A/n: This' my first K fanfic! So don't be too harsh on me please '' I'm not sure about their characters so they might seem a little OOC. They're both age 18, third-year. This is a trade-fic with TILAgal. Oh, and this is Highschool AU. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. 'Cept the plot.

Reisi was patrolling the school as per normal one evening ,checking the classrooms and looking through the windows of the school's gym. Good. All seems in order. Reisi let out a sigh, shoulders slumping slightly in a sign of exhaustion.

Wait, was that smoke he smelled? Reisi's eyes narrowed, as his face pulled into a refined scowl.

Of course, it had to be him.

(Refinely)Sniffing, Reisi stalked towards the source of the smell. He made a sharp turn in the next hallway, his shoulders squaring and his eyes narrowing further as irritation bubbled in his chest.

"Suoh Mikoto. Care to explain what you are doing in school at this hour?" He propped up his glasses, trying to maintain his calm as the only reply he received was a gruff "Why can't I?" in a bored tone. Reisi was about to bring up rule number 21 of the student handbook, that no student should be in school after 7:30 p.m. when Mikoto started to approach him.

Panicking slightly-this was not how it was supposed to go!-,Reisi tried to remain as firm as possible. Mikoto stopped just in front of the blue-haired other, smirking lightly as his eyes held a predatory gleam in them.

"What, you're gonna give me detention?"a deep, smooth voice questioned him. Then, as if to spite him further, Mikoto took a long drag out of the cigarette held between his fingers. Munakata cleared his throat, nose crinkling slightly in a show of distaste as the smoke was blown right at him. Reisi fixed the other with an (hopefully) intimidating glare,replying with a cool, "I might."

The other proceeded to step closer, forcing Reisi to step away, his cheeks dusting a light pink at the close proximity.

"What are you-mmf!"

Reisi was stunned, his eyes wide with surprise as he felt Mikoto's lips on his.





Mikoto lightly traced the other's bottom's lip, a firm hand gripping Reisi's chin as his tongue forcefully shove itself into Reisi's mouth. Hands pushed at Mikoto, legs tried to run. However, the feeling of the hard wall against his back told him that he was, unfortunately, trapped. Not that Reisi minded though.

Trapped against the wall, Reisi found himself kissing back, albeit reluctantly. A quiet groan escaped his lips as Mikoto's tongue massaged his. Violet eyes snapped open at the sound as though confused as to where it came from. Encouraged by the response, the delinquent proceeded to deepen the kiss. Mikoto tilted his head, pushing against the other. Their tongues entwined, dancing together as a hand behind Reisi's head pushed them closer to each other. A surprisingly gentle hand caressed Reisi's cheek as the heated kiss melted into a sweet peck on the lips. Mikoto ran his tongue along the top of Reisi's cavern, his fingers lightly stroking the small hairs on Reisi's neck.(As Mikoto's thumb traced Reisi's earlobe, Reisi found his hands clutching the other's school jacket. He forced them to let go, cheeks colouring.) The need for air forced them to part, and Mikoto leaned his forehead on Reisi's, golden eyes shining with smugness.

As Reisi's mouth opens to shout at the other he is stopped by a hand ruffling his hair. The redhead offered a small smirk(one that sent involuntary shivers up Reisi's spine, although he tried to hide it) before heading off, leaving a shocked Reisi in the empty hallway.

Detention was forgotten.