Loren was getting ready for the movie premiere She and Eddie had finished the Greece remake and tonight was the premiere. Unlucky for them, Tyler had been in the movie and he was obviously bringing Chloe.
Loren was wearing a short black dress that showed off her curves and her hair in a long pony tail. She was wearing the same makeup she had for her's and Eddie's concert and Eddie came in wearing his famous black tux.
"You look gorgeous, Mrs. Duran." Didn't I mention they were married? My bad. They got married just before they went off to do the movie. It was a big wedding and almost anyone who was anyone was there. The magazines called it Wedding of The Year. They never went on a honeymoon but the hotel they were staying at for the movies was plenty enough for their "fun".
They had gotten a real house and Eddie was happy with that. He wanted kids and they would need more room. And of course, it was a gigantic mansion. There was a big dining room and a kitchen next to it. It was located right in the middle of Tarzana and Hollywood. Hollywood for Eddie's roots and Tarzana for Loren's. It also had a very huge pool out back There was a big staircase that led right near the door. Eddie and Loren's room was upstairs and they had a piano in their huge living room. It was filled with the awards that Eddie had won and there was extra room for the awards that Loren was going to win. She was already nominated for Best Up and Coming Star for the Music awards and Eddie and Loren were supposed to present a few awards at the People's Choice awards in a few months. Eddie and Loren were nominated for Cutest Couple too.
The doorbell rang down stairs and Eddie ran to get it. They were bringing Adam and Melissa (whom are married), Max and Nora, Adriana and Phil (whom they had became friends with) and Jake and Kelly. They started congratulating and chatting but were silenced when Loren came down the stairs.
"You look gorgeous, Lo!" Adriana and Melissa immediately jumped Loren.
"Thanks." Loren said.
"You are beautiful, Loren." Nora said and hugged her daughter.
"You looked awesome, Loren." Max hugged Loren.
"We'd better go." Eddie said and the ten went out the huge limo they'd got. They drove to the premiere and everyone else went in a different way and Loren and Eddie were about to get out at their spot. They saw a limo before them and watched Tyler and Chloe get out. The camera's started flashing and people started cheering. Then they drove up and let it go silent before they got out. Eddie got out first and Loren stepped out and everyone went crazy. The screaming was louder then Chloe and Tyler's and they were now looked back at the two. They smiled and moved up the carpet. They entered the building, the screaming never getting louder than theirs. Their was Lily Park talking to Chloe and Tyler but looked and saw Loren and Eddie and excused herself away to the married couple.
"Loren, Eddie!" She called. They had to go over so they didn't get a bad reputation, no matter how much they hated her.
"So, everyone could hear when you arrived. You must have made your co-stars jealous. How does it feel to be this much appreciated?"
"I love it. I've done this before but I can't get used to it and it never gets tiring." Eddie answered.
"And you Loren?"
"Well, it's my first time being in a movie, obviously, so I'm not used to stuff like this. It's been amazing so far and I don't think it will disappoint me." Loren answered.
"Well, thank you for chatting. Hoping to see you later." Lily said and Eddie and Loren walked away. They met up with the others.
"Oh my god, that cheering was so loud. I haven't heard it that loud since Eddie's last premiere." Max said.
"We could definitely tell when they saw you." Phil said and Loren laughed.
"I'm just glad I'm used to loud screaming." Adriana said, referring to her's and Phil's baby boy at home. They had named his Mathew Sanders, since Adriana and Phil were married. Adriana laughed and they started to move towards the theater They, Loren and Eddie, sat in the back, the rest in the row before them, of the huge theater as people flooded in. They saw the rest of their co-stars come in and Loren and Eddie greeted them as they all sat in the back with them. Then, Chloe and Tyler came in. One of their co-stars, Taylor, was sitting by Loren on one side, talking before the movie started. Eddie was chatting with the guy who played his best friend in the movie name Andrew. Loren stopped when she saw Chloe wearing a dress similar to Loren's. It was just shorter than Loren's, who's stopped just before her knees while Chloe's was barely past the middle of her thigh. Taylor and two other girls from the cast, Nikki and Angie, looked over at Chloe and Tyler as they made their way to the back. Nikki leaned over to Loren.
"You're wearing it a lot better, Loren. The camera's loved you. They gave her the cold shoulder." Nikki said and Loren smiled.
"Thanks, Nikki."
"Yeah, and Eddie sure helps take the attention away from Tyler. No matter how long we worked together, he was still a jerk."
"Speaking of guys on your arms, where's yours?" Loren asked.
"He went to get us a drink. Oh, here he is." Nikki said as a guy sat next to her and she kissed him. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and Loren grabbed tight on Eddie's hand. The movie previews began and finally the real movie began. It started Eddie leaning up against a car talking to his best friend when Loren walked in the background and grabbed his attention. He stared at her and his friend snapped him out of it. The movie went on and every time their characters kissed, Loren smiled. Finally, the credits began to roll and Loren grinned when she saw, "Loren Duran as Sandy." They walked out and the crowd cheered again. They did some interviews and finally all ten went back to the limo. They got in and began to drive home. On the way home, Adriana fell asleep, then Melissa, then Loren fell asleep. Nora was getting tired but not tired enough to sleep.
When Eddie woke Loren up, the limo was empty.
"Have a nice nap?" Eddie asked.
"Yeah. Still need to sleep for a couple of hours, but I'm good."
"Well." Eddie said and suddenly picked Loren up bride style. "I'm going to carry you to bed."
"You sure you can make it up those stairs."
"I hope so." Eddie joked and they laughed as he made his way to the house. Loren opened the door and closed it and he carried her up the stairs. He threw her on the bed and she laughed.
"Eddie, I have a question." Loren said, sitting straight up on the bed.
"Hit me." Eddie said, taking off his outer jacket.
"Do you want to have a child ?" Loren said and Eddie stopped, caught off guard a bit.
"A child? Right after the movie ended?" Eddie asked. and Loren nodded.
"Yeah, I was thinking, the album's already released and we don't have tour, and now the movie is over. So now we could begin our lives as a family." Eddie smiled at her.
"I want a child. I would have as many as you want. And I can't wait to have one." Eddie said. "So, how about we begin tonight?" Loren smiled and kissed him. They fell back on the bed, Eddie on top. Clothes were thrown, loud "noises" were made, and they were soon buried in a sea of covers.