Synopsis: This is a complicated story with interesting twists (Very much EWE). Ginny & Harry are married, though there's trouble in paradise and she's proposed an interesting option and Harry must determine (eventually) what he wants to do with his life, his marriage, and perhaps a future love affair? Also it's a bit AU as in Snape is alive, Ron and Hermione are no longer a couple (and Neville is gay).

Top!Harry Bottom!Draco

Warnings: Sexual concepts, Adultery, Emotional Manipulation, Mentions and Descriptions of Homo and Hetero sexual activities. There's some rough!sex but it's all consensual.

Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Draco/OC, Ginny/OC, Harry/Draco, Ron/Luna, Hermione/Snape. (There's a hint of Draco/Neville but it's quite subtle).

Disclaimer: I do not claim any sort of authority over the characters. They were introduced either in the Harry Potter novels or were inspired through the work of J.K. Rowling.

Rating: M

Chapter One: Open Marriage

'Harry we have to talk.' Ginny approached her husband on Christmas Eve, holding a wrapped present and rather a very serious look on her face.

'Alright.' Harry responded.

The conversation took an interesting turn for the rest of the night.

'You promise you won't judge me, no matter your response to my proposition?'

'I promise.' Harry responded rather reluctantly, unsure of where this was truly headed. They were going to be late for the Christmas Eve dinner at Ginny's parents' house and Mrs Weasley had already politely reminded him several times since he always seems to be running late.

'Are you happy?'

'Is this a trick question?'


'Okay, what do you want from me? Yes I am happy. I've got a decent job, and I still get to see my best friend as much as I can.'

'And me?' She asked when Harry had stopped talking.

'What about you, I love you, you know that. You're always off, and whenever you're back home, I spend as much time with you as I can before you go off to see your friends. It's great.'

Ginny had been a professional Quidditch player for over two years now and they had been married for three. After the war, Harry and Ginny courted only for a year before getting engaged then married. The wedding was rushed because Ginny didn't want to waste any time trying out for various teams before finding the right fit to pursue her professional career. She made a great chaser. Harry had little to no interest in pursuing another career that brought unnecessary attention to him. Though they had only been married for three years, they only saw each other handful of times every month. Even when the season was over, there was always practice.

The beginning of the travelling, and the marriage was quite hot. They did anything a normal newly married couple would do. Every time Ginny returned they were locked in the bedroom for days showing how much they missed each other. Eventually, work got in the way, and sometimes, the family and friends would be present at their home when Ginny had arrived.

'What are your thoughts on an open marriage?' Ginny asked hesitantly.

'Is this a joke?'

'No, not really.' Ginny gulped, 'I only ask because I want to make sure you're happy. I've got a mate on the team...'

'What you fancy him or something?' Harry interrupted.

'No! Of course not, just listen to me.'

Harry nodded and Ginny continued.

'So my mate, he's married too, and he just found out that while he's away his wife got herself another boyfriend and had been cheating on him and lying to his face, and they've got kids and everything.'

'I am not cheating on you Ginny.' Harry interrupted.

'I know, I mean, I am sure you're not because you're really sweet, and kind, and noble. I would never think that you'd cheat on me. But, I also want us to be happy.' Ginny answered.

'You're not happy? Is it you, do you want to fool around with you mates when I am not around?' Harry asked with a hint of sadness creeping in his eyes.

'No.' Ginny said, "But... if the opportunity did arise for either one of us, I want us to talk about it. Sometimes after a long day, we just need to let out our frustration sometimes, and you know, really need that...release.' She paused. 'And in the beginning a few times, I apparated back here to spend a few hours with you, but we both know how exhausting that was becoming for me and so we'd stopped.'

'Have you done anything...with anyone?' Harry asked 'You can tell me, I won't be mad. I just wish to know, is all.'

'No, I haven't I promise. But, to be honest, I have thought about it. Tell me, have you...thought about it I mean?'

'Sometimes, not a lot though.' Harry spoke guiltily. 'Like you said, after a long day, Ron and I usually go out for pints, he usually manages to find someone for the night to go home with, and I just know, that I could do that. But, I haven't...and I think it's more out of jealousy really than the fact that I need to be with someone, I just feel like, I wish I could do that. You know?' Harry was nervous, he was still afraid that Ginny might find his feelings offensive.

'Yeah, I know what you mean.' Ginny smiled.

'So, now what?' Harry didn't know what to say or ask, 'Do we get separated, get a divorce?' Harry didn't even know how one gets a divorce in the wizarding world. He was only 19 years old when he had gotten married.

'No divorce.' Ginny spoke firmly. 'I don't want to be a wizarding statistic, and worse, the first Weasley in the history to ever get a divorce.' Ginny thought it to be sad that she cared more about her reputation with her family and what the society would think, and what the Prophet would write if she divorced The Chosen One, but she wasn't ready for that. 'This is why I suggested open marriage.' She added. 'If you ever get the need to give yourself an edge. I imagine it'd be harder for you, given who you are and all...'

'I reckon it'd be loads easier for you.'

'Not loads, but I do travel quite often and I do get fans wanting to come back to my hotel room constantly.' She spoke with a hint of embarrassment on her face, to which Harry chuckled a bit.

'Yeah, I remember that. I used to have to take Polyjuice sometimes just so I could leave the hotel when I visited you.'

They both paused; they were definitely going to be late for this dinner.

'So, what are you saying? I am allowed to date whoever you want behind your back?'

'Not exactly, I am hoping more of a one nighters. It can't be someone you see on and off regularly, it's too dangerous.'

'Dangerous? For what?'

'The marriage, and our reputation. If you see the same person, eventually people are going to notice, and it'll get out. More like, you see someone you like, you make the proposal and you do your business, and you don't see anyone while I am here and same for me when you're visiting me.'

Ginny had always been quite popular at Hogwarts because of her beauty and her personality. Harry was glad when she had accepted to marry him, though he didn't think that this is how the marriage was going to turn out to be. I should have known, thought Harry, she has always been so free-spirited. How did I ever think she would tie down with me?

'I don't know Ginny, I don't know what to say.'

'You don't have to answer now, we don't have to decide upon anything at the present moment.' Ginny said, 'Let's go to the Burrow, you can mull it over and tell me a yes or no whenever you are ready to answer it. This doesn't mean that when I leave -right after New Year's- I am going to go and jump on the next bloke I can find. I am talking about us, our relationship, and our happiness. I don't want you to do something accidentally, if you're lonely and same for me, what if I make a mistake? I am merely exploring options for us. Do you understand?'

Harry nodded, Ginny smiled in return and stood up to kiss Harry's cheek. They were off to her parents' house.

Ginny and Harry arrived hand in hand at the Burrow where Molly Weasley only gave them grief for a few seconds for being the last ones to arrive. Not much to Harry's surprise, Ron had a date that no one had met before. Ever since Hermione had left him, he had barely spend a week alone. For some reason he had gained so much self-confidence after the war that it was rather nauseating, Harry thought. Ginny found it to be amusing because Ron had given her so much grief during their Hogwarts years for always dating someone new and now he was doing the exact thing he accused her of. 'Back off and mind your own business,' he once shouted at her and she did but not before pointing out the fact that she was doing so.

Harry noticed that Ginny was being extra affectionate with him today. He wasn't the only one. Ron later approached him and asked if everything was alright between the two of them because she was acting rather loving.

'She's my wife Ron, I should only hope she's being loving.' Harry whispered to Ron.

Ron's girl-of-the-day, Miranda, spoke rather loudly 'Maybe they're expecting.'

'Expecting what?' Ginny interrupted the conversation when she saw her husband and brother whispering to themselves in the corner.

'You, a child.' Miranda answered stridently. Everyone in the room gasped and looked at Harry and Ginny.

'Me? Are you mad? I've got a career to think about.' Ginny snapped back and returned to the dining table and continued setting it up.

Harry did his best to hide the disappointment he felt at Ginny's statement, though Ron caught it but didn't say anything. She was barely around, and now she further disrespected their marriage by vocally announcing that her career was more important than her marriage. Later that evening, she cornered harry in the kitchen and kissed him. 'I hope you're not too angry with me for the career comment.' She said to harry, she also had noticed his reaction. 'I just had to nip the rumour in the butt before anything became of it. My mum's bugging me about that sort of stuff all the time. She thinks that I am going to be like her and have half a dozen kids.'

'I understand' Harry said as he kissed her back one more time. Their private moment was interrupted again by Miranda who truly had trouble minding her voice, 'Keep up like that, and you're really going to have to worry about that career.'

Ginny groaned and stormed out of the kitchen but not before shooting a nasty look at Ron. 'I wish Hermione were here' she whispered, but she knew that she was loud enough for Ron and Molly to hear it. Molly immediately got a look of sadness on her face as though she too wished for that to be true. Ron groaned louder than Ginny, grabbed his jacket and left the house to go in the garden. He knew that even though his mother would never say it, she blamed him for Hermione leaving him. He was over the break-up, it had been over three years. The last time they had said anything to each other was when she had come to Harry and Ginny's wedding, since then, he had done his best to stay out of her way and she respected his wishes to do the same. Now, he wished he could go back to being friends with her but, they were still both stubborn as always. Harry, of course, was still stuck in the middle of this silent battle.

Miranda looked perplexed at the incident that just occurred in front of her, she gave Harry a confused look. He smiled at her and spoke 'Maybe you can go after him, it's quite cold out, tell him to come in.' She nodded still unsure of what happened and grabbed her jacket and went out the door. Harry left the kitchen as well and went to the living room to sit next to Ginny.

'Why do you cause such trouble?' He grinned at Ginny as he sat next to her cuddling. She grinned back and rested her head on his shoulder. The rest of the evening went by smoothly as Miranda had managed to calm Ron down, most likely by snogging and promise of sex later, Harry thought. He seemed in a better mood for the rest of the night and the rest of the household reoccupied in carols and jokes until it was time to leave.

The day after Christmas, Ginny left for a couple of days to catch up with other friends from Hogwarts as Harry went to visit Luna. Ginny was going to see Luna for New Year's so she didn't feel the need to go with Harry to visit his friends. She also figured that he needed to talk with someone about what she had proposed and talking to her brother was probably not the best option, so Luna would be the next best bet for Harry. Harry had similar intentions for visiting Luna, if anyone could be painfully honest with him without a hint of remorse, it would be her and he really needed an outsider's standpoint.

'It sounds like she really wants to do this, Harry, so all you can do is either agree to it or ask for a divorce.' Luna stated.

'She won't divorce me.' Harry said.

'If you could do it again, would you have asked her to marry you at 19?'

'No, probably not. I should have let her go and pursue her profession, I feel like I tied her to me.'

'Then, perhaps, this is your chance to let her go. What's making you hold on to her…besides the fact that you're legally obligated to be held onto each other?' Luna asked.

Harry couldn't answer. He truly didn't know. It has just been a routine to him. She was off, and he was always busy with work. He sort of just waited around for her to return, he had gotten used to being quite independent and didn't really need her company. He was just, like Luna said, obligated to her. He didn't even miss sex that much, he had started to wonder whether he was asexual, or just a person who doesn't need to be in a sexual relationship so much.

'I suppose, it's more obligatory than anything else. But, it can't be just like that, I mean I was mad for her 6th year and I thought of her constantly when I was out searching for horcruxes.' Harry said.

'Harry that was 6 years ago, people change, feelings change, look at Ron and Hermione. I am sure Hermione was mad for Ron but she developed a new friendship with someone and that developed into love. It's normal for some people to fall out of love.' Luna answered and then proceeded to pick up a copy of the Quibbler and began reading it upside down.

Harry contemplated what Luna said. It was true what she said about Hermione. During the war, after Nagini attacked Snape, Harry, Ron and Hermione had come to his rescue. Hermione held Snape's hand and apparated him to St. Mungo's right away, after he was safe in the hospital she returned to the battle. After the war, Hermione visited Snape at least twice a week, he was admitted for over a month due to the severity of his injuries. The same know-it-all attitude that annoyed Snape about Hermione, he had found endearing as she brought her own healing potions for him and always kept the hospital staff on their toes. Hermione, too, was taken a little by Snape's story and his love for Lily, and she didn't even know when it happened but she had fallen in love with Severus.

Harry was still considering all of this when Luna interrupted his thoughts with more stories and theories of other couples breaking up and some of them getting back together, like George and Angelina, and her favourite, her and Neville. Neville, who had turned out to be gay. Harry never understood how Luna had dealt with that when Neville was so apologetic to her and she had been nothing but kind to him, especially after she had walked in on him having sex with another man. She had then continued to write an article in the Quibbler about Signs you can notice to know whether your boyfriend is gay. Neville was incredibly embarrassed after that article had been published because it discussed in deep details about their 'bedroom' life. Luna, of course, thought she was being helpful and didn't understand.

Harry still wasn't thoroughly convinced. Ginny was leaving on the 12th of January to start practice trials for her team and would be gone for four weeks. They decided to attend Snape birthday dinner together which Hermione had arranged. Though Ginny didn't understand how and why their relationship started and has lasted, she never showed any animosity towards the girl that broke her brother's heart. She simply figured, as long as her brother wasn't moping around missing her it was fine. She thought, Ron looked quite happy and healthy. She enjoyed making fun of the women he'd bring home for dinner and the constant owls she'd receive from her mother describing them one after the other. Ginny never thought that Phlegm would ever become mother's favourite.

After they returned from the dinner, Harry had been quite silent.

'Are you alright dear?' Ginny asked as she began packing in their bedroom.

'Yeah, I think I need more time to think about it. You know, really think about it while you're away.' Ginny answered.

'Okay, that's fine.' A sense of guilt came across Ginny and she established that she might have sent the wrong message. 'Harry…' she began, 'I love you, you're my husband and I wish nothing more than for us to be together. What I said, it was merely a suggestion, and you don't have to agree to it. I didn't say that you weren't enough, that this isn't enough. I just got scared about what happened with my teammate and I didn't want the same thing to happen to us. That's all. I just know that this isn't really working and I simply wanted to talk about it.'

Harry nodded. 'It's fine Ginny, I understand what you're saying. I think I am still in shock. The only time I've had to think about it is now when I am not at work because I don't want this to come in the middle of my work. You understand?' Ginny nodded with a soft smile, Harry continued. 'Maybe we can see how it is for the next four weeks and then I can tell you what I want to do?'

Ginny agreed and finished packing. She was content with the fact that Harry wasn't disgusted, hadn't said no and had not asked for a divorce. When she prepared herself for bed, Harry had already fallen asleep. She wrapped her arm around harry and kissed the back of his neck. He mumbled. She whispered his name and he turned around. This is when he noticed that she had very little clothing on. He kissed her and she got on top of him, movement matching movement and hands caressing everything. The night lasted a very long time, longer than Harry had ever remembered for it to last. When they were finished, he held her and they fell asleep together. In the morning Harry woke up at 7 a.m. and Ginny had already left.

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