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"So you were never a saint

And I loved in shades of wrong.

We learn to live with the pain,

Mosaic broken hearts,

But this love is brave and violent..."

The rain was incessant. Hadn't let up for the past two hours. Caroline chose to concentrate on the sound of the drops of water hitting the ground rather than on the pain in her heart. She wanted more than anything to be able to stand next to Tyler today, just to hold his hand. To be the shoulder that he leaned on… cried on. He wouldn't allow it though. When she arrived at his mother's gravesite for the burial, Tyler managed to look up to see who had joined him, only to snarl when he saw her approaching, halting her mid-step. Caroline sighed and went to go stand next to Stefan, who had received the same treatment.

"At least he didn't tell us to get lost," Stefan said with a sad smile and giving her hand a comforting squeeze. "But barely," Caroline replied in a whisper only Stefan could hear.

Freaking Klaus, Caroline thought to herself. Just when she was ready to give him a chance as a friend he had to go and remove any hope she begrudgingly had for him. "We've all done horrible things… what makes us any better than him?" Stefan had asked. But he was different. Where they killed out of an uncontrollable bloodlust or self-defense, Klaus killed out of revenge. He was just like Damon.

She hated them both.

Staring at the raindrops, Caroline thought back to the last conversation she had with Tyler. It was the night Klaus killed Mrs. Lockwood and left her in the center of the town to be found by Tyler. He had carried her body home and cried over her with a bottle of whiskey in hand. Caroline found him this way, kneeling by the blazing fireplace. "Tyler," she called out to him quietly from the doorway. She had gotten a call from her mother an hour ago informing her Tyler was seen carrying a lifeless Carol home right after a witness had placed Klaus leaving the town square with blood dripping all over him. Caroline had been comforting Stefan at the time, who had just found out that his brother and ex-girlfriend had gotten it on behind his back. She came as fast as she could to comfort Tyler while Stefan, putting his grief at the betrayal aside, went to compel the witness to forget the traumatizing image of Klaus.

Tyler looked up, hearing Caroline call his name. Anguish and pain were clearly evident on his tear-streaked face. It broke Caroline's heart. She rushed to him, but before she could get there his face had changed. The pain was replaced by steely determination and an anger that was directed at her that she couldn't understand. He held up a hand as she reached him, making her keep her distance. "You don't get to be here," Tyler said. "You have been siding with him for a while now. He's been feeding your ego all this time he's been ruining my life, and you've enjoyed it!"

"Tyler-," Caroline tried to interrupt but he wasn't done yet.

"NO! It's always about you and your friends, and what's best for them. You're supposed to be MY girlfriend! But it's always about you. This entire relationship has been about doing what you want to do, hanging out with your friends, protecting your friends. You couldn't for once put me first. You sacrificed MY friend to save Elena, who- let's face it, needs to die. How many friends are you willing to sacrifice to keep her alive?! Why can't you face the fact that Elena's every survival has brought pain to the rest of us? If she had died on that bridge with her parents you wouldn't be dead, Bonnie's mother would still be alive, Damon and Stefan wouldn't constantly be in a struggle over her, Jeremy wouldn't have lost Jenna, I'd still have uncle Mason and I WOULDN'T BE A FREAKING HYBRID! We'd both be alive and living out the possibility of a happily ever after complete with a family in our future."

Caroline, at a loss for words with the hatred in Tyler's eyes, could only stare open mouthed, wanting to say something but not knowing what. It didn't matter. Tyler was on a roll.

"Klaus made me a hybrid. He set me on a path that hurt you. So I went to fix myself. FOR YOU. I was fine with him before it meant losing you. So I changed for you. And what did you do? You went on a freaking date with him! You've spent every moment you've had with him flirting and he's been softening you… I changed for you and you… you changed for him…"

At this point Caroline had heard enough. With tears in her eyes she stopped him, "Stop it, Tyler. Stop. I love you. Klaus can't change that. And all the time I've spent with him has been to distract him and get him on our side. I would never do something like this. Not to you. Not ever. I love you."

Tyler just shook his head with a defeated laugh. "Yeah, you love me, but you can never put our love before what Stefan needs or what will help Elena. You picked them so I'll pick me. You go be with your friends. I don't need you anymore. You were never there for me anyway." And with that he turned away. Caroline was dismissed.

She came to the funeral hoping he'd cooled down and was ready to talk it out without his grief clouding his judgment, but obviously that was not the case. Caroline sighed in exasperation. Just gotta wait him out.

As she was pondering the best course of action to take with Tyler, Caroline got the feeling she was being watched. She looked up and didn't notice anyone out of the ordinary but the hair on her neck was prickling with unease. She looked over her shoulder and there, a little ways down, stood Klaus. Wearing a grim expression, hands behind his back and his gaze unwavering from Caroline, he tilted his head inviting her towards him.

The audacity of this man! Caroline wasn't scared. She knew by now that he wouldn't hurt her, but she was angry and feared for Tyler. Beside her, Stefan turned to see what caught her attention and stiffened at the sight of Klaus. He moved to approach Klaus, but Caroline stayed him with her hand. "Let me handle this," she said. Stefan hesitated before giving a single nod.

As Caroline approached him Klaus opened his mouth to speak, but Caroline stopped him, raising her hand and pushing him down the hill, away from the gravesite and Tyler. "What the hell do you think you're doing here? Haven't you caused enough damage?" Caroline asked.

"On the contrary, love, I haven't even begun." Klaus smirked.

For some reason this didn't scare Caroline, even though subconsciously she knew it should. "Klaus, whatever plans you have, whatever you think you're doing you need to stop. Please. Just… not today. Just leave Tyler alone. Please," she pleaded.

Klaus seemed to consider it. "Since you asked so nicely, what with all the 'please' and stuff, I'll make you a deal. You come with me. I leave here with you instead of him."

Caroline stared at him in disbelief. She got the feeling this was what he was after when he arrived at the Mystic Falls Cemetery. She wanted to adamantly decline, but she couldn't risk Tyler. Not today. So, with his face in mind, she said, "okay. Where are we going?"


He brought her to his mansion. Caroline had been here once for the ball thrown by his family. That night the place was dressed up in lights, showing off the mansion's grandeur. Tonight however, Caroline was in awe of the place stripped from all the trappings of the ball. My entire house can fit into just the foyer, Caroline thought to herself.

Klaus watched her take in his home, the admiration evident on her face. "Make yourself at home. I'll just be a minute," he said as he walked up the stairs.

"Yeah…" Not likely. She stayed in her spot by the door and took in the landscape hanging on the wall. It was a nighttime painting. The moon was reflected perfectly on a lake surrounded by the forest. There was a haunting quality to it. She started to turn away from it but noticed something hidden in the corner of the dark woods: a lone wolf standing still, facing the painter.

"There's a secluded lake in the heartland of Russia that wasn't discovered until the late 1800s. I assure you the painting does no justice to its beauty before it got overrun by seasonal tourists," Klaus said from behind her.

Caroline slowly turned to face him. He'd changed out of his wet clothes, she noticed. "It's one of yours, isn't it? You painted this."

With a flattered and cocky look, Klaus handed her the towel he brought from upstairs to dry her rain soaked hair. "Glad to see you recognize my work," he said as she dried hair. "Yes, I painted it in the 1600s during a dark period in my life. I had just lost the doppelganger, you see, and I had to work off a temper."

Caroline stopped drying herself and turned back to the painting, the significance of the wolf finally dawning on her. "You're lonely. You related to the wolf that you so desired to be but you were left able to be only half of who you are." Angry now, she threw the towel at his chest and stepped away from him and the painting. "You're lonely and last night you ensured that Tyler is as well, because you were mad that he took away the hybrids you created to be your comrades, or whatever."

"Quite the statement, Caroline," Klaus said, folding the towel and raising an eyebrow at her.

"Yeah, but the jokes on you, Klaus. See… you failed. You wanted him to be as lonely as you are, but he isn't lonely. He has me. Always will. I love him, and as much you'd hate to believe it, I trust him. So he'll still have love and you will only have your pride."

With his face growing grim with each word she said, he dropped the towel and sped over to where she stood in the entryway to his sitting room. Looming over her, he said, "and what you don't know, sweetheart, is that I went by his house the other night, intent on torturing if not killing him, and I happened to hear a very interesting conversation…"

Caroline felt her cheeks go hot but lifted her chin so as not to let him know he unsettled her. "You don't know what you heard."

Klaus took a step back, apparently satisfied with the reaction on Caroline's face. "I don't think you have him the way you want to believe, Caroline."

"You know nothing. Tyler's just.. mad right now. It's… the werewolf aggression in him. He'll come around," Caroline said, not wanting to acknowledge how close he was to the truth.

"Maybe. Or maybe, unlike with that fake spat of yours over the lovely Hayley, this really is the end between you two. I'm certain Tyler believes so. You won't go back to him, love," Klaus declared with a confidence that rattled Caroline's nerves. He had a plan and she was certain she was playing right into it.

"Why won't I?" she asked.

Klaus smiled and walked around her to sit comfortably on the couch behind her. "Because, sweetheart, you're going to sacrifice your 'love' for his safety." Knowing she didn't yet understand him, Klaus leaned forward and looked up at her face. "You are going to stay here. With me. As long as you're here I won't go after Tyler in any way."

Confused beyond belief, Caroline took a seat in the armchair to his right. "Until when?" she asked.

"Until I get you out of my system."

"But why?! Look, I never liked you before, but after what you did to Mrs. Lockwood I hate you. Isn't that enough to get over me? Couldn't you get me out of your system by leaving Mystic Falls? I'm sure California has many other blondes for you to follow around!"

"Perhaps, but you… have a hold on me, Caroline," he said hesitantly, not quite wanting her to know the power she had over him. "I tell myself not to trust you, not to indulge myself and my time in pursuing you, yet somehow I keep coming back to you." This said, he got up and started pacing around the room, leaving Caroline seated and more confused than ever.

"Do you think I don't know when you and your friends are playing you against me? I've been around for a while, sweetheart. I can sense distraction from a mile away. And still, for some reason I find myself giving into you.. hoping you'll change your mind. Hoping you'll give me a chance. I keep giving you chances and you keep disappointing me, yet… I still find myself waiting for the next time I get to be around you."

With this he paused to lean down and brace his hands on the armchair Caroline was seated at. She leaned back, feeling guiltier with each statement out of his mouth. "What is this hold you have on me?!" he said snarling in her face. "Why can't I get you out of my head?"

"I don't know…" she whispered, looking up into his eyes. She saw his confusion and pain and knew her eyes mirrored his.

"No, I don't suppose you do…" he whispered more to himself. Then he straightened and walked to the fireplace, pouring himself scotch. "I'm not used to wanting something I can't have and I don't want to want you anymore. I had plans, but Tyler changed all that. I had plans for Elena that don't seem so significant anymore. I have new plans now and they don't include you, not with all the betrayal you seem to be throwing around lately. So you're going to stay here, with me, until my mind can get over its fascination with you."

This was what she wanted, but for some reason his words hurt her. "How will my being here change anything?"

Klaus stared at her until she was sure he wouldn't answer. Then he said, "My hybrids experienced a bond to me that made them want to please me. I am experiencing the same desire for you. I now know how Tyler felt about me. I assure you it is most unpleasant and quite inconvenient. However, there is a way around all spells and bonds, as Tyler has proven. You just have to want it bad enough. I am not weak like Elena. I am the alpha male. I am going to find a way around this, around you."

Caroline couldn't believe this. Klaus had feelings. Not just that. He had genuine feelings. For her. By the confusion on his face, it was evident that he wasn't familiar with these feelings. He was one of those vampires who believe love and caring made you weak, made you a liability. All this time Caroline thought he was just amusing himself with her… he was actually thinking about her.

In that moment Caroline knew, if she played it right, this trial of his could either work in her favor or be disastrous for all she loved.

"Rome, Paris, Tokyo… I promised you the world once. Now I just want to take mine back. As much as you've hurt me, Caroline, I don't want to hurt you. But if this doesn't work out soon I will kill you. I cannot afford to have a walking, talking distraction going about around town."

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