That Girl I Was Telling You About

Author: Dreamwind

Beta: tkeylasunset

Universe/Series: Hawaii Five-0 (2010)

Rating: R

Relationship: Steve McGarrett/Danny "Danno" Williams, (past) Danny "Danno" Williams/Rachel Williams

Characters: Grace Williams, Chin Ho Kelly, Kono Kalakaua, Rachel Edwards

Genre: AU, Genderbend, First-Time

Warnings: Crack, Angst, Girl!Danny, AU Fusion with Ranma ½, semi crossover, crossover fusion, Season 1 Spoilers

Summary: Danny has a secret and if there is any justice in the World Steve McGarrett will never find it out. Or, how this is a story about how Danny is (sometimes, really only sometimes) a girl.

AN: Was reading TV Taught Me How To Feel by torncorpse and was hit over the head by a bus sized plot bunny. I imagine that female Danny looks like Amanda Seyfried.


It all started eleven years ago. At the time Rachel and he were a happy pair of newlyweds off to China for a honeymoon, thanks to his new Mother-in-law. It was a once in a lifetime trip for Danny. As a cop he would never be able to afford to live in the city and have a vacation on the other side of the world. In fact their one week stay at the Hailuogou Hot Spring Resort in China cost about as much as buying a small starter home in Hoboken would, and that wasn't even taking in round trip flights into consideration. It made Danny nervous. He knew it was a wedding present, but he couldn't help but feel like it was meant to be a reminder of the kind of lifestyle Rachel was used to having. Still the hot springs had been amazing. It had a rustic, old world China feel and the surrounding forests of Hailuogou National Park offered something other than shopping and temples to visit.

Of course it was a day trip into the Park that would change the course of his life forever. Past the mountains, trees and vistas that looked ready made for a postcard, was a little valley filled with steam. Their guide, who spoke little understandable English, took them down into the valley telling them about the hot springs and how the locals believed the springs were cursed by the spirits of the people and animals that had fallen in and drowned over the centuries. Rachel had nodded, looking appropriately respectful while Danny tried not to guffaw loudly.

They had wandered through the valley for half an hour, listening to various tales about the springs they passed when a gunshot rang out from the forest behind them. Instinctively, Danny reached for his gun, which was back in New Jersey in his gun safe at the station. By the time the three of them turned towards the sound, a small herd of deer had come barreling out of the forest directly at them. Danny lept back as the first deer, a doe, darted between the guide and himself. His feet slipping on the damp ground, Danny shoved Rachel to the side as a large buck came straight at them. Danny yelped at the sharp sting of pain as one of the stags antlers grazed his arms, knocking him off balance. His body hit the heated water with a considerable splash.

That was the moment his life, and his new marriage, started to go severely down hill.

The water was hot. Almost too hot and Danny felt he was being cooked as his body sank into the surprisingly deep spring. The water was heavy as well, latching onto him and dragging him deeper despite his desperate kicking. If Danny was superstitious he probably would have been terrified, but he was not a superstitious man and he had been in life threatening situations before. Taking a mental deep breath he steeled his nerves and forced his way up through the water, gasping in deep gulping breathes of steam heavy air as he broke the surface. At the edge of the spring the Guide and Rachel were standing, frozen, mouths open in an 'o' of surprise. His wife blinked, covered her mouth with her hand and made the strangest noise Danny had ever heard. It sounded a bit broken, scared, disgusted and relieved all at once. The Guide shook off his own expression of shock and had dropped to his knees at the edge of the spring to help Danny up and out of the water.

Danny had wanted to hug the man then, but he just felt so weak. His body felt awkward and heavy, his limbs feeling almost too weak to hold him up and all he could taste in his mouth was that horrible spring water. Coughing up the little he had swallowed did nothing to remove the taste and Danny had groaned and rolled over on his back next to the spring. Rachel had still been staring at him with a fascinated, but horrified expression. It was not a good look for her and Danny certainly didn't like her looking at him with it.

"Rach-" Danny cut off, coughing again to clear his throat. "Rach-," the sound of his voice didn't change, so Danny coughed again, his hand slapping his chest to increase his effort. Freezing the moment it registered in his mind that the chest his hand had just smacked into was no where near as robust as his own. That it actually felt soft, heavy and much too round. Danny had cut off his attempt to talk at the sensation. Glancing down he was not prepared to find that his broad, strong chest had narrowed down and was now taken over by two very impressive breasts.