So I intended to write a prequel of sorts to my other story Christmas Secrets, but I couldn't be that heartless twice. So this is what I came up with. In my mind Natasha would be a fun loving girl around Clint while maintaining the Black Widow facade with everyone else. Also no one else knows about their relationship, and in my little universe they've been married for several years. Oh and I don't own anything, wish I did but I don't.

She stared at the white stick chanting ever so lightly, "Please let it say what I think it's going to say." She felt her heart rising in her chest as the second pink line started to appear. She let out a scream, one that Clint would laugh at but the others would look at her as if her head had fallen off. She tended to be very reserved around the others, but with Clint she could be herself. She could be the girl that she was always supposed to be with him. "Oh I totally need to bake something!" She was giddy with excitement. How as she going to tell him? She would probably pretend nothing was going on with her until she could tell him on Christmas, which was a week away. "J, not one word of this to Clint or the others."

"Yes, ma'am." She could always count on the AI to keep her secrets. She went to the closet to find her wrapping supplies. She picked the perfect box, one that had probably held a bracelet from the shape of it and wrapped it with as much care as she could. Clint had been summoned to Fury's office, probably because of the lack of paperwork from his last mission. If that was the case she still had as least thirty minutes before he would be back. She knew that that would be enough time to start her favorite dessert, Baklava.

When Clint walked in he could hear her singing along with the radio. "Honey, I'm home." That simple phrase had started out as a joke when they had first gotten together but now it was routine. It was a way to let the other know that they weren't in any trouble. He wondered slowly down the hall checking over the mail that he had picked up. He rounded the corner, glanced up at her and then stopped completely. "Nat, what are you wearing?"

She grinned at him. "What you don't like them?" She looked down at the new PJ pants that she had bought when she had gone out earlier. "I thought you would like them so much that I actually bought them in your size, but they're so soft that I couldn't resist wearing them!" She ran a hand down the leg of the pants in demonstration. "Besides isn't this the official logo now?"

He stared at her for moment longer before stepping closer and running his hand down the path that hers had traveled. "They are soft, but seriously Nat, Avenger pants?"

She let out a giggle. "Yeah, I thought it would be fun, and like I said they are so soft." She turned back to what she was doing.

He wrapped his arms around her and rested his chin on her shoulder watching her movements. "Whatcha doin?" He had a pretty good idea what was going on but didn't want to get to excited.

"Making Baklava." She turned her head where she could kiss his cheek. "I felt like baking today."

He started grinning. The last time she made Baklava she had agreed to marry him. "So what's the good news?" Natasha actually jumped at his question.

"No good news, just felt like having Baklava." Her mind was racing a mile a minute. Why couldn't she hide anything from him? Why had she made Baklava of all things? He shot her a look that clearly said he didn't believe her.

"Really? Come on Nat, I know you. Something's going on. Something good and I want in on it." He let go of her and poured himself a glass of tea and leaned against the sink.

She put her head down trying to analyze a way out this situation. There really wasn't one that didn't involve her hurting him in some way and she really didn't want to do that. "Well I was thinking we should tell the others about us."

He watched her for a minute longer. "I kind of like watching Tony trying to figure it out."

She let out a sigh and went to the tree retrieving the package she had so carefully wrapped that morning. "This is your only Christmas present."

"Aww Nat you shouldn't have." Clint fained surprise.

"Don't be a jerk," she playfully bumped into his shoulder. "Go on. Open it."

She watched as he gently tore open the paper. He looked at the box and up at her, almost as if he had an idea of what was inside. He swallowed visibly and opened the box. His breath caught in his throat and he looked up at her. "Natasha." He looked down again. "Is this what I think it is?" She noted that his hands had started trembling. The famous Hawkeye, who never missed a shot, who probably had the steadiest hands in the world, was trembling.

She wrapped her small fingers gently around his wrist, reveling in the strong steady rhythm she felt there. "Yes." He looked up at her with a mixed expression. One of fear and wonderment. She had seen that same expression a time or two during mission together. Usually when they had come out of a bad ordeal. He moved so quick she was actually startled by his bone crushing hug.

"This is the best gift in the world Tasha!" He loosened his grip and kissed her. He did his best to put everything that he was feeling into this kiss because there would be no way to describe it at all. He was terrified but ecstatic all at the same time. He couldn't wait for a time when her belly would be swollen with his child. He suddenly couldn't wait to tell the others about them, about how things really were.