"LEO GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!" Piper yelled. No reply. She humphed and turned to her sisters. "What is taking him so long?"

Paige shrugged.

"Maybe he's in a meeting. That's the normal excuse, right?"

"It doesn't look like he's coming." Sighed Phoebe. "You're going to have to call Chris."

"No way!" Piper protested. "When I said I didn't want to see him again I meant it."

"I don't want this anymore than you honey but we don't have much of a choice."

Piper contemplated this for a few minutes before giving in.

"Fine. CHRIS!"

There was a shimmer of orbs and Chris materialised in the living room.


Piper had to admit, one of the few good things about their mysterious whitelighter was that he always answered her calls.

"You look tired." said Phoebe.

"And homeless." added Paige.

Chris rolled his eyes.

"That's because I am." he replied.

Even Piper felt concerned when she realised he was dripping on the floor.

"You're bleeding." she said.

He didn't even look at the injury.

"Yes. Now what do you need me for?"

Slightly disconcerted by Chris' nonchalant attitude Piper started to explain.

"Wyatt was attacked by an upper level demon but there's no record of it in the Book."

"Is he okay?"

"We're not sure."

"Let me see him." Sensing Piper's reluctance Chris elaborated. "How am I supposed to work out anything if you won't let me see what's wrong?"

"The last time you got too close to Wyatt the Order kidnapped him!"

"But Wyatt trusted me in the end." Chris snapped and strode upstairs to the child's room.

The sisters chased after him.

Wyatt was playing in his crib as normal but as Chris stepped forward he realised something was very wrong.

"Kwis!" exclaimed the blonde child.

"Hey bud." he replied, forcing himself closer. "What happened to you?"

There were strange blue markings all over Wyatt's skin."

"Warty face!"

"That pretty much sums up the demon." said Paige.

Chris turned to face the sisters.

"Did it have blue spike around its neck?"

"Yes, why?"

Chris started to pace and tried to keep a cool head.

"No no no!" he muttered.

"I'm taking it this demon is bad news." said Phoebe.

"Very. It's taken down so many innocents, I mean, it will."

"You know it from the future?"

Chris let out a bitter laugh.

"It killed my mother."

There was a moment of silence.

"Chris I'm so -"

"Don't. I know the potion that can get rid of it for good."

"What about Wyatt?" Piper reminded him.

"With any luck, killing the demon should get rid of the infection."

"Wait, you're telling me my baby's survival is down to luck?"

"If you want to research your options go ahead, but we don't have much time. Leo's healing won't work. We have twelve hours max. Now if you'll excuse me I have a demon to vanquish. Paige can I borrow your mixing arm? It's important that I don't get my blood in this potion."


And with that Chris led the way to the kitchen.

"Keep an eye on Wyatt." Piper told Phoebe.

"What? Where are you going?"

"To research my options."

Meanwhile Chris started to collect the ingredients for the potion he still remembered first concocting at the age of fifteen. He'd had a whole year to grieve; the next stage had been revenge. He never got to use his potion however until he joined the resistance.

Paige watched the whitelighter ransack the cupboards and noted the jerky movement of his right arm.

"Are you okay?"


He reached up for another ingredient but quickly withdrew his hand, hissing in pain.

"That is not the sound a 'fine' person makes." said Paige coming over to him. "Show me."

"I'm – " She grabbed his arm. "OW!"

Paige pulled up the sleeve to reveal a deep cut that ran across Chris' skin.

"How did you get this?"

"Demon hunt." he sighed. "Could you do me a favour and pass the pepper?"

Paige obliged raising an eyebrow.

"Pepper? That's a little unorthodox."

"I didn't have much to work with. It goes in first." he replied.

He raised his arm over the mixing pot. It trembled. Chris gritted his teeth.

"Let me do it." said Paige snatching the pepper.

"Thanks. Just put in a few shakes."

"No problem. Just do something about that arm, I don't think it's meant to tremble like that."

"Okay." Chris agreed. "Put in a cup of castor sugar."

Paige raised an eyebrow but did as she was told. Meanwhile Chris bandaged up his arm.

"You must've really annoyed that demon."

"I got off lucky. I've had worse than this, today I was careless." Suddenly his eyes widened. "Paige did anyone else touch Wyatt after he was infected by the Jagron? I mean like skin on skin."

"We all did. I was worried about my little nephew."

"I'll take care of the potion from here." Chris promptly announced.

"Uh uh! You're not doing anything with your arm like – whoa!"

Paige swayed. Chris didn't bother to ask if she was okay. He knew she wasn't.

"Paige listen to me, this is very important. In what order did you all touch Wyatt?"

"Piper was first, then me, then Phoebe. Chris I don't feel too good."

Paige put one hand on her head and then stared at it in awe. Blue markings edged their way across her skin. Chris turned to look into the living room. With a wave of his hand the cushions from the sofa were on the kitchen floor. Paige flopped onto them.

Chris orbed upstairs. Sure enough Piper was already unconscious beside the Book. He orbed back to the kitchen, unable to believe he'd forgotten how contagious the infection could be. This was just one of the Jagron's many killer methods. He had to finish the potion fast. That was when Phoebe walked in.

"Oh my god! Paige!"

"Don't touch her!" Chris warned.

"What happened?"