Prompt: apply the cliche a picture's worth a thousand words to karkri

So on tumblr I came across the writing prompt above^ and it got me thinking that I could probably pull that off. So here's me attempting to write this VERY cliche one shot this is humanstuck btw

I love you guys


I never thought I was that great of an artist, even though lots of people told me so. But this was my way of speaking, my way of churning out my thoughts of who knows what. My thoughts that might scare the living day lights out of anyone blessed, no brave enough to see them. And turn them into works of abstract beauty. This was my to tell him, I love him. To tell the one person I could never have all my burning feelings about him. And he'll never know, that's the way it has to be.

But maybe I could change that, I whisper under my breath as I pour my feelings, my love for him, for Kankri, out onto the canvas. Each stroke of the brush is a memory of times we spent together. Each vibrant color is even more. People often say my paintings are beautiful. But they'll never be as beautiful as Kankri. What, with his smooth angled features, kind and caring eyes, and a smile that graces his lips where ever he goes.

"Karkat?" he says from out of the blue. I suppose he just walked in. Snapping out of my trance I turn around, it's not until now I realize I'm crying. "Karkat you're crying, what's wrong?" he says softly, as if when he raised his voice it might have the power of a thousand knights in shinning armor, but it still does. He steps towards me with the grace of the wind and embraces me. I sob and melt into his hug.

"I'm sorry Kankri I'm so fucking sorry," I choke out and tear myself away from him in fear of doing something rash and idiotic. His eyes red like fire, red like mine scan over the canvas then he let's out a small "oh,".

It's over now, this time the paintings meaning wasn't out of reach. No, this time it was the polar oppisite it screamed out 'I love you Kankri' in all colors of the rainbow and everywhere in between. My eyes are about as wide as the moon, his are too. Only difference is, he's smiling, while I've switched my fa├žade to closed off. He's smiling like I just made world peace happen and I don't know why.

"I-I'm sorry... You weren't supposed to see that..please don't hate me Kankri" I whisper stumbling on each word. Then I feel his embrace again, I hug him tightly afraid at any moment he might disappear.

"Shhh it's okay Karkat, I don't hate you, I'm your brother I never could" he let's out each word slowly and precisely like he needs time to think of each one.

"S-so you're okay with it?" I say into his chest.

"I'm more than okay with it Karkat." he says. I feel a smooth hand tilt my chin upward and soft lips press against the rough edges of mine, though I can't see for my eyes are still clouded by tears. Now I might tell you what happens next, that I had the greatest night of my life. That Kankri and I are now very happy together. But I've said enough already, you shouldn't kiss and tell.

The end

Soooooo was that super cliche and cheesy or what :3? Umm the next chapter for I need a hug will be out shortly saying I'm about halfway done. But I think I might be putting missing pieces on hiatus until further notice cause i'm just having trouble writing it now but it will come back in the future I promise.

Love you guys