"Mr Price please sit down."

"Oh God not you again." Kevin almost felt like turning on his heel and leaving the room as he saw his lawyer sitting at the table.

"Please take a seat."


The lawyer began his incessant tapping on the table, his fingers rapping out an irregular rhythm that Kevin thought was going to drive him insane. He sat down almost to stop the noise than anything else.

"Thank you." Kevin rolled his eyes at the polite pretence. He knew what they all really thought of him.

"Aren't you going to handcuff me this time?"

"No need Mr Price."

"Why?" Kevin ran a hand round the back of his neck a growing sense of suspicion washing over him.

"There's been a new development in your case."

Naba sat mugs of tea in front of Arnold, Chris and James. They were all staring at the wall Arnold had designated for their own private investigation that was now almost fully covered.

"So you finally took the phone in," James said with a sense of relief. Arnold had driven up the day before to collect it.

Pinedale Wyoming was a small nondescript town. He'd driven round the streets a few times vaguely hoping he might see Connor on a street corner, but no luck.

They'd taken the phone to the police station along with the other information they had discovered. They'd sat for a few hours at the station waiting for any news that they might have helped to clear Kevin's name. After a short while an inspector had told them that it was extremely useful and would hopefully help find Connor, but even without it Kevin would probably be out soon. He couldn't give them any more details.

"Was that all he said?" Naba asked. Chris sighed and nodded.

"I guess it means they're close though, right?"


"Have you ever heard of Netryion?"

"Excuse me?"

"No I didn't think so. But, that's a good thing, today might just be your lucky day."

Kevin tried to find some sincerity in his lawyer's eyes but failed on all accounts.

"What's Netr...or whatever?"

"I only know as much as the next man, but they're an underground trading company. We've been trying to shut them down for years but they're an illusive bunch. We think they may have Mr McKinley, and there's the slim possibility that he might still be alive."

"I don't understand."

"We had identified a base in Wyoming. A friend of yours brought in his phone yesterday and had found it there. The base has long been shut down but we have reasons to believe it might be being used as a temporary holding place. You'll appreciate that I can't give you all the details."

"No one seems to be able to." Kevin's tone was bitter but he was beginning to realise what this could mean. He thought about how much better he'd feel with Connor by his side.

"I've been told just as much as you Mr Price."

"This trading company, what do they trade in?"

"Now don't panic just yet," he said after a very long pause. "Mr McKinley could very well still be alive."

"Why would I panic?"

"Ok, well, it's bodies."


"It's the illegal organ trade. We think that's what's happened to Mr McKinley."

Connor opened and closed his eyes but all he could see was darkness. He was lying on something soft, but his feet were curled up due to the cramped space, and he was far from comfortable.

He groaned as he tried to move resorting to small movements once he realised how much pain moving just slightly caused him.

He could hear a soft hum below him and every so often he could feel movement swinging him from left to right.

He felt around with his fingers, trying to find the outline of something. A shot of pain ran through his head adding to the dull ache there. As he ran his hands over the sides, the thought that he might be in the trunk of a car came to him, before he passed out again.