Kaylee looked out the window as the planet drifted away. It got smaller and smaller. She must have watched this a million times while she was on Serenity, but this time was different. The planet had kept something of hers, something she wanted back. Inara had stayed on that planet.

Kaylee knew that no planet could compare to Serenity. She wondered how this one could have for Inara. She didn't feel like that was why she had left. Inara had stayed on Serenity for more than a year. She could've gotten off at any point. When she had asked, Inara had simply replied that it was her time to leave. That didn't make sense. How could you tell?

Simon and River didn't think it was their time to leave. Kaylee didn't think so either. They hadn't left yet, but Kaylee knew her captain was planning their departure already. Mal was like a big brother to her, but she hated how he was pushing everyone away. Who would go next?

All she could hope for was that the captain would somehow forget about it. Maybe he would realize it was unnecessary. The hope was very bleak, though. Inside, Kaylee knew Mal wouldn't change his mind. She would miss them both so much. River was her playmate. She made her feel like a little kid again. They had played all sorts of games together, tag and jacks to name a few. She would miss Simon the most, though. She just wished he would acknowledge her feelings. She had been wearing her heart on her sleeve, and she knew he felt the same way. She just wanted him to say it first. Inara had used to talk to her about Simon. She had given her advice and had usually been right.

She missed Inara. They would always do the girly things together, like braid hair and talk about boys. Now that part of her life was almost entirely gone, as her romantic life soon would be. Why was the captain just stripping it all away.

Kaylee had often felt like Mal didn't respect that part of her. He complimented her on her mechanical skills sometimes, but he rarely even acknowledged that she was a woman and sometimes she wanted girly things. She remembered when he had laughed at her when she had wanted to get a pink, frilly dress. In the end, he bought it for her, but only because he wanted to go to a ball to meet a client. He had made that very clear to her. He had danced with Inara at that ball. Kaylee could see that Mal had feelings for Inara, and, much as she may deny it, Inara had feelings for him too. Why would he let her get away? Kaylee would do everything in her power to keep Simon from leaving. Mal hadn't so much as said a word of protest.

How could he justify that? How could he just discard those people, people he loved? They were part of Serenity's crew. They were part of the big extended family that lived on Serenity. Maybe Inara had some choice in the matter, but Simon and River hadn't. They had been on the ship for nearly a year now. Simon had healed nearly everybody on her.

Book had left too. He had always been very kind. He took a lot of things on faith. That was part of being a shepherd. He had gone to a small civilization on a moon near the edge. She wondered if he had left because of Mal or if he really wanted to see that moon. The moon had been a nice enough place. She supposed it was at least part Mal, but it seemed a good place to escape to.

She wished Mal would stop isolating himself. She worried about him. Besides, he had been hurting people other than himself. Kaylee's heart ached for every lost friend.

The planet was long since out of sight, but Kaylee still hovered at the window. She wished they weren't all being scattered. She wanted everyone to stay right here with her. This was her home, and they were her family.