(Part 1)

"You're going to be alright," Fili whispered, suppressing against the tightness in his chest and lump at his throat. A part of him believed that the possibility of Kili making it out alive was probably close to zero.

Kili could only stare up at his brother's eyes with an expression so dreadful and breathing shallow that it made Fili feel numb.

Kili, with his dark hair damp and matted to his face, was trying his best not to show the pain that split through him like a wildfire, and his heartbeat accelerated like a crescendo. Yet, he still wore a small smile on his face, despite his breath hitching every now and then.

"Gandalf!" Fili cried out, clutching his brother's hand close to himself, "We have to do something, quick!"

Gandalf bent over the young dwarf, pressing a cool hand to Kili's forehead and murmuring to himself while examining the injuries.

"Stay with me, don't you leave," Fili spoke sternly, hot tears blurring his vision.

"Of course," Kili breathed, trying his best to stay awake even if the thought of closing his eyes to go to sleep was very tempting.

"This is beyond my power, we have to take him to a proper healer," the wizard spoke gravely.

"Where to?" Thorin inquired, fearing the worst.

Before Gandalf could answer, a sharp howl could be heard not far from where the dwarves stood crowding around Kili.

Thorin cursed under his breath and immediately yelled, "On your ponies! We have to run!"

"What about Kili?" Fili's eyebrows raised and knitted together.

"He will ride with you. Kili has more chance of surviving if we run now than stay here and turn into meals for the blasted wargs," Gandalf took one fleeting glance at the brothers before rushing to mount his horse.

Fili scooped his brother up as gently as he could, making sure not to touch too much of Kili's upper body where all the injuries were.

When both the dwarves were mounted on Fili's pony, the company immediately shot through the forest, running for their lives. The howling of the wolves did not cease and soon, a number of wargs were on their tails, chasing them.

"Where are all these scums coming from?" Bifur exclaimed, kicking his pony to urge it on faster as one of the wargs gained swiftly on him.

"If we don't make it out of this forest soon enough, we might never get a chance to even continue our journey!" Dori wailed.

"Hush now!" Thorin barked, overwhelmed by all the events that were occurring.

They burst out of the forest and galloped across the plains, never looking behind them.

Fili held his brother close against his chest, and constantly spoke to him to ensure that he was still staying awake.

"Remember when we were younger, and you were always so afraid of cats because you thought they were goblins?" He blurted out, finding any possible topic to talk about to keep Kili conscious.

"Yeah," Kili's voice was barely audible, but a small smile played on his lips.

"I told you I would always protect you right?"

"Yes, you did."

"I also said you'll be alright whenever I'm around," Fili's voice lowered, and he saw four wargs in formation chasing them from behind, never slowing down, "It was a promise, and I still hold true to that promise."

Kili could barely conjure a response, and only simply nodded slightly.

Fili was growing impatient and desperate, "Where are we headed to?"

"We're heading North, hoping to seek the refuge of the elves!" Gandalf yelled over the commotion of the wargs loud growling and barking, and the dwarves shouting.

"What?" Thorin raged, "I do not lead my people into the hands of elves!"

"We have no choice!" Gandalf snapped.

Amongst the chaos, a deep bellow of a horn sounded through the plains, causing more panic in the dwarves.

"Are those goblins?"

"That is no sound of the goblins," Gandalf explained, "Those are elves!"

"Fili, elves?" Kili whispered, barely able to open his eyes and gripped his brother's arm which was wrapped tightly around his waist.

"Yes, Kili, the elves are coming."

"Never trust an elf," Thorin spat, hatred radiating from every cell of his body.

"How does an elf look like, uncle?" Fili wondered aloud, face resting on his hands which were propped up on the table he and his brother were sitting by.

"They look uglier than the ugliest trolls," Thorin insulted, unable to contain himself at the slightest thought of the people who betrayed them.

"Ew, they must be really ugly," Kili scrunched up his face, and stuck his tongue out.

"Listen to me now, boys," Thorin placed a hand each on both the dwarflings shoulder, "If you ever encounter an elf, never ever acknowledge them nor help them if help is required."

"But why do you and all the other uncle dwarfs hate them so much?" Kili's tilted his head to the side, confused.

"Because when help was needed from us, they betrayed us!" The dwarf prince sneered, looking away from his nephews, trying to calm himself down before he started breaking out in a series of profanities about elves and their self-centeredness.

"I hate elves," Thorin only managed to remark glumly, tired of his mental debate on whether to continue ranting on the only two people present in the room or shut up.

Kili and Fili glanced at each other, and then back at their uncle, then exclaimed simultaneously, "I hate elves too!"

Thorin chuckled in amusement, gave the dwarflings a pat on the head before making his way out.

When they were sure that their uncle had gone, Kili burst out first, "Have you seen an elf before, Fili?"

"Nope, never. They said you could rarely see elves over here, except if you go further down the base of the mountain, where elves might sometimes cross our lands!"

"Oooooh, can we go?" Kili bounced up and down in excitement.

"Not such a good idea.. " Fili shook his head, knowing the consequences they would bear if they were to commit such a stupid act.

"But Fili," the younger dwarfling whined, "If we don't go now, we may not be ever able to see elves in our entire lifetime! We're always kept on this blasted mountain, it's boring."

"That's true.." Fili pondered for awhile, before perking up, "Let's go then! But we must be gone no longer than an hour or mom will notice!"

Kili squealed, clapping his hands in joy and the two brothers ran out of the house and across many other houses, their spirits lifted up by the fact that they were going to see elves for the first time in their life.

On their way, Balin, who was lumbering towards the mines with pickaxes newly made, spotted the two dwarves and immediately made to stop them.

"Hey, what are the both of you doing?" He squeaked, afraid that the two were up to no good again.

"Mommy let us play around for an hour," Fili lied with the most innocent expression.

"Hmm," Balin eyed them sceptically, "I trust the both of you aren't lying?"

They both gave him a quick shake of head.

"Run along now, little ones. But I will stop by your place to confirm with your mom! On you go, now!"

Kili exchanged glances with his older brother, and with a long thought, finally decided to ask, "Uncle Balin, do you see elves around here?"

"Not much, but if I'm not wrong, there should be a hoard of them passing by to go to the Valar soon enough. Why the question?"

The two boys wasted no time and immediately ran off, leaving a startled Balin rooted to the spot.

"Uh oh, shouldn't have said that," realization hit him and he immediately yelled for the two to come back but to no avail, they kept on dashing forward.

Kili and Fili were running as quick as their little feet could carry them, earning the stares of the other folk that resided around the area, many of them wondering what the kin of Thorin Oakenshield could possibly be doing running around like possessed dwarves.

"What if we miss them?"

"Let's hope not, we'll just get to the edge of this town and further into the forest beside it and we just might be able to see them!"

"What if they're really terrifying creatures like what uncle described to us? What if they eat us?"

Fili didn't bother answer the never ending questions of his younger brother when they finally reached the border of the forest.

No one ever went in except the gather wood or other kindling.

The two crept in carefully, and pushed their way through several thick bushes.

"Shh!" Fili hissed, "Did you hear that?"

Kili's ears perked up, "Yeah, sounds like.. singing."

"Those are the elves!" Fili grabbed his brother by the arm, and they hid behind a huge rock, heads poking out slightly.

They caught a glimpse of a few tall figures, and could partly see their faces and long flowing hair before both of them were yanked back by a really angry Thorin Oakenshield.

"What do the both of your think you are doing?" The older dwarf demanded.

Fili and Kili remained silent and still as a wooden plank, apparently too shocked to realize that they had been caught by the worst person they could possibly imagined to get caught by.

Balin had quickly went to query with their mother if they really had her consent of going out and met Thorin on the way, whom asked where his nephews were. Balin then explained the events to Thorin, who was then running to find his nephews, causing another stir in the residents as they now saw a rather possessed Thorin Oakenshield running about.


"W-w-we only wanted to see how the elves looked like! Sorry Uncle," Fili stammered, before breaking out into tears.

Kili, who was overwhelmed with guilt, also then started to bawl, small chubby hands covering his face.

Thorin's heart softened a little at his two crying nephews, but he still did not let down his guard.

"Do you know how dangerous it is to be out here?" He scolded.

None of the two dwarfs replied.

"The both of you are to be grounded for a month! You will only stay in the house and not be allowed out to play," Thorin said sternly, "Any more questions?"

Kili slowly raised his hand, looking up through his eyelashes.


"Can we see the elves first before we get grounded?"


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