Soli Deo gloria

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Phineas and Ferb. Hello, my lovelies! Happy New Year!

Later this evening, we find ourselves at Doofenshmirtz's purple apartment. In his quaint 70s' living room, there was a roaring fire. In the old chairs opposite each other, set at an angle, was Doofenshmirtz and Perry. Perry was untied from his tape trap, and was politely using a straw to sip a cup of cocoa so big that it could have held a quart of soup.

Doofenshmirtz was leaning back in his chair, sighing a content sigh. "See, Perry the Platypus? This is how New Year's Eve should be. No loud parties where people are incoherent and where most of the food is from the grocery store, no big fireworks. Just a nice fire and a cup of cocoa before the year doesn't end."

The year, of course, was going to end, as years usually do, but as Perry could not relay that to Doofenshmirtz and make him see sense, he simply took another sip of cocoa.

Doofenshmirtz looked at the clock over the mantle and said, "Oh, it's past eleven-fifty, Perry the Platypus! Tie yourself up and 0151did you like the cocoa?"

Perry nodded as he slipped on his tape chains, and the two of them hurried to the balcony. Perry reached the edge and watched as Doofenshmirtz, having pulled out a pair of binoculars, started to scan the excited crowd.

"Oh, it's just a matter of time before Roger's float appears. In a matter of fact, he should be here in less than ten seconds. As the mayor, he's very close to the beginning of the parade," Doofenshmirtz said with a groan. Rolling his eyes, he said, "Well, better me getting my Blow-Floats-Up-Inator ready."

Perry watched Doofenshmirtz hum as he tended to his machine. The platypus turned away and looked up at the sky. It was getting darker, and the stars were definitely less prominent. Clouds were appearing, and the snow falling was coming down a bit harder.

The Blow-Floats-Up-Inator let out a WHARR! and Doofenshmirtz, rubbing his cold hands together in excitement and intent to keep them warm, turned and said, looking over the edge, "Roger should show up any moment now."

Meanwhile, on the roof of City Hall, the kids had managed to get to the top. They were carefully unpacking the boxes of fireworks, wary of the fact that they could go off if they did something wrong.

Baljeet placed a small box near his corner, and looking around, said, "Wow, I hope this snow doesn't last for long. We need to be able to light these fireworks, and we won't be able to if the spark gets extinguished by snow!"

"Yeah," Buford said, placing a very huge box on the ground near Baljeet's small box, "and maybe there's the fact that nobody can see the fireworks right now. Ever thought of that, nerd?"

Baljeet frowned. "Of course, I was just thinking of practical things first."

Meanwhile, Isabella was busy arranging the fireworks in her corner. Irving, grunting and groaning, placed another box near her. She turned, and he quickly stopped panting and instead, looked very relaxed and calm under pressure.

"That should be enough fireworks now, Irving," Isabella said patiently before turning to the other boxes.

"You're-you're welcome," Irving said, and he let out a groan and leaned against the boxes in exhaustion.

Phineas and Ferb, both by the edge of the roof facing the parade area, were waiting. Phineas had his binoculars, and Ferb was busy setting up stands for the fireworks.

"See anything of great importance yet?" Ferb asked as he stood up and dusted his hands off of his pants.

"Well, the parade's coming along," Phineas said. Through the binoculars, he saw several floats approaching. There was a marching band with a person with a baton in front, and then came along Love Handel on a float, followed by Mayor Doofenshmirtz, who was on top of a giant acorn and wearing a fur coat, and was waving to the populace with a bright smile.

His binoculars went from the mayor to his sister, who stood out in the crowd, as she was almost falling over the yellow rope. "Hey, look, it's Candace!"

It was indeed Candace, and she was looking swiftly back and forth to see if she could find Jeremy.

"Hope Jeremy shows up soon. She's looking a bit frantic," Phineas said. Ferb could only nod in agreement.

"Ha! There he is!" Doofenshmirtz said, pointing excitedly. Perry peeked over to see that the mayor's float. Doofenshmirtz turned to Perry and said, "Quickly, Perry the Platypus, what time is it?"

Perry removed his arm from his trap and checking his watch, and showed it to Doof.

"Okay, five minutes 'til midnight. That's enough time to stop the new year from coming!" Doofenshmirtz said, and he went back to his Blow-Floats-Up-Inator, completely and blissfully not aware that it was the new year in several different countries already.

"Now, to take down my brother, the tyrannical ruler!" Doofenshmirtz said. He looked to Perry, who gave him a look. "Okay," Doof said, rolling his eyes, "I guess he isn't tyrannical, but I still don't like him!"

The Blow-Floats-Up-Inator was pointing and about ready to hit Roger Doofenshmirtz when Perry, using his cocoa straw, freed his one arm that was stuck, and gave the laser a magnificent kick, forcing it off course.

Candace looked to Stacy and said, "Where IS he?"

"Well, you might know if you turned around," Stacy said, and with a smile, she made her finger turn in a circular motion.

Candace quickly turned around, and in front of her was Jeremy and the Incidentals' float. Shaped like a CD, it had a backing like half of a dome. The drummer was at the back, dressed warmly, and was lightly tapping the cymbals. Coltrane was at the guitar, playing a light twangy tune, and Jeremy was in front, wearing his usual jacket and hat, and was singing along while playing his guitar.

"Jeremy!" Candace said excitedly, and she clasped her hands together.

Stacy did the same and said, "I'm going to faint. Your brothers are going to catch me, right?"

"Wait, my brothers?" Candace said, and she looked away from the float as Stacy fell down.

"Wow, thanks, Candace," Stacy said sarcastically.

"Where are my brothers? Where did they go?" Candace asked, looking around. She gasped. "They've disappeared! Mom! Mom! Mom!"

"Candace, you're yelling in my ear," Linda said, rubbing her ear and looking irritated.

"Mom, Mom, where's Phineas and Ferb?" Candace said quickly.

Linda looked around. Tutting, she said, "Well, they were here just a minute ago-"

"See! SEE!? MOM, THEY'RE GONE! Yes!" and Candace did a fist pump.

That's when Candace's victory was cut short. She turned and gasped just in time to see Jeremy and the Incidentals' float disappear, disappearing in a laser beam of green. The instruments and boys fell to the ground, stopping the parade.

Coltrane and Jeremy and their drummer looked at each other, surprised, and Jeremy shrugged and said, "Well, I guess we're kind of done."

"It's okay, guys! You all did great!" Stacy called from the sidelines. She looked to Candace and said, "Candace, are you okay?"

"I'm not even sure anymore," Candace said quietly.

The mayor's float had survived the attack, though the inator was sending random beams of green light into the air. The float stopped in front of the City Hall, and the mayor waved and walking down the stairs of the float, he crossed over to the steps of the City Hall, where there was two officials and Melanie, his secretary.

Doofenshmirtz and Perry, who were both fighting and knocking the inator's front laser-shooter back and forth between each other like it was a tether ball, stopped when suddenly Doofenshmirtz gasped and turned around. Roger had pressed a button, and the tall acorn was descending toward Earth.

"Perry the Platypus! Oh no! It's fifteen seconds to midnight!" Perry stopped punching the inator, which only hit the doctor. "Ow," said Doofenshmirtz, rubbing his cheek.

Meanwhile, on the rooftop of the City Hall, Holly approached Adyson and said, "Is it almost time?"

"Almost. Maybe the new year will come faster if we count down," Adyson suggested.

"It's worked before," said Gretchen, and all the Fireside Girls (except Isabella, who was on the other side of the roof) started to count down from, "Fifteen, fourteen, thirteen, twelve, eleven—"

Two or three stories down, Melanie leaned in toward the mayor and whispered, "I can hear tiny counting-down."

"We should do the same," Roger said quickly, and he started to say, "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six-"

The crowd joined him. Jeremy and the Incidentals had quickly moved their stuff over to where their friends and family were, and now they were behind the yellow rope. Jeremy was standing next to Candace, who had kind of bored but eager eyes at watching their acorn descend.

Five, four, three

Love Handel played in the background as the crowd grew louder and louder, and:

Two, ONE!

"Hit it, Ferb!" Phineas was able to say before the crowd entirely erupted into shouts of happiness and "Happy New Year!" Ferb nodded, and Phineas turned and called for the others to do the same. Matches out and ready were struck and there was not a large blizzard of snow to be had. The fireworks were all lined up. Ferb quickly lit each in his arrangement before quickly stepping back. His fireworks flew through the air along with the other fireworks from the four corners of City Hall.

They exploded into magnificent and glittering masterpieces. There was one that exploded into a giant flag, another of Phineas and Ferb's faces (they simply couldn't help themselves), and another of an acorn and then one of a meatloaf.

At their corner, Isabella had her arms crossed. "Irving, hurry up!"

"I'm—I'm no good under pressure!" Irving said, striking his match but not getting a spark.

"Let me," Isabella said, and she took the match and set about striking it. "I didn't get my Able to Make Fire with Fifteen Different Tools patch for nothing, you know!" and the fireworks shot off in a form of an antique, a rollercoaster and Love Handel's label.

"Wow, that's really pretty," Irving said, breathless.

Isabella smirked to herself. "I know."

Irving sighed and said, "Look, Isabella—"

"Save it, Irving."

Irving smiled. "But I only wanted to say that I ship you and Phineas."

Isabella looked confused, and she turned to Irving, who was merely wearing a very large grin.

Meanwhile, down in the streets, where the crowds were still erupting, Linda and Lawrence had their arms around each other's shoulders, and Candace and Jeremy, in a state of contentment and in the tradition of the new year, gave each other a quick kiss. Stacy and Coltrane watched from the sidelines, Coltrane saying, "Think she's finally focused?"

"Well, a wild guess, but yeah, I say she's going to be fine," Stacy said.

"Think she'll bust her brothers this year?" Coltrane asked.

"Of course not."

Up on the roof, their fireworks firing off into the air, Phineas sighed and looking to Ferb, said, "Thinking of any new year's resolutions, Ferb?"

"Not a single one, though we might want to invest in bathing Perry more," Ferb said.

"True. Say, where's Perry?" Phineas said, looking around.

"You already said that," Ferb pointed out.

"Yeah, but he usually appears by now," Phineas said. He straightened and shrugged. "He's probably at home, sleeping in his bed."

"And missing out on all this?" Ferb asked.

"I guess so."

Perry was not at home at all. He was on top of Doof's roof, laying one last destroying punch on the inator, leaving it as a bunch of broken down rumble.

"Well, Perry the Platypus, curse you and yada yada," Doofenshmirtz said grimly. He let out a chilly breath and hugging himself, said, "Hey, want to avoid these crowds and go have some more cocoa?"

Perry looked at him for a moment, and he realized that the party at Headquarters would be over right now, and he DID want to enjoy the holiday. Why not? He nodded, and the two nemesises walked into the apartment, ready to have some more cocoa.

Back at HQ, the party was over. Confetti was all over the floor, the buffet was a mess, and the disco ball covered in streamers. In the middle of the floor, standing and sighing, was the major and Carl.

"Guess we're going to have to clean up, huh, Carl?" Major Monogram said.

Carl sighed, "Yes, sir."

"See, this is what we get for hiring agents without opposable thumbs!"

"Yes, sir."

"Yeah, well. . . Happy New Year, Carl."

"Happy New Year to you too, sir."

"Now we have to clean up."

"Yeah . . ."

"Good luck with that," and the major hurried away, leaving Carl with a broom. The intern sighed. "This is what I get for being the unpaid intern, huh? Guess working my way up is my new year's resolution," and he was left with the poor job of cleaning up the party.

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