there would be no punishment for attacking me?"

Dean worked hard to shrug. He turned his head to ignore his torturer. Then he felt something soaking through the bottom portion of his left pant-leg. As realization dawned on him, he heard a lighter flick open and then felt excruciating pain as he caught fire. Damn!

Dean started to kick at the flames with his other leg and tried to smother them, but it was no use. The pain was unbearable. Dean heard himself making all sorts of pained noises but couldn't stop himself. He was lost in the agony. That was until Alastair opened his mouth.

"So Dean, what is your opinion now? You beginning to think you might break?"


Author's Note Part Two: Okay... Uh, I want to take a moment to assure you all that I take no personal pleasure in harming Dean Winchester (although I DID enjoy having Alastair stabbed in the face). And I WILL eventually get him away from his torturers. Anyway, Please take a moment to leave a review. Thanks so much.