Dean propped himself against the lamp post. He didn't feel the chill in the wind, he didnt see his breath freeze in the air. He spun the ring absently on his left hand and looked into his brother's concerned face.

"This isn't real. This can't be real. I would never bring a child into this messed up world. Certainly not with CAS!" Dean mused.

"He cant get out of his own damned way half the time. The last thing I saw him do was demolish a damned antique shop. As if anyone could trust him with a kid. He is a good guy don't get me wrong, but he ..."

"SHE is the best thing that ever happened to you Dean. The baby is just a bonus. You wanted it. She dragged you out of hell for God's sake and you dragged her out of purgatory. You have been joined at the hip for four years! You need to get yourself together and just work through this until your memory straightens out or you get pulled back to your damned white room. Have you considered that the other memories are false and this is real? No? Well you are here now. Get over yourself. None if this is her fault. I can't believe you!"

"You sound like YOU are in love with her!" Dean yelled back.

"And YOU sound jealous." Sam spat back.

Dean watched Sam storm away. He headed to the Impala. He was going to stop this once and for all. The key started the car with a heavy thrum and he peeled out of the parking lot to find that angel statue. It all started with that.

He stormed into the room and saw Castiel standing with the statue in her hand. She looked up at Dean with crystal blue eyes and paused. She studied him with caution before gripping the statue with all her strength. Dean saw her intention before she acted. He was in agreement.

"This can not continue. I'm sorry Dean. I hope you find your path, and I hope my Dean finds ours." She said before crushing the statue to powder.

In a flash Dean saw the future in this timeline. The birth of his son, his future children, years of companionship and love, a home, a family. Hunting. Sam's path mirrored his own. They did not die in a blaze of glory in a vain attempt to save the world. They lived to be crusty old men who touted ridiculous stories about ghosts and demons, angels and dragons. He saw Grandchildren, Christmas trees, weddings and funerals.

He took his last breath looking into his wife's eyes before he was hurled back to the sterile white chair.

He was done. He tried to calm his fiercely beating heart. The vision of his mother strode over to him and squatted down next to his chair. She waited.

Dean looked up at her. "Are we done here?" He said angrily.

"Dean. This was your life. All of these were paths not chosen. I am going to give you that choice..."

"Screw choice. Since when have I ever had a choice? You people have been spitting the word DESTINY at me for years. Put me back in my life and go screw yourself who ever you are. I played your game and its done." Dean said.


"Where the HELL is Cas?" Dean spat at Sam.

"Where the hell have you been? We have been searching for you for three damned days!" Sam yelled.

"CAS!" Dean yelled.

Castiel materialized inches from Dean's left arm. Dean's eyes widened and he punched the intruder squarely in the jaw. Cas reared back slightly and Dean nursed his injured hand under his arm pit before scrambling back.

"What the hell are you doing?" Sam asked Dean, confused.

"I heard you call. We were searching for you." Cas explained.

"What the hell? Who the hell are you?" Dean spat at the trench coated man.

"Dean, that is just called to him." Sam said slowly. "Maybe you should sit down."

"The hell it is!" Dean said. "Where is my wife damn it!", Dean took in the man in a glance. There were some similarities. The coloring, the slight build. Those eyes...oh no.

"Cas?" Dean said more quietly. "Are you in there?" Dean said, closely looking over Castiel.

Cas cocked his head to the left and stared at Dean in confusion. Dean knew that gesture.

"Oh God, its true. Get out of there! Where is your...usual, hell where is the baby? What the hell is going on here?" Dean said beginning to pace.

"I am unaware of any missing child Dean. Perhaps Sam is correct and you should sit." Cas said taking Dean's arm. Dean pulled away and spun back on the man.

"I have been tossed all over the planet and THIS is what I come back to? My wife is in a DUDE?" Dean demanded. Where is your vessel? Is the baby OK? Wait...white room I need to get back to the white room. This is some kind of sick joke right? Bastards."

"Dean, I am really confused. Are you saying that Cas is your...well. You aren't saying that you are married to Castiel are you?" Sam said. Dean looked at him with venom in his eyes. "I guess you are saying that. I...well...that's..." Sam continued to search for words until he burst into laughter.

"I fail to see the amusement in this situation Sam." Cas stated.

"This all started with that damned angel statue. Where the hell is my back pack?" Dean said, rifling through it in a fury. He pulled the statue out and tossed it onto the floor before aiming his handgun at it and blowing it into a million pieces.

In less than a second Dean was gone. Cas and Sam peered at each other over the spot where Dean had stood.

"Now what?" Sam said. Cas just shrugged.