Of rain and colds -

"Fili, Kili, get in the house now lest the both of you catch a cold and I won't be sticking around to help either of you recover from it!"

Neither of the two barely responds as they continued to prance around the yard which settle neatly beside their cosy little home which they lived in with their mother.

"Fili!" A voice shrieked across the yard again and the older of the pair stopped, his light coloured hair damp and stuck to his face.

"But- mom," he whined, "Kili and I haven't played under the rain in ages!"

His younger brother came to a pause beside him and nodded his head innocently, both attempting to gain the consent of their crossed mother to play in the rain.

"The last time the both of you stayed out in the rain, you were in bed for a week!"

"We promise we won't get sick mom!" Kili beamed adorably, causing their already frustrated mother to groan and retreat back into the house, leaving the brothers to cheer, their child-like voices filling the air as they resumed running around.

"I wish we could do this every day!" Kili squealed, lifting his hands up in the air as he turned to face his older brother.

"But Uncle Thorin said he will take us out of home soon where it doesn't rain often and where we will soon grow hair on our face," Fili stopped short, placing his small hands on his hips, and scrunching his nose up.

"Ew, I don't want hair on my face," Kili scowled and placed his hands on his cheek, squishing it so that his lips move into an 'O' shape which made Fili chuckle, "But did he tell you where he would bring us?"

"I don't know, he never said where to. He only said he wanted us to accompany him on his adventures," Fili cocked his head to the side with a frown.

"I like adventures!" Kili giggled and let out a long squeal as he leaped into the air and tackled his older brother, to which both of them fell onto the muddy ground, and they laughed away.

"Everyone hurry, it's starting to drizzle, we must find shelter," Thorin broke the silence.

The exhausted dwarves merely nodded, apart from Ori who clapped his hands in glee, asking if there would be supper.

"We can camp out for the night under those massive stones," Kili pointed out, his sharp eyesight benefiting to the team's search for shelter.

"There should be no trouble around here," Fili added, earning a loudly audible satisfied sigh from Bilbo who was in the back of the line.

"We shall camp there. Move swiftly now, you don't want to be caught in the rain!" Thorin barked, with a bit of concern laced in his tone.

At that moment, Fili and Kili exchanged glances, grinning and sharing a thought only the both of them would understand.

Moments later, when everyone was settled under shelter well before the rain had started to pour and a fire had started, Fili scanned the area, and silently slipped away from the group and into the exposure of the rain.

Kili who had seen it, also sneaked away, to where his brother stood drenched to his bones.

"What are you doing out here, brother?" Kili queried, squinting as the rain pounded mercilessly on his face.

"Wonder what would old uncle Thorin's reaction be if we fell sick?" Fili cast a smug glance at the younger, who soon shared the same excitement.

"Will he be concerned?" Kili snickered, clapping his hands gleefully.

"The old man always had a bit of a soft side to him, it's time to bring it out, Fili and Kili style!" Fili said proudly.

"Where is Fili and Kili?" Bilbo asked while everyone was busily gobbling down their meal, too engrossed to realize that two members of their team were missing.

Thorin did a quick scan through their surroundings and immediately got up, "Are they tending to the ponies?"

"The ponies are all here," Balin pointed out meekly.

Thorin closed his eye and exhaled slowly, "When I find the two idiots I'll have them thrown to the Wargs in our next encounter with said monsters!"

It was not long before the whole company heard a low and slightly hysterical scream that was much too alike to the voice of the Dwarf Prince.


"We're playing in the rain! Haven't done it in ages," A faint voice replied, which belonged to either Fili or Kili's.


"I always knew he had a motherly side to him," Bofur whispered, causing the whole company to erupt into silent fits of laughter.

"We won't fall sick uncle, we promise!"

To which Thorin screamed bloody murder.