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Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty-Four: A Cry in the Night

"So, all they did was close off the si...swimg….swimming area?" Dean asked. He couldn't believe it. A dead body had been found at the beach of the campground and the owners were acting like nothing was wrong. On the other hand, the campground remaining open made their job that much easier.

His mom nodded. "They're cooperating with the police, but maintaining that nothing has happened in the park here and that the campers are perfectly safe."

"Perfectly safe… Until they're her...horril...horribly killed." He rolled his eyes as he took a bite of his breakfast.

"So you didn't see what did it?" Sam questioned.

Their mom shook her head. "Not even a clue."

"You shi...should've woken us." Dean scolded. "It was den...dander…..dangr….dangerous to go alone."

"I know. I just… I wanted to keep you boys safe."

"And we need to keep you safe." Dean informed her.

"We're a team." Sam joined in. "We need to work together so everyone stays safe and alive or this won't work."

"I know." Their mom confessed. "I won't do something like that again."

"So what's our next step?" Sam wanted to know.


Dean groaned. "Come on. We're on ve...vacation. Can't it be something more fun?"

"We have to know what this thing is so that we can track it and kill it." Mary turned to Sam. "You're coming with me to the local library to look and see if this has happened before and to check on the history of this place." Then she looked at Dean. "You know those girls that called us out here the best, so you stay here with them and you can go together to check the previous kill sites. None of the attacks have taken place in the early afternoon or at the same place twice, so you should be fine. But please be careful."

Dean nodded.

"And stay safe."

"Will do."

After they finished eating breakfast and cleaned up the table, Dean headed across the gravel path to Krissy and Erin's site. The girls were playing frisbee in the area behind their tent. He leaned on his crutch and sped up his steps a bit to get behind Krissy just as the disk was thrown to her. Dean reached over her head and snatched it out of the air.

"My point!" He exclaimed.

The young woman turned around and gently smacked his shoulder. "Cheater."

Dean heard Erin laugh. He sent a smirk over her way. Erin, like her friend, hadn't changed much over the years. She still kept her hair short and spiky (although now it was dyed purple) and she was still rather petite. They'd told Dean the previous day that they'd graduated college with degrees in cosmetology and Erin had one in small business, so they'd opened their own hair salon with money from Erin's parents. It was a small place in a little shopping plaza but they'd gotten a pretty decent clientele already and had developed good word of mouth. The girls had made Dean promise to stop by at some point to get a haircut.

"Actually, interception by Dean was never specifically mentioned as being against the rules." The smaller girl pointed out.

"Oh, so you're on his side?"

"If it means that you lose the point, yeah. Because then I win."

Dean held the frisbee up high. "I'm the one hod...holding this, so I win."

"That is not part of the rules." Erin corrected him.

"It's part of my rules." He declared.

Krissy jumped up to grab the frisbee from him but Dean saw the move coming and threw the disk. It went flying over both girls' heads, hit a tree, and fell to the ground.

"No fair." Krissy grumbled.

As Erin went to retrieve the frisbee, Dean finally got to the point. "Hey, the reason I came over was to see if you lovely ladies could escr...escort me out to where the per...previous deaths took place."

"Sure." Krissy immediately agreed.

"The police have been out there and didn't find a thing." Erin added.

"Dean's not the police." The other girl argued. "He knows what to look for. Right?"

Dean shrugged. "I know what signs to look for. And I know that this wasn't done by anyti...anything normal."

"Well then, let's grab some waters and snacks and go."

After loading up a backpack with the necessary supplies, the three of them set off into the woods. It wasn't much of a hike from the campground, but it was far more walking than Dean had done since his leg had been injured and by the time they reached the spot, he felt the muscles protesting. Still, the hunter only took a few minutes to rest before checking over the site.

There really wasn't much to see. Some dried blood splattered on the bottom of a couple of tree trunks that the crime scene clean up crew had missed and nothing else. Dean checked for EMP, sulfur, symbols, anything out of the ordinary but came up empty handed.

They took a twenty minute walk to the next murder site to find the same exact thing. By the time they trudged back to camp over an hour and a half later, Dean's leg was screaming in agony and he had exactly nothing to show for it.

"So what do you think it is?" Krissy wanted to know.

"Not sure yet." Dean replied.

"But it's not witchcraft, right?" Erin piped up.


"Thank God. Once in a lifetime is more than enough."

"Do you think you'll be able to stop this!" Krissy asked.

"Den...defit...defint…" Dean rolled his eyes in exasperation, wondering why the hell he'd tried to use the word 'definitely'. "Sure."


"Once we know what it is, we find out how to kill it."

"Do you think you're family found anything out in the library?"

"Let's ask." Dean pointed to the Impala as it slowly drove up the main road of the campground.

As it turned out, his mom and Sam hadn't discovered much. There had been several disappearances and some murders in the area in the past, but there were no details and nothing that suggested a pattern. The Winchesters were certain that there were answers somewhere; they just weren't apparent yet. It was decided that they'd need to somehow get a close look at the bodies and then possibly talk with Bobby.

After dinner (which Dean insisted on cooking) everyone gathered around a campfire for some stories and s'mores. And then they all went off to their separate tents for some much needed rest. Dean hoped that the next day would provide them with more answers.

It was just after three in the morning according to his watch when Dean woke up needing to pee. He groaned, not wanting to make the walk all the way up to the bathroom. The tent was warm and cozy and the very thought of limping his way all the way up to the restroom in the chilly night was distinctly unpleasant. There was always the option of going in the bushes nearby, but with his luck he'd end up peeing on a skunk.

So, with a sigh, Dean got out of his sleeping bag, pulled on his boots, grabbed his crutch, and left the tent. The young hunter cut through the grass to reach the main road and followed it up to the bathroom. Once inside, he went into a stall so he'd have a place to lean his crutch without worrying about it falling onto the dirty floor, and then went to relieve himself. Dean was just starting when he heard the inhuman wailing sound.

The teen froze. Sure, he had a knife in his boot, but he wasn't prepared for a fight with whatever this was. He had no backup, no real weapons, no clue yet as to what he'd be facing or how to kill it, and he was still pretty far from being at full health. In other words, Dean was screwed.

But then the sound stopped. The hunter finished up his business and flushed the toilet. Over the sound that it made, came the sorrowful wailing noise yet again. But this time it was much closer. Dean listened closely, trying to figure out what direction it was coming from. Most of the murders had happened out in the woods, but last time the guy had by killed at the beach. Unfortunately, while he was in the restroom, the sound was echoing and thus was impossible to track.

Dean left the stall and stopped at the sinks to quickly wash his hands as the cry ceased once more. Not bothering to take the time to dry them, he'd just stepped out into the night when the wailing started back up. And it was coming from the other side of the building he'd just exited.

The wailing got louder as whatever was making the sound got closer to him. Dean held the crutch tightly in his hand and looked out into the darkness to where he knew his campsite, and his family, was. And he knew that he'd never reach them in time.

Still, Dean was considering trying to reach safety when the wailing got so close and so loud that he dropped his crutch as a reflex and clapped his hands over his ears. For a moment, the hunter wondered if he was going to have to add deaf to his list of disabilities.

Then it stopped so abruptly that for a moment Dean thought his hearing had been damaged. But as he lowered his hands, the subtle sounds of the night reached his ears. And suddenly a ghost appeared before him.

Well, at least he thought at first that she was a spirit. She certainly had the whole pale, semi- transparent, floating thing going on. But she also had blood red eyes and lips, and claw-like fingers that just didn't fit the whole ghost description.

When her creepy-ass eyes met Dean's, she let out a low pitiful sounding moan. As she floated closer, the thing reached out one hand towards the young hunter. Dean stepped back and his left leg almost gave out as the injured muscles spasmed painfully, not used to supporting his weight. He groaned as his back hit the wall of the restroom and he leaned up against it.

The spirit-like creature slowly approached him, clawed hand just inches away from his face. Dean wished he had any type of protection or weapon but truthfully had no clue what would even work on this thing. The Colt would be a safe bet…

The clawed hand ran down his face so very gently, leaving behind a cold trail on his cheek. Dean gasped at the feel of it.

Then, without warning, the spirit-like thing let out another ear-splitting wail and flew right into Dean. The last thing he felt was a cold so piercing that it seemed like his blood had turned to ice.

Author's Note Part Two: Well... That could've gone better... Bring on the death threats! An the hellhounds! (Well maybe not the hounds... I'm very ill and can't run from them right now...) Anyway, this chapter actually contained my camping experience! (although it was altered a bit to fit the story) I was camping, had to pee at 3 am, was almost to the bathroom when I heard an unearthly wailing. I wanted to go back, but I really needed to pee, so I went in and went into a stall and the sound stopped. It started up again as I was finishing and it was closer. Then it stopped before I left the stall. It started up a third time as I was washing my hands and sounded like it was right outside the restroom. I was really scared. It didn't sound like any animals in the area (and I've been camping all my life and am very familiar with the wildlife) nor was it human. I stood in the doorway for a moment and it stopped. I poked my head out but didn't see anything so I ran all the way back to my tent. When I got there suddenly one thought popped into my head that I could not shake (but I can't share that yet because it'll spoil the story) and it led to me writing this. Oh, and I never heard the sound again for the rest of the trip. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed Please take a moment to leave a review. Thanks!