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The lair was filled with an unusual and odd quiet since Raphael and Leonardos fight. April and Don sat in the lab, waiting for the leader to come back from the shower, while Mikey went to master Splinter and told him that Raph 'went out to get some fresh air'. Though, April had no idea if this meant he would tell the rat just this to cover the fight or if it meant that he went to him to tell why Raph had to get some fresh air.

April now sat on Dons chair with a cup of coffee in her hands. The young genius sat on the sickbed that was next to her. This room wasn't just Dons lab, it also was the infirmary.

"April", he said then to engage her attention. "About what I said before, I didn't mean it to sound worse than it actually is." Still not feeling too well again, April gave him a half smile. She had a younger sister and when they were children, they fought a lot too. Though, watching a fight was far a different matter, especially such a violent one. "It's just, when our... Instincts kick in like that, we might realize too late if it's a friend or foe that approaches us", he told her and looked down at his own coffee cup. "I really was winded up for a moment. Because, trust me, you don't want to be hit by any of us. A hit like that would knock you out and you probably would end up with conclusions."
No, April definitely didn't want that. But lucky, nothing had happened. But even so, April found Donnies concern not only warrantable but also kind of sweet. Though, she noted that he seemed rather urgent to make her understand that this applied all of them and not only Raph. And it made her wonder about something. She knew that Raph had this kind of instinct before. And Leo too, she had seen it when they fought at her apartment, even though the leader had been badly injured then. She even glimpsed it on Mikey that night. Of course, April didn't saw them often in actual combat. But still, she couldn't remember to ever have seen Don like this.
"So you mean that counts for you too, huh?", April said way quiet. It was strange to speak through this weird silence. Surprisingly, Don gave her an odd look and titles his head. He then gave her a slightly wry smile before he chuckled. "Yes, it might happen. Though rarely. While this instinct kicks in on Raph far too soon, it kicks in on usually when it's almost too late", he told her casually. Somehow, the redhead was not sure what to think about this. Had Don just been insulted about what she said? Of course, it had seemed like this for a very short moment, but still. Why should he be insulted? Frowning, April found that her brain still wasn't working properly again. So she only nodded, not knowing what to say to this.

What on earth was wrong with her? Was she really all at sea because of Leo and Raphs fight? It didn't really sound that possible, she thought, but it probably was true anyway. April kneaded her nose bridge as the door swung open and Leonardo finally came in. Despite the shower he looked tired and rather frustrated. "Sorry for the wait Don. Master Splinter wanted to talk to me", he said slightly apologizing. "It's okay. I don't think you got more than bruises anyway. Unless, do you feel dizzy?", the young genius asked already as Leo sat down and gave him a slightly confused look. "Your stand was off before. So is your balance back or are you still a little dizzy?", Don explained patiently. Leo made a small 'oh' before he shook his head.
"I was a little dizzy after the impact. But It's gone now and I also have no trouble with seeing straight. Just a little headache." The young leader touched the back of his head and twisted his face. "And a bump."

Though Donatello himself had said that Leo only had bruises, he was in what his brother called full doctor mood. Leo didn't complain or anything that Don insisted to treat even so small bruises. They all knew you don't object with Don if he's like that. At least that was what April thought since Don was unusual quiet and serious. And also somewhat distanced.

"Good, then show me your arms", Don ordered and took the salve. Leo did as told. April really could see only a few bruises on the leaders terrapin skin. She was a little surprised. After she saw how the two had fought, she had suspected that he would look worse. But they were doing this thing since years so maybe he didn't got hit as bad and often as she thought. April put away her cup and watched the two calmer brothers. "Are you alright?", she asked Leo. "Huh, Uh, Yes I'm…", the leader started pulled out of his own world but then trailed off. April had seen the fight. And she knew that he was very frustrated with his short tempered brother. "Actually, no", he admitted with a sigh. "I think I'm just tried off all this fighting with Raph. And ever since master Splinter stopped forbidding to go topside it's getting much worse." He actually thought that meeting Casey made the matter worse. But he didn't blame the vigilante. It wasn't his fault or anything.

"Duh", Donnie made before April could say anything. "We're tired of this since years, Leo." The young genius voice was unusual chilling and taunting. The older frowned at him. "I know, Donnie. But it's not like I like fighting with Raph", he said. Now Donatello frowned too, finished with Leos right arm. "Yes, I know. You don't want to fight with him but get along. Raph says that too. Every time again. At best after a week, you're fighting again. It really sucks sometimes."

There was a cold kind of anger in Donatellos voice but it was the unusual choice of words that caused April and Leo to look at him in surprise. But the turtles expression turned into slight annoyance. He did not regain his usual calm fully yet. "Alright I got it. But it's not like you and Mikey are middle all the time or anything. You always flee into the kitchen anyway."

April sat next to the two teenagers and watched them nervously. She could understand that they both were upset right now, but they weren't going to fight too, right? She just hoped.

"Yes we do", Don suddenly snapped, now even glaring at his brother. "And exactly that should make you worry. Your arguments turned into fights and they are so violent that Mikey and I need to seek refuge in the kitchen because we just can't watch that anymore."
April probably had dropped the cup if she hadn't already put it on the table. Leo and her both stared at Don disbelieving. He was such a gentle and understanding person that they both were surprised at his harsh way to speak. "And if we try to stop you guys, you just end up hitting us because you are so lost in your fucking fight that you don't notice anything."

Aprils jaw dropped as she heard Don curse and she noticed, that she never heard him doing it before. Leonardo blinked multiple times but held Dons firm gaze. "Don, I…", he started but trailed off again. "I know, Donnie, and I'm really sorry. It's just…I don't want to fight with Raph. I just want him to understand that we're worried about him and that he need to be more aware of the danger and what he actually is doing. But it seems like I can't find the right words to make him understand", Leo tried to explain. "But even if, it doesn't even matter because Raph isn't listening to me at all. But I really didn't mean to-" Leonardo really just tried to explain himself and soothe his brother. However, it didn't work at all. On the contrary. "To make us uneasy? Worry? Scared? Of course you don't. What normal person does this on purpose?", Don snapped again and leaned back, his arms crossed in front of his plastron, his eyes never leaving his brother. April had no idea that the gentle genius could be this… venomous. But she was more concerned that she had some sick kind of déjà-vu right now.

Leonardo was about to say something but Don just continued. "And I don't think it's Raph who can't listen but you", the genius clarified, causing Leos jaw to drop open now too. "I know Raph is troublesome and really terrible at making himself understood but you're the one who can't or won't listen."

"What? I'm always listening to what Raph says, even when he's yelling and swearing. He is-"

"No Leo", Don interrupted sharply putting a finger in front of his brothers chest, effectively silencing him. "You listen to his yelling and swearing, but you don't listen to what he's saying, to what he's telling you. And I think became too strenuous for you to try anymore."

Leonardo still was taken off guard from his younger brother lecturing him. It was upsetting him right now nonetheless. The leader hastily stood up from the chair but could hold himself from throwing up his hands. "So you're saying I don't show enough understanding towards him?", he questioned upset and angry. Donatello however sat calm and only narrowed his eyes at his oldest brother. "What I'm saying is that you don't understand why Raph has to do the things he does. You try to force him to understand you but you don't do much effort to actually understand him", genius replied now calm but firmly again.

April kept playing invisible observer. She felt uneasy and uncomfortable, but at least not as bad as with Leo and Raphs fight. Don really could be hard.

Leonardo took a few moments in quiet to calm his nerves before he spook at his brother, still somewhat irritated but also frustrated. "Why are you heading sides with Raph that much? You keep nagging on me and defending him. Is it alright how he's acting and that wrong that I try to keep him from trouble?", the leader asked upset, frustrated and somewhat without understanding. But his younger brother only shot him a glare. "I'm not heading sides with him. I just want you to remember that Raphael isn't as thoughtless and simple as you look at him now. I'm just trying to help because you can't help yourself. Do you really think he won't tell him off too when he's back? You should know me better." Donatellos voice still was coolly and his gaze firm as Leo went quiet and lowered his eyes. His shoulders slumped. "I… sorry Don. Really. I know you're impartial. I guess I'm just irritable because of the fight. I shouldn't be lashing out at you because of it", the leader said quietly and tired, as well as regretful.
Dons eyes softened. "Yes, you shouldn't.", he said now sympathetic again and smiled softly. "What you should do is get some sleep now. You look exhausted." Leonardo smiled vaguely and nodded.

Venomous Donnie had already been way creepy for April. But how quick he suddenly went back to his usual self was not much better. Finally, the young genius turned to April again, an apology smile on his face. "Sorry about this April. It appears that I'm not better when my older brothers", he said. April smiled wry back. "It's… alright I guess. I mean, not that I like you fighting or anything. Just, you guys are family and I think you also have to deal with the not so nice things in a family", she winked to cheer the boys up. "Besides Donnie, you can't help it. It's known that little brothers pick up a lot from their older siblings."

Donnie grinned slightly at this but then got up. "Thanks April. I'm going to check at Mikey, okay? And you Leo-"

"I'll get some sleep because Raph isn't going to be home any time soon anyway. I know. "

Dons smile grew a little more before he went to search Mikey and left April and Leonardo alone. April slowly titled her head, looking at Leonardo. "What means 'not any time soon'?", she asked. "After this? Probably not before tomorrow lunch", the leader answered bleakly. "I called Casey before. Asking if Raph was with him. But he said he didn't show up."

April could see that Leonardos thoughts drifted off so she got up to nudge him at his side. "C'mon, Leo, you heard doctor Don. You got some sleep ordered", she said slightly teasingly to lighten the mood as she shoved the young turtle out of the lab.

Leonardo simply gave in and let her have her will while he barely wondered why he was ordered around like this today.

Authors Note: Okay, so uh... In the next chapter Raph comes and April attemts to talk to him before Leo or Don do so. And Really, after that there will be something funny again XD Thought the next one isnt that seriaus anymore!