"I forgot how contagious the infection is. All it takes is one touch." he explained adding more ingredients to the potion.

"You forgot!?" Phoebe screeched.

"Even if I'd remembered earlier it wouldn't have changed anything. You all touched Wyatt before you called me."

"It would have been nice to get a heads up! Oh my god, Piper…"

"She's already down."

"Chris we need Leo."

"NO." he yelled, then paused to calm himself. "Even elders aren't immune to this."

Chris remembered all too well how his brother had used the infection to wipe out the heavens.

"Chris we have no choice. LEO!"

Chris glared at her.

"The potion is almost ready." he snapped.


Phoebe collapsed. Leo finally materialised.

"Don't touch her!" Chris warned.

"What did you do?" he asked instantly.

"Me? Nothing!"

"Where's Piper?"

"Piper's upstairs and unconscious thanks to this super virus that demon unleashed."

"Where's Wyatt?"

"He was the first to be infected." Chris saw the determined look on the elder's face. "Leo, no! You can't heal them."

"Why not?" snapped the elder.

"Because then you'll be infected too!" Chris shouted.

"Well then what am I supposed to do?"

"Let me make this potion in peace."

Leo eyed the bowl sceptically as Chris' quivering arm added raisins to the mix.

"That's – "

"What do YOU know about potion making Leo? It's just like cooking; you're never there for it!" Chris yelled.

Leo pursed his lips.

"What will this potion do exactly?"

"Vanquish Jagron."

"Jagron?" said Leo angrily. "Shouldn't our priority be healing Wyatt and the girls?"

"If Jagron dies so does his disease."

"How long does my family have left?"

"Less than twelve hours." Chris informed him.

For a few silent minutes Leo watched Chris stirring and adding ingredients.

"Chris – "

"What?" the whitelighter snapped.

"Let me heal your arm."

"No. I don't need your help."

"Chris if the girl's lives depend on your potion making skills then surely you want to have a steady hand?"

Chris stopped stirring. Despite the lack of movement his arm still trembled. He sighed. For once, Leo did have a point.

"Fine." he conceded.

Chris thrust his injured arm at the elder. Leo's hands hovered over it and a soothing glow appeared. After a few seconds Chris withdrew his arm and continued to stir. Leo rolled his eyes. Of course he wasn't going to get a thank you.

"How can I help?" he sighed.

"I need to find Jagron." Chris replied. "Check Wyatt's room for demon flesh or blood. Knowing Piper that thing won't have gotten away unscathed. Use it to scry for him."

Leo nodded. He might not like Chris, but he had to do something and it appeared that the mysterious whitelighter was the only person who knew what to do; or at least, the only conscious person.

Whilst Leo got down to his search Chris continued with the potion. It was very nearly done. All it needed was mushrooms.

Even he had to admit that it was a bizarre, very unorthodox recipe but then again, little had been available to him at the time. He'd been so upset and angry that the familiarity of the ingredients had been soothing. He'd poured all his hate into one single potion, in the hope that it could contain the explosion until he found the right demon to unleash it on. Chris was unsure how his emotions affected the magic he put in potions, perhaps he was mildly empathic or maybe it was just a witch thing; either way, they did, and given Chris' current state of mind, knew he should have no problem in making the concoction explosive enough.

As well as the memories of his mother's death, he also had his frustration concerning his family's mistrust of him to take advantage of. He'd been used to Leo acting like this in the future but having his aunts gazing at him in such a way was different.

Chris glared at the potion and stirred the mushrooms in. It frothed and turned a sickly green colour. He gave it a few minutes to settle and the mixture turned a deep purple, with an angry hiss of steam. He coughed and reeled back from the disgusting smell. It was ready.

"Le-" He stopped and swayed. "Uh oh."

Chris shook his head and tried to focus. He hadn't touched Wyatt, or Phoebe or Piper or Paige – wait. Paige had touched him when she was trying to see his arm.

Fortunately Chris knew he had a little longer than she'd had before collapsing. The power of Jagron's infection was diluted somewhat through transmission, but not by much. This only made the potion ten times more important.

"LEO!" Chris yelled.

The elder orbed into the kitchen.

"I've found it, I've found it stop yelling!" he complained, holding up a bloody tissue containing demon flesh.

Chris smirked slightly. He was getting under his skin.

"Start scrying. The potion is ready."

As Leo turned Chris let out a short gasp of pain. The elder turned to face him.

"Are you okay?"

"Fine." he lied. "Just find the demon."

Leo headed into the sitting room and started to scry. Chris carefully poured out the potion into the vials and staggered after him.

On entering the room he fell onto the sofa but forced himself to sit up so he could watch the scrying.

"Have you found the demon yet?"

Leo was looking at him with unusually concerned eyes.


"Hurry up."

"Chris are you sure – " he reached out.

"Don't touch me!" Leo's hand retracted. Chris sighed, now he'd have to explain. "Paige touched me first. I'm infected." The elder's eyes widened. "Don't just stare at me! Start scrying!"

Finally Leo started to scry. Chris focussed on staying conscious and not panicking. Neither were particularly easy feats.

After what seemed like an age, Leo finally spoke.

"Found him."