Hey, everyone. This is Jameer14 with a new story that I'm really excited about. I hope you all like it. Without further ado here's the 1st chapter:


It seemed like it was a regular July 10th in Gravity Falls. Dipper and Mabel Pines would soon find out that it was not.

The twins had been sent by Grunkle Stan to go to the grocery store to get some eggs, since they were out. After buying them, Dipper and Mabel cut through the forest to get back to the Mystery Shack.

"Did you hear that Lil' Gideon took his show to Las Vegas?" asked Mabel.

"Yeah," replied Dipper. "I heard he left this morning. But seriously. Who would pay money to see his five minute show? And in Vegas of all places?"

"Who cares?" said Mabel. "We don't have to worry about him for the next three days! No more crazy psychos in this town."

Actually, that's one less crazy psycho in this town, Dipper thought. He didn't say that out loud, though. Instead, he said, "Well, who could be worse that Lil' Gideon?"

They walked for a few more seconds before Mabel asked what time it was. Dipper checked his watch and told her that it was 12:40 P.M.

"Oh, shoot!" said Mabel. "I'm supposed to meet Candy at Grenda's house in five minutes. See you later Dipper!"

She ran off in the opposite direction her brother was going.

Dipper continued walking for a few more yards before he saw a boy around his age and behind him were five other kids; two girls, three boys.

Dipper stopped walking when he was about ten feet from the other kids. He noticed that all six of them wore tattered jeans, a light blue t-shirt and combat boots. The boy in the front had a small, silver badge on his chest.

"Can I help you?" Dipper asked.

The boy in the lead stepped towards Dipper. "Hello, my name is Ronald and these are my associates," he said, gesturing to the kids behind him. "We come to with an offer of a lifetime."

"What's the deal?" asked Dipper.

"I am part of a group known as the kids of eternity," began Ronald. "We are a select group of kids who travel the world scouting for kids in danger, kids who could be useful to our group, and we terrorize adults who abuse young people. Our total population is seventeen thousand and growing. Once you join, we assign you to a group of six or seven kids and a route to travel on. There are two great bonuses to joining. First, you never grow up and second, there are no adults to boss you around which means all night parties."

"So, would I be able to see my family and friends regularly?" asked Dipper.

"We'll be your new family," Ronald said. "And what the heck? Maybe we'll allow your other family members who are kids to join us."

"The offer is tempting," admitted Dipper. "But I'm gonna have to say no."

Shock covered Ronald's face and his associates exchanged nervous glances. Then, he quickly put a calm smile on his face.

"It's alright," Ronald said. "I understand."

"Really? Thanks," said Dipper. "For a second I thought—"

"What- are you dense?" bellowed Ronald. "Of course I have a problem with it. Nobody says no to an offer like this. And the people who do seriously regret it."

"What are you talking about?" asked Dipper.

"We're a lot stronger and have been around longer than you think," snapped Ronald. "When you officially join us, The Holy One grants you with powers that every kid dreams of. Those powers were so strong that we caused the volcano to erupt in Pompeii when some selfish idiot said no! We started a fire that destroyed a Native American city! We caused the Great Chicago fire of 1871! I witnessed that first hand. We caused the Titanic to hit the iceberg in 1912. And we manipulated Hurricane Katrina to hit New Orleans instead of Texas, where it would have gone."

"All because people said no?" asked Dipper. "Why would you do that?"

"You'll find out if you join us," Ronald replied.

"Oh, well," said Dipper. "Nothing you say will make me want to join you."

"I'll give you twenty four hours to change your mind," said Ronald as he pulled out a stopwatch. "If you don't, you'll regret it."

He then turned to his associates. "You know what to do."

For a split second, Dipper was afraid that Ronald's cohorts would attack. But instead, they scattered into the forest like mice do when the light is turned on. Ronald stayed behind.

The two boys looked at each other for a minute before Dipper asked, "Can I help you?"

Ronald shook his head. "You can continue going where you're going."

Dipper began to walk back to the Mystery Shack, but he could hear Ronald following him.

After going twenty feet, Dipper stopped and turned around. "Can I help you?" he repeated.

"No," replied Ronald.

"Then why are you following me?"

Ronald chuckled. "You'll find out soon enough."

Dipper rolled his eyes and continued walking toward the Mystery Shack. Even though he had only known Ronald for about five minutes, Dipper could tell he was adamant and would not succeed in getting him to go away.

Dipper hoped that he could get Grunkle Stan to handle it when he got back to the Mystery Shack.

As Dipper entered his great uncle's tourist shop, he could see Stan and Soos talking to each other at the checkout desk.

"Hey Grunkle Stan, can you please, tell this kid to leave me alone?" asked Dipper, gesturing to Ronald.

Stan and Soos looked at each other uncomfortably.

Dipper was totally lost. "What's going on?"

Grunkle Stan walked over to Dipper and knelt to his height. "I didn't think I'd have to have this talk with you. I thought you were twelve years old, but you aren't twelve years old up here." Stanford tapped his head.

"What do you mean?"

"There are no such things as imaginary friends!"

Dipper gave his great uncle a look of shock. "I don't even have any imaginary friends," he protested. "This kid! Right here! Ronald!" Dipper grabbed the other boy's arm.

"There's nothing there," said Grunkle Stan as he waved his hand through Ronald for emphasis. Through Ronald?

After Grunkle Stan walked back to the checkout desk, Dipper whispered, "How come he can't see or hear you?"

Ronald tapped his chin sarcastically. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe the Kids of Eternity would try to separate themselves from adults as much as possible."

Dipper was about to respond when he heard Soos ask, "Dude, are you ready to start your shift?"

"Oh, no," said Grunkle Stan. "We'd better wait until Wendy gets here. I don't trust someone who still has imaginary friends to run the store alone!"

"What? No!" protested Dipper. He ran to his great uncle. "I can handle it!"

"I run the joint! Not you," said Grunkle Stan. "So I make all the decisions."

Dipper began to pace. He didn't know if Wendy would be able to see Ronald because she was a teenager. But technically, she's still a kid, right? He didn't know the age limit for the kids of eternity, but if it was thirteen, Dipper was screwed. He also knew Ronald would try to make him look bad because of the evil look spreading on his face.

Suddenly, Dipper stopped pacing because he heard the sound of a door opening. He looked over and to his dismay, Wendy was there, holding hands with Robbie.

Will Wendy be able to see Ronald, or will Dipper look like a fool when Ronald tries to humiliate him. And what measures is Ronald willing to take to get Dipper to say yes? Find out in Chapter Two, which I'll upload after getting either five reviews, or a certain amount of time passes.