This story is a crossover of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I've put this one up for adoption, because I bit off more than I could chew when I planned it, and now I have now idea how to accomplish what I set out for.

The idea was that, Carya (FemHarry) is the mortal daughter of Artemis and Apollo (how will be explained below) raised by Zoe. This affects her worldview and the actions she takes at Hogwarts. But this also affect the events of Percy Jackson, specifically in the Titan's Curse. As I intended to have her go on the quest to rescue her mother, and subsequently keep Zoe, her foster mother, from dieing, though how I'm still not entirely sure. I do know that it would involve her "perishing" by either Apollo or Artemis intervention or taking Zoe's injury into herself.

It's wasn't supposed to be a permanent perishing.

Anyway, I present, for your adoption consideration, Archers Daughter.

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"Who's that?" Bianca asked, as she was led towards the Artemis cabin.

Phoebe looked to where there newest hunter pointing and winced. Walking out of Artemis' cabin was a girl with dark black hair and emerald eyes. A set of knives could easily be seen on her belt. And a quiver full of arrows a silver bow rested on her back. She glared at the hunters, before placeing a wide-brimmed hat, with several feathers tucked into the band, on her head.

Before Phoebe could answer, Zoe called out, "Carya!" just as the girl was turning to walk away.

The girl stopped, and if anything, the girl's eyes hardened more. "What do you want Nightshade?" she asked coldly.

Zoe seemed pained, but wasn't deterred. "Thee can stay in the cabin," she told the other girl. "Thy have the right."

The girl, Carya, scoffed. "I'm not a Hunter," she said solemnly, before turning and leaving the porch.

Whistling sharply, a white falcon flew from a perch near the door and followed her as she walked away, transforming into a large black wolf as she did so.

"That," Phoebe said sadly, "was Carya Potter. She's not to fond of the Hunters."

"Then why does she stay in Artemis' cabin?"

"Because, though Zoe raised her, Carya is Lady Artemis' daughter," Pheobe answered. Casting one last glance at the spot Carya had disappeared from, she added, "When Lady Artemis refused her oath, Carya grew bitter. Ever since she began coming to camp for the summer and holidays, she believes she's not good enough for her mother, or Zoe."

Chapter 1

The Hunters weren't surprised when Apollo appeared in their camp, he was their patrons brother, even if they disliked him. But when they saw the look on his face, they realized something was wrong.

Before anyone could inform their mistress that her brother was in camp, he yelled "ARTEMIS!"

The goddess of the hunt, stepped from her tent, a look of annoyance on her face, but when she saw her brother's expression, it vanished. "What happened?" she asked as she approached him.

"The prophecy is in effect," he said, causing Artemis to clench her fist, and confusing the Hunters, who were listening intently.

Artemis swore, then, as if noticing her Hunters for the first time she said, "We should talk in the tent."

Apollo nodded, and soon the two gods disappeared into Artemis tent.


"What happened?" Artemis asked her brother.

"Their hiding place was betrayed," he explained. "Last night, Lily and James died defending Carya. Lily invoked old magic to protect her, it banished Riddle from his body."

"Where is she?" Artemis asked.

"She is with a half-giant, a friend of the Potter's. I believe he's taking her to Lily's sister," her brother answered.

The huntress slammed her hand on a table. "We can't let the Dursley's raise her, Lily made us promise that."

"But we can't raise her either," Apollo pointed out, somewhat frustrated. "She's got just enough mortal blood to prevent that. So it seems that the Camp is our only choice, as much as we both hate the idea."

Artemis was silent for a moment.

Her brother was right, they couldn't raise Carya. And Camp Half-Blood was almost as undesired a place to have their girl raised as the Dursleys. She, and she knew Apollo, would rather have her raised amongst the Hunters, but because of Zeus' law preventing direct intervention in their demigod children's lives, that idea was out as she would have direct influence over it.


"Can you get Carya away from the Dursley's?" she asked.

Apollo nodded. "Easily. So I assume we're sending her to camp?"

Artemis grinned and looked up at her twin. "No, instead...


Striding from his sister's tent, Apollo made his way to Artemis' lieutenant, Zoe Nightshade. "Zoe," he called, drawing her attention.

She almost said something to him, to keep the god from flirting with her, but seeing his face, she realized that he was going to say something else. "What do thee require?" she asked, respectfully, if not politely.

"Artemis needs to see you in her tent," he informed her, before he vanished in a flash of light.


"What do thee require milady?" Zoe asked, respectful as she kneeled before her mistress upon entering the tent.

"Stand up," Artemis instructed. As soon as Zoe had, she continued. "Several years ago, a war started in England. This war was hidden, occurring in the world of magic Hecate created. One side, led by a man named Riddle, sought to gain control of England, and from there the world. He and his followers were extremely prejudiced, believing that any witch or wizard whose parents did not have Hecate's blessing should be subservient to them."

"About two years ago, I heard a prayer from a young woman named Lily Potter. Her and her husband fought against Riddle. During the course of this war, she had been injured, and rendered unable to have any children. As the goddess of childbirth, she prayed to me, asking that I reverse her fate." Artemis paused and looked at Zoe. "I answered her prayer, placing one of my eggs in her womb."

Zoe gasped, understanding the implication. But when she opened her mouth to speak, Artemis held up her hand, and continued to speak. "I also added an enchantment that would enable the child to still be her's by blood, though by very little as I knew any demigod child would be hunted. Unknown to me and Lily at the time, her husband James had been injured similarly, and as god of healing, he prayed to my brother. He did something similar with James. The result, was that when my daughter was born from Lily's womb, she was only quarter mortal."

"She is the daughter of Lord Apollo and thyself?" Zoe asked, stunned.

Artemis nodded. "Three-fourths of her blood is godly, three-eighths mine and three-eighths Apollo's. Last night, her mortal parents were murdered, and neither Apollo nor I can raise her, neither do we wish her to be raised in Camp Half-Blood or where she is currently being placed by the mortals. Which is where you come in."

"Milady?" Zoe questioned, confused.

"I want you to select a temporary lieutenant to take you place amongst the Hunters," Artemis instructed. "Until she goes to Hogwarts to learn the magic she has been blessed with by Hecate, you will raise her. The moment she is within the schools walls, you will return and resume your place amongst the Hunters."

"How am I to raise her?"

Artemis smiled. "To be the daughter of Artemis and Apollo. When she goes to Camp Half-Blood, she is to be prepared for any dangers she will face."

"Do thee not wish me to bring her to the Hunters?"

Artemis shook her head. "You may bring her to me, in fact I would appreciate it. But I will not accept her oath."

"But why not?" the Hunter asked. "Surely thy daughter would be one of thy greatest Hunters?"

"Of that, I do not doubt," Artemis admitted. "But my reasons are not yours to question," she added sternly, though not unkindly.

"I understand milady," Zoe said, somewhat reproachfully.


The two women turned to the entrance of the tent, were Apollo stood, holding a young infant bundled within a blanket. Artemis smiled and walked towards her brother, taking the infant from him, her smile widened as the young girl giggled and held up her hands. Turning to her brother, she asked, "Were there any complications?"

Apollo shook his head. "No. Though she was injured when I retrieved her. Her brow held part of Riddle's soul, I removed it and healed the wound."

Artemis' eyes hardened. "Did you destroy it?" she asked, somewhat icily.

Apollo shook his head, and pulled from his pocket a jar, inside which a black substance was struggling to get out. "I figured you might want some input on how painful it's death was," he said, a slight, feral grin on his face.

Artemis smirked. "After we prepare Zoe," she said. Turning back to her lieutenant, she approached the other woman to show Zoe her daughter.

The child's hair was dark black, and it's eyes were emerald green. Her skin however, was tanned much like Apollo and Artemis' skin was. Zoe grinned as she looked at the girl, with Artemis and Apollo as parents, the young girl would no doubt be quite beautiful, as well as fit when she was older.

"What is her name?" Zoe asked.

"Carya Artemisia Apollina Potter," Apollo answered.

"Zoe, tonight, you will leave with Carya for England. Apollo and I will send with you enough money to find a good home, support the two of you without working, and buy a few luxuries. In the meantime, go and choose your replacement, Apollo and I would like some time with our daughter."

"Of course milady."