Summary: A sweet fanfic focusing on Soubi and Ritsuka, (who else?) that touches on emotional despair, primarily from Soubi's perspective. Some chapters feature one or two lines of lyrics.

Disclaimer: I don't own Loveless or Josh Groban's song "War at home"



Chapter 1: "War at home"




Soubi climbed through the window into his sacrifice's bedroom. Hearing glass breaking and shouting from below, he knew exactly what was happening to the boy.

He knew what was happening and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

His blood boiled at the thought.

Moments later, he heard the sound of someone staggering up the stairs. Ritsuka walked in and quickly shut the door, leaning against it and breathing heavily. Sweat or tears carried down his cheeks, it was difficult to tell.

It took him a few moments to notice the man. *Innocence behind his broken expression, Ritsuka gave a half-smile. Limping toward the bed, Soubi rushed to his side to make sure he did not fall.

That woman

Soubi regarded his sacrifice's appearance. There were new bruises and a red mark on his face.

Just give me the order any day…

"I've missed you Ritsuka, why haven't you called or texted me? I could be wherever you want me, whenever you want."

"Right" Ritsuka responded that one word was heavily loaded.

To change the mood the fighter removed a bundle from his pocket. "I brought you this."

Ritsuka looked at the brightly colored wrapping paper, two smiling bears were ice skating. The depiction bothered him.

He had not forgotten what today was. First on his birthday and now today, his mother screamed at him what the real Ritsuka and her dear Semei did every year at this time. The real Ritsuka loved apple pie, the real Ritsuka was happy and hugged her when she gave him sweaters, and on and on. The words alone injured him, but she needed to add her hands and dishes to the assault.

He looked up at his fighter. Soubi bought a new camera for his birthday earlier this month. He wondered what gift was beneath the wrapping paper this time.

"Open it to find out." Soubi said as if reading his thoughts.

He carefully split the paper to reveal a black banded watch which showed the time in Roman numerals.

"Thank you."

The fighter removed it from the packaging and placed it around his sacrifice's wrist, then kissed his hand.

"It symbolizes the time I spend with the only Ritsuka, the one I love." He placed a kiss on small lips.

Ritsuka felt a rush of emotions, and threw his arms around the man. Though surprised, Soubi hugged back.

"Thank you Soubi."

Thank you Ritsuka…




End of chapter 1




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