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Chapter 4: "Yours alone"




Weeks of intense physical and psychological therapy passed. There was no difficulty as far as recalling that night's events, but being Ritsuka, he tried to give his mother's actions as much leeway as possible; in Soubi's favor though to his sacrifice's dismay the x-rays did not back up his altered story.

Soubi hated seeing Ritsuka unhappy, and hoped that after leaving this sterile smelling white washed building he'd feel better.

All would be better if his young love did not return to the "war at home".*

Walking into the hospital room, Soubi knocked on the door after seeing the curtain around the bed. "Do you need help getting dressed Ritsuka?" he asked, closing the door.

"Soubi? I'm so glad it's you and not a doctor or nurse."

"I'm so glad it's you"…

Those words made him happy. Each day he helped his sacrifice dress, as neither of them liked the thought of a stranger doing so.

"Um yeah could you help me with this?" The curtain moved revealing the boy standing on his pants legs. The waist of the pants was at his knees while blue underwear revealed nothing of his innocence.

Soubi couldn't help but smile for a moment as he walked closer to pull the pants up.

The boy tucked and fixed his shirt, "Ah".

"Are you alright?"

Gritting his teeth he replied "Yeah".

That was the way lately, and Soubi gritted his teeth as well, so as not to spit out all that he wished to do to his mother for every gasp of pain.

"I'm going to speak with the doctors today to see how much longer it'll be" he said dipping his head to place a kiss on the boy's cheek.

Long arms then wrapping around his sacrifice's torso, it felt so right. He was thankful for the measurable privacy of the curtain; Ritsuka didn't wriggle as much when no one could see. At this moment his sacrifice leaned into his embrace, both of them thankful for a reprieve.

A jarring knock on the door broke the sanctity of the moment.

"Agatsuma-san?" the croaky voice asked.

"Yes doctor" Soubi responded, hiding his annoyance.

"Ah I knew you'd be here. You're the first one in when visiting hours start. Could I speak with you?"

"Yes, just one moment." He looked to his sacrifice, "Do you need any more help Ritsuka?"

"I'll sit for a bit, I'm kind of tired" Ritsuka replied stepping back and sitting on the bed. "I'll be right back", he said with a quick kiss that brought redness to now lightly cheeks.

He stepped through the opening in the sliding curtain, closing it behind him. Walking just outside the doorway, he faced the grey man.

"Yes Dr. Mochizuki"

"Agatsuma-san I'll speak with Aoyagi-kun's therapists again after today's sessions, but the plan is for him to leave us as soon as this Thursday." The news made Soubi very happy.

Today's just Tuesday, how wonderful…

"Thank you doctor" he said as the white coat walked away. Reentering the room and closing the door, he walked through the curtain. "What do you think Ritsuka?"

I know you've had so much on your mind as of late. *All I need is a "yes"…

With a small smile his sacrifice replied "That's good news". Slowly sitting down beside him, Soubi asked "Have you thought about my offer?" He was angered by how his words sounded, as if it was some illegal drug-related matter. More gently "What I mean is have you decided?"

"Where to go after here?"

He nodded.

The boy let out a deep breath and spoke slowly "Yes I have, I've thought about it every day since you brought it up… Soubi could I… stay with you?"

His young sacrifice created his own spell with those magical words.

"Of course Ritsuka, you can stay with me as long as you want, forever if you wish, I love you."

His sacrifice hugged him tightly.

Now he would be kept safe, as it should be. Enormous woes would befall whoever dared hurt Ritsuka next.








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