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O1: Donatello / Michelangelo (Contingency Plan)

Donatello was an easy person to please. His needs were simple nothing too far complex. However, if he didn't get what he wanted than he would get a little aggressive. He was fairly impatient when it came to sex. When Michelangelo suddenly became involved with the whole topic he had to reluctantly become delicate in the steps towards his brother new found exploration. Donatello couldn't hide his frustration to just strap the youngest down and have his own way with him. He wasn't ashamed with his thoughts and the many ideas of how to lure Mikey into his lustful control. No. However, Michelangelo was still pure. They had agreed not to involve Mikey till he just a little older. He was only twelve while Donatello was fourteen. Twelve was an okay number, right?

Mikey's small body was in front of him, blocking the television but that was okay he wasn't paying attention to it anymore. Donatello rested his hand on Mikey's hip and crushed it tightly with an iron grip. Mikey winced at the sudden pressure but bit his lip to hide his discomfort. Donatello thought the younglings expression was just too adorable.

"You sure?" Donatello asked. His breathing was heavy with the thought of sex and excitement.

Young Michelangelo stepped closer towards his genius brother and sat himself on Donatello's legs. His legs were separated and wrapped around eagerly in response. Donatello found his little brother's flexibly and shy demeanor truly arousing.

"Yeah," Mikey replied finally through a minute of silence, "I mean..I really want to..you know."

Donatello chuckled and brought his face close to the orange clad turtle. He was curious to know why Mikey had gone to him first of all brothers. However, he was sort of glad. He hardly trend over the sex topic with the youngest for obvious reasons but gave small hints of desire. Michelangelo offend returned them with a playful kiss or lick on his or his other brother's cheek. Usually the others would brush it off as childish but Donatello couldn't lie in saying he enjoyed it.

"Okay." Donatello brought his hands around Michelangelo's waist and began rubbing his shell slowly, "Let's pick a better spot than the living room though."

Michelangelo smiled shyly, bringing his index finger up to his mouth to bite, and nodded. Donatello grinned and lifted Mikey easily off him. Michelangelo got to his feet and waited for Donatello to get off from the couch with his finger still nervously in his mouth. Donatello grabbed Michelangelo's hand in his and lead him away from the main room towards his bed room.

Once they reached Donatello's room, the older turtle immediately attacked Mikey with a rough kiss. Michelangelo yelped in surprise and forced himself to relax in the action. His brother's lips were soft but the way he kissed acted as if he was hungry. Donatello bite on to Michelangelo's lip and hard. Mikey closed his eyes in pain but allowed Donatello to repeat the action only more quickly and hastily. Kiss, bite, Kiss, bite, and nibble. Michelangelo was starting to enjoy it. Mikey took the bold action in sticking his tongue out and lick the side of Donatello's mouth. Donatello froze and practically melted at the erotic sensation and shiver that traveled up his spine. He followed in the play by plunging his tongue slowly into Michelangelo's mouth. Mikey felt Don's tongue dance around his, tickling him even to the point where it made him giggle. He jerked his head back suddenly and smiled.

"Sorry." Michelangelo leaned forward towards Donatello and kissed his cheek.

"Mmmm," Donatello glared at the youngest but it didn't hold anger only mischief, "Bed."

Michelangelo obeyed like a good brother towards Donatello's bed. He felt his brother's hand gently slide across his tail, sending a tingling sensation in his sensitive regions and sudden need. Michelangelo sharply turned towards Donatello just as he plopped himself down on the bed. Don was close behind him and towered over the orange clad turtle like a tall shadow. Donatello's eyes were no longer on Mikey but on Mikey's body. The difference was much more than someone would begin to recognize. Donatello pried Michelangelo's legs apart for him to wiggling himself between them and leaned.

Michelangelo felt his whole body heat up like never before. His brother's lower region was rubbing against his own. Their growth was still too premature to appear but the friction between their regions was unbearable. Michelangelo felt uncertainty creep up inside him but the yearn for more was just too strong.

Donatello rocked his hips a back and forth in an uneven motion and Mikey could have sworn the purple genius was doing it on purpose.

"Donny." Michelangelo said with annoyance.

"Ahh," Donatello smiled, "Someone is getting more comfortable."

"S-shut up."

Donatello laughed as he thrust himself hard into Michelangelo to bring Mikey's knees up. Mikey moaned and his hands shot up to grab Donatello's firm biceps. Donatello was bent so that he could tenderly kiss Michelangelo's lower plastron and the soft skin between it and his shell. Michelangelo didn't even think he was so sensitive in that area. Donatello had his arms balancing him as he gave Michelangelo's plastron much needed attention with his tongue. His attempted to bite at the hard skeleton but predictably failed. However, the action itself made Mikey wanting more. The way Donatello scrapped his teeth against Mikey's plastron then lick after the noticeable indent was torture. Donatello traveled up till he stopped near Mikey's exposed neck.

"I-I'm ticklish, Don." Mikey warned the purple clad turtle.

"I know."

Donatello pushed Michelangelo's body up further into the bed with a quick thrust. Mikey bite his lip in anticipation. He could feel his member slowly peak out, wet and premature. Donatello felt the crown of his own and rubbed slowly against Mikey's. Mikey felt himself shiver, wanting Don to press himself so close to him and just never stop.

"Ahh! Don!" Mikey shut his eyes and turn his head to the side. Donatello continued but his focus was more on Michelangelo's ultra sensitive neck. He nibbled lightly on the skin close to Mikey's plastron before tasting his brother fully with his tongue. He traveled his tongue across Michelangelo's neck, feeling the quicken pulse of the major vein and heat.

"Donny..Donny, wait," Michelangelo pleaded innocently, "C-can we go slower?"

Donatello stopped teasing at Mikey's sensitive neck to lift his head enough to meet with his younger brother's eyes. He tilt his head a little to the side with a grin stretched across his sly face.

"Slower?" Donatello repeated as if he had no heard the youngest, "You mean like this.."

Mikey felt Donatello's cock slip out as if on command and slowly rub against him. Michelangelo shouted loudly in pleasure as he felt his brother's cock trace over and over on his region. He felt himself emerge fully but still premature compared to Donatello. Donatello's cock was wet with excitement, searching wildly to enter the younger turtle and claim him.

"D-Donny!" Mikey cried out. His heart was racing and he felt scared all of a sudden.

Donatello ignored his brother's cry to lose himself in the rhythmic thrusts he began. He rested his head against Mikey's hard plastron and held his younger brother at his side to hold him in place.


Donatello stopped. His head snapped up to see his sibling shaking with tears near his tightly sealed eyes.

"Did I hurt you?" Donatello asked. Everything was forgotten for the moment. Michelangelo opened his eyes, uneasy and scared, and shook his head. Donatello knew he didn't do anything to cause the younger one harm but perhaps it wasn't physical. Donatello lifted Mikey up to wrap his arms around him in a protective way more than sexual. Mikey stopped shaking but still was nervous.

"I'm sorry," Mikey mumbled, "I just.."

"Don't be." Donatello reassured him with a small smile. He propped himself up above the younger turtle's face and nuzzled his nose into Michelangelo's. Mikey giggled, his fear suddenly subsided. Donatello gently kissed Michelangelo's nose and continued his cat like rubbing against Mikey's face with his own. The contact with loving and calmed Mikey.

The younger found his hands roamed down as Donatello continued his slow and tender kissing across his face and on his mask. His fingers suddenly found his prize and wrapped around it. Donatello hissed and nearly fell on top of the younger.

"C-can I?" Michelangelo asked innocently with a small hint of blush creeping up around his cheeks. Donatello felt his brother stroke him in small motions but they weren't even..heck it didn't matter. Don leaned into Mikey's touch and allowed the younger to jerk him off.

"Hnnng..mmm..Mikey." Donatello felt Michelangelo's hand quicken its pace, rubbing against the tip then slide easily down the shaft. Mikey suddenly felt a cool wetness reach near his cock and on his lower plastron. Cum from Donatello's climax dripped down into his own region and shot on his plastron. Mikey felt Donny shake and breath heavy till he relaxed again. His strokes died slowly as did Don his head still held on to his brother's length, and unsure of what to do.

"Mikey." Donatello said breathlessly and trapped his mouth into a rough kiss.

"W-was that okay?" Mikey asked as soon as their lips broke away from one another. Donatello smiled.

Donatello climbed off of Mikey off to the side of the bed and grabbed both of Mikey's legs. He dragged his legs, that were dangling off the bed, into the bed so that Michelangelo laid comfortable. He slithered back into his position between the younger turtle's legs.

"You trust me, right?" Donatello asked. Mikey nodded.

"Good. Relax." Mikey watched as Donny lowered himself till his face was inches away from his length. He gently held Michelangelo which made the younger buckle. Don's hands were rough but he didn't deny the pleasure that shocked through him as his older brother's hands surrounded him. Donatello stroke him in an agonizing slow pace. Mikey wanted him to go faster, his hips moved with Don's rhythm but the genius didn't take the hint. Suddenly, Donatello held the beginning of his shaft and brought his mouth to the very tip of his cock. Mikey freaked.

"Wait!" Michelangelo squealed. The sudden memory of his brother's discomfort before brought him to cease his action. Donatello looked up again.

"Don't do that."

"Don't you trust me?" Donatello asked once again.

"Yeah, of course I do..but I dun-"

Donatello rubbed his thumb against his shaft to silence him. Mikey moaned, biting his lip and watched his brother's hands.

Donatello smiled, "Just relax, Mikey." He stroked him one last time then, without a pause, engulfed Mikey's member into his mouth. Michelangelo gasped loudly and grabbed the blanket underneath him into his fist. Donatello's mouth was warm, so warm and gentle. He felt Donny's tongue wrap around him then the back of his throat. Mikey moaned louder this time as he felt Donatello repeat the action several times. Don tore away from Mikey's cock to breath and he stroke him furiously to make up for the lost sensation. As he caught his breath he leaned in again to lick the tip of the younger turtle's cock. Mikey whimpered, feeling a sudden built of pressure in his length and a urge to release. Donatello teased the tip of his cock then swallowed him again. Saliva dripped down, wetting the sheets as well as small drops of cum. Donatello stroked his sibling as he focused on the end of Michelangelo's cock. Finally, he tasted the bitter tang of cum in his mouth. Michelangelo came hard into Don's mouth, which the genius allowed and savor his victory. Donatello released Mikey with a small pop with cum still trapped inside his mouth.

"Oh god! I'm sorry!" Mikey apologized. Donatello smiled and climbed over Mikey to reach him. Mikey watched as Donatello stare into him with seductive eyes and a playful hint of mischievous intent. Instead, the older turtle kissed him. He slipped his tongue hastily into his mouth and allowed Mikey to taste himself. He didn't jerk away but the taste wasn't great. Michelangelo tasted the linger cum in Don's mouth, swirling it around his tongue with Don's and then swallowing it.

Donatello broke the kiss and smiled, "What do you think?" He asked.

Mikey stuck out his tongue, trying to get the taste to dissolve in his saliva to the back of his throat, "Yuck." Donatello laughed.

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