italic its part of the dream

funfan1 is seen on the ground in a mystic realm sleeping.

I Woke up in some kind of limbo. Have you ever seen a movie or TV show were the person has a dying experience and there in a place with clouds and shit well that's what it looked like just fucking clouds! Then I heard a voice "you really give up to easily." Turning I saw a man about my age wearing a navy blue jacket, red shirt and jeans. "Who are you, were am I?" I asked the young man shook his head smiling "think about it." I thought for a minute then my eyes went wide. "Dan?" I was shocked here in front of me stood my very own character. "We need to talk." we looked each other up and down. "I expected you to be taller, and older no offense." Dan shrugged saying that none was taken "Look man we've both been on this sight for almost three years and yeah as much as people say I'm a superman rip off there kind of right." I said nothing "okay let me just give you a few idea's." I just stood there "okay first off the powers don't get me wrong the invulnerability, super-speed, super-strength, types of vision, hearing and healing is awesome." I smiled "but come on man give powers that make the man of steel look like a teddy bear." I looked at him like what you want to have just invulnerability, super-speed, super-strength, and healing?" I asked Dan shook his head "If you decide to restore my powers just make it come from some wear that's not the sun or moon."

I rolled my eyes "Dan haven't you figured it out the sun and moon aren't what grant you your power, it your heart the want to protect your friends." Dan looked confused "The sun and moon only increase your abilities." I finished my character nodded. "as for weaknesses I'll come up with something." There was a long silence that Dan broke. "now about my name." I looked at him "what about it?" "The blur." He shook his head. "it sounds like something happening during sex I want something strong, I want something simple some thing that actually makes sense." I looked at him "like what?" I asked my character shrugged "I don't know maybe…ridgeway." "you mean Ridgeway as in a ridgeway hawk?" He shrugged "Just an idea, and hey do me a favor tell dalexfan1 to stop making me look like a geek." I smiled shaking my head then shook Dan's hand Nice meeting you man." I said "you too." I watched as my character walked off and then walked away myself.

Funfan1 is stopped by a girl "Hey you should listen to him." funfan1 looks at her "Excuse me did Alex Russo just tell me to listen?" Alex glares at funfan1 "okay smart ass time to wake up!" Alex waves her wand and funfan1 vanishes "Why are all men jerks?" Alex asked herself as she walked off