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Leo stretched his aching shoulders as he slowly eased himself on the sofa. He was beyond exhausted today. This whole week had been nothing but running around, getting supplies and keeping the Foot away from their territory. He barely had a lick of sleep and often helped Donnie during the nights to work out the kinks in their water line or just being the shoulder for Mikey to rest on while he recovered from a nightmare. He never complained but his body did.

He finally had some quiet time to himself and planned on just taking a long nap after some green tea. He let out a heavy sigh and closed his eyes. His body sunk into the cushions comfortably and felt himself begin to drift off immediately in his position.


He didn't even have a chance to open his eyes when he felt a crushing weight plop down on him.


Mikey had pounced on top of Leo, holding him down with his weight and sat on his midsection. It was extremely uncomfortable.

"Mikey, get off me.." Leo muttered tiredly.

"I have something to show you." He quickly blurred out. Bouncing off Leo and grabbing his arm roughly to haul him off the sofa. Leo groaned.

"No. Just bring it here." Leo complained. He really didn't feel like getting up at the moment. Mikey pouted, his grip loosen slightly but remained. Leo sighed, and looked over towards his baby brother and noticed the puppy eyes he was emitting.

He growled, "Mikey-"

"Dude! Come on, just a few seconds." Mikey whined. A smile was creeping on his freckled face as he tugged Leo. The older turtle finally complied with a loud groan.

"This better be worth it."

"Trust me. It is." Mikey replied and snickered. Leo rolled his eyes.

Mikey led the blue clad turtle into the corridor, towards their rooms, but more specifically Mikey's room. Leo didn't like going into Mikey's room only because it was a complete mess. The youngest always come back in saying that it was his own 'organization' so nobody argued with him. Mikey opened the door and walked inside first then disappeared.

Once the oldest entered the room he touched around the wall next to him to find a light switch but-

He felt a pair of strong arms grab him roughly and tug him into a tight hold. A hand was covering his mouth, muffling his cries and struggles. It was too dark to see who it was but the familiar muscular frame was a dead give away. Raphael half dragged Leo away from the door, another figured appeared to close it then total darkness consumed his sight.

He cried out again to be released. Raphael's grip was beginning to hurt him. Suddenly, the younger brother tossed him away and on Mikey's bed.

"What the shell!" Leo cursed angrily. Raphael chuckled darkly as he climbed on top of Leo and pinned his hand against Leo's chest. It wasn't a crushing weight but it still bothered him. He could feel the bed dip again and a gentle hand caress his cheek. They were calloused and cold. Donnie's.

The purple turtle didn't speak. Instead, spoke with his hands as they explored down to touch at his sensitive neck and shoulders. Leo shivered and made a small whimper. Leonardo could still feel Raphael on top of him and becoming hyper aware of the quick kisses he began to place on his plastron. He was struggling less and relaxed at the attention.

He felt a slow and warming touch on his thigh when he suddenly heard a startling growl come from the turtle on top of him.

"Not your turn." Raphael snarled.

"No fair.." Mikey whined. Laughter.

The touching continued much to his delight. Raphael's heavy breath was against his chest, kissing his plastron carefully as his hands wandered downward and in between his legs. Leo's breath hitched and his back arched a little. His stomach now touching against Raphael's as he did. "Relax." He heard Donatello whisper. Leo exhaled softly and lifted his head back and closed his eyes. Raphael was surprisingly careful as he touched him. He was use to the impatient grasps, tug and pull but this time he was gentle. He was taking his time as he rubbed his fingers over Leo's sensitive slit. He pressed down only a little and chuckled when he heard Leo moaned loudly at the touch.

Leo's cock slipped out and plaid out on plastron, eagerly waiting for Raphael to touch him he began churr. Raphael's large hand grabbed at his length and began to slowly pump him.

"R-Raph- ahh!" He moaned. He opened his eyes and saw the outline of Mikey hovering over him. He leaned in and kissed him softly. His little brother forced his tongue inside without pause, skimming over his own before pulling back to collect his saliva. Leo opened his mouth a little, breathing in and tried to kiss Mikey again but he was gone.

Raph stopped touching him, instead he grabbed his shoulders and lifted him up into a sitting position.

"What are you doing?"

"Don't talk." He replied bluntly.

Leo felt someone moved in behind him then wrap his arms around his middle. He could tell who it was just by his smell. Donnie smelled like a mixture of sawdust and pine. It was unique smell that Leo could easily identify to. Donatello pulled Leo up a little then without warning flop back on to the mattress. Donnie was underneath him and it was a bit uncomfortable till he felt something hard press against his entrance. Leo hissed as he felt Donnie's cock press against his tight ring. Leo noticed that Donnie wasn't actually moving and that another force was driving the purple clad turtle's cock into his ass.

Donnie pressed hid his head against Leo's shoulder and moaned as Raphael helped him enter inside his older brother. He kept hugging at Leo's waist to keep him still. It was a bit painful at first but once Donnie's cock slipped past the tight muscle it eased.

"H-hurts.." Leo mumbled. Donnie nuzzled his beak against his neck and kissed it. Raphael's hand went back to his cock and began to jerk him. Donnie wasn't moving at first for a while till Leo was completely okay.

"Move..please!" Leo begged.

Donnie bent both of his knees and brought them up, trapping Leo's as well to open up his legs and reveal his filled hole. He thrusted into Leo then pulled out quickly half way. He repeated this action in hard yet slow movements. Leo moaned and whimpered underneath his younger brother. He grabbed Donnie's arms, anything to hold on to and moved his head back. "D-Donnie! Ah! Yes!" Mikey's hand skimmed over his plastron, the touch feel a thousand times more sensitive then it originally had before.

Donnie ceased thrusting for Leo to catch his breath and kiss at his neck lovingly.

"Now for the main course." Raphael chuckled. He moved on top of Leo but didn't put his weight down to crush him. Leo could feel Donnie's arms tighten a little possessively as Raphael did. There was a pause between action leaving Leo wondering what the other turtle had planned.

"Ah! No! Raphael!" Leo yelled out. He squirmed against Donnie's hold but the genius turtle didn't release him. Raphael stopped briefly but continued despite Leo's pleads.

Leo closed his eyes tightly as he felt Raphael press his length against Leonardo's already filled ass. Donnie grunted, unsure if Leo could actually take two inside him. His brother was tight, not virgin tight but he knew it would be painful enough. Leo whimpered as the head of Raphael's cock managed to slip inside. Without warning Raphael thrusted into his older brother to make room for his large cock.

"Arrrggh!" Leo cried. He lifted up his hand to press against Raphael's chest signaling his pain. "Damn it damn it, hurts- it hurts!"

"Quit crying." He barked back then roughly pressed his lips against Leo's to silence him. He could feel his brother shake from the pain underneath him. It felt good but he knew he was hurting him.

"N-not ready- wait.." Leo begged in a quick whisper. Raphael nodded and resisted the urge to fuck his brother senseless. Raphael felt Mikey's hand snake between Raphael's and Leo's plastron to grab at Leo's cock. The small distraction was worth it in the end.

"M-move." Leo commanded with more confidence. Raphael moved first and pressed deeper inside Leo. His brother shuddered violently and moaned. Donnie was slower now than before and thrusted only in a small and sharp movements that still made both of the turtles moan out in pleasure. Raphael would pause just to feel Donnie's cock slip past his own and rub against him. It felt so amazing.

"Harder." Leo commanded again. They obeyed.

Donnie matched Raphael's hard thrusts inside their brother, their bodies pressed against one another tightly as they rocked into each thrust. Leo cried out in pleasure, grabbing on to the rim of Raphael's shell as he panted hard and moaned.

"You want Donnie to cum inside you? What about me? Or maybe you want Mikey to cum all over your cute face?" Raphael asked seductively as he pounded into him. Suddenly, Donatello stopped and cried out.


"I'm sorry! It was just really hot.."

Leo winced as he felt his brother cum fill him up. "A-a-ah..Donnie.." Leo muttered. Donnie kissed at Leo's neck, nibbling at his soft skin as he slowly pulled out. Leo gritted his teeth in pain and hissed as Donnie removed himself. Raphael moved a little but seemed eager to regain his place.

Mikey snickered. "Donnie came early this time."

"Come here-" Donnie managed to move away from the two and pounce at Mikey. Without Donnie underneath him, Leo felt more comfortable but missed the pair of arms around him for comfort. Raphael pressed his entire length into his brother, leaning over to kiss Leo roughly on the lips and hum in delight. It was just them now and the thought of Raphael's cock now coated with Donnie's seed- something about that made Leo extremely aroused.

"Raph.." Leo begged. He wrapped his legs around Raphael, pulling him in closer and moved his hips. He could hear Raphael growling, his chest vibrated as he did and licked his tongue across Leo's neck. He began to move again only more carefully and slowly. Mikey's moaning filled the room as they were sure Donnie was giving their youngest brother some much needed attention.

"Tell me what you want, Fearless." Raphael whispered into Leo's ear. He thrusted in and out in painfully slow movements.

"You..I want you. Please fuck me- "

"I bet you like Donnie's cum in your ass right?" Leo nodded quickly and kissed Raphael.

"Gonna fill you up so good, Leo- mmm..gonna milk you till your dry-"

"Yes please!" He couldn't take it anymore. He needed him so badly. Raphael bit at Leo's shoulder, growling in a low tone as he began to thrust again only more roughly. He threw his head back again, panting and crying out at each thrust his brother would torture him. He bit his lip, feeling his climax reach its peak and finally releasing his seed in a powerful string of force. His cum splattered on to Raphael's plastron and some even reach his own chest. He emptied himself in loud exhales, his tight walls clenched around Raphael's cock, eager to feel his brother's seed fill him. Raphael held back a few more thrusts before ejaculating into Leo. He pressed his hand down against Leo's chest to hold him as he spilled his load which came out to be much more than Donnie's. Raphael pulled out hastily, regaining his breath and sighing in relief.

"Oh shell.." Leo whimpered. His ass hurt so much once it was empty. Raphael leaned down and rested on top of Leo. He knew his brother wasn't much of a cuddle bug but he knew his brother was tired now after their session. He rubbed his cheek against Leo's before going still and softly exhaling in his ear.

Mikey's hand caressed against the other side of his cheek and down his neck. He could hear his soft breaths as well, coming down from his release with Donnie at his side. They were all tired now but it was Leo who would be having trouble walking around in the morning.

"I liked this surprise." Leo whispered. Raphael chuckled.