Author's notes.

I like the Wheel of Time series. A lot. However, some things in TGS simply do not make sense, and these things led to the death of one of my favorite characters. It kept nagging at me, and I wrote an alternate universe story, from chapter 42 on. Where the Lord of the Grave does not fail to notice the arrival of a certain treacherous little snake. Where Sheriam is not caught off-guard by something as simple as a few rapidly fired questions. Where Mesaana is a strong and sensible character, as she is described in the Guide, instead of how she ended up in the actual series, so driven by her anger that she makes mistake after mistake (see 'Mesaana's story' for more; you may want to read that first). Or to continue on my last line of the author's notes there, where the Light can go climb a tree for all I care.

Those who prefer the most evil of the Chosen, who love Semirhage and Moridin and their lot, or the likes of Chesmal, Temaile and Liandrin among the Black, will probably think my story weak and soppy, but as TGS shows (and is hinted at a few times earlier on), not all who joined the Great Lord are like them. Those who like Sheriam, Dagdara, Moria, Marillin... this story is for you.

(Disclaimer: the Wheel of Time universe and most of these characters aren't mine, I just play here. )