Chapter 2

Dani woke up before Tony and spent a long moment just relaxing into the plush mattress before she forced herself to get up. Tony was still fast asleep, his face buried into his pillow with the thin blanket pulled up so high that Dani could barley make out the brown hair on the top of his head. Snorting softly in amusement she began grabbing her clothes, which were strewn about the room from their haste to be naked last night. She checked again on Tony, who had shifted to sprawl across the bed, still buried under the blanket, and then headed towards the bathroom. She would take a quick shower before skipping out. As nice as Tony was she had no intention of remaining any longer than needed. Stopping to pick up her blue lace bra, Dani paused at the sight of the badge and gun that had been partially hidden beneath it. Glancing back at Tony she lifted the badge, taking care to memorize the ID number on it and the agency name, NCIS. It wasn't an agency Dani was familiar with but she guessed it was some Government force considering the length of the acronym.

Shaking her head and promising herself she would look into it when the weekend was over, Dani finally closed herself into the bathroom. The shower was easily big enough for two people to comfortably share and the water ran clear and hot, steam rising up to blur the mirrors in minutes. Bracing herself for the heat of the water, Dani stepped under the spray, her body shivering and shifting. Her shoulders grew broader, her long curling hair began to get shorter, her breasts flattening and growing a thick cover of golden hair, her pelvis narrowing and her vagina closing off as his penis grew back. It was practically instantaneous but Danny was fully aware of each change to his body as the hot water worked its magic, temporarily canceling his curse.

Not willing to risk Tony waking up and coming into the bathroom only to find his female companion turned into a man, Danny would have made Steve proud as he washed his hair and body before rinsing off, all in under five minutes. Taking a last fortifying breath he turned the knob over to cold and shivered as his body shifted back into its female shape. Turning off the water she stepped out of the shower, grabbed a fluffy towel off the rack above the toilet and quickly finished up her routine. Last nights clubbing clothes back on and long golden hair partially pulled back from her face, Dani stepped out of the room.

Tony had moved again but was still soundly asleep. Dani didn't think he was faking it but she could be wrong. If she was, she was a little grateful that the man wasn't going to make a big deal out of what they had shared. Turning away Dani opened the door out onto the hall and left, closing the door silently behind her. She still had three hours before she needed to head out to pick up Grace for their overnight together. That gave her enough time to take a taxi back to the club so she could get her car, which she hoped Chin never noticed last night, then do a fast change of clothes in the car before going to find some breakfast. Not malasadas today. She wanted a real breakfast. French toast, bacon, at least three scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee big enough to drown herself in.

While contemplating which restaurant to go to for breakfast the taxi arrived at the parking lot near the club that Dani had parked in last night and sure enough the Camaro was still there. The lot was empty save for a couple other cars left abandoned after their owners drunk too much to drive safely home. This would make it much easier to pull out the bag in the hidden compartment of the trunk that held Dani's spare daytime female clothes. She should still have a pair of nice healed sandals, some black short-shorts and a blue tank top the same shade as her favorite dress shirt. Glancing around one last time Dani popped the trunk and quickly stripped down to her lacey underclothes and pulled on her spare outfit, before locking last nights outfit in the trunk. That out of the way she was now free to go find something to eat.

Breakfast was easily found at a dinner not too far away. It was a clean looking place with a great view out onto the beach across the street. She could just make out a few of the surfers defying the laws of nature on those tiny bits of flotsam they called surfboards. Dani was never going to understand how anyone could trust those things to keep them above the waves and whatever was hidden beneath the oceans surface. Danny had taken a couple surf lessons from Kono because he was damned if he'd let his daughter do it without first trying it out himself, so he knew just how dangerous it really was. Danny wasn't willing to go beyond playing on a board on the sand. Going out in the water wasn't going to happen, not today, not ever. He trusted Kono. He just didn't trust the ocean and it's cold blue depths. Danny didn't trust his skill on a board without Kono for back-up. And since no one on Five-0 knew about Dani, then it meant she didn't have them at her back. She knew she could handle the beach jerks who would hit on her if she went down there in a bikini like what Kono wore to surf in, but she didn't really want to be arrested for decking someone.

Looking away from the window, Dani went back to her breakfast. Everything was cooked perfectly. The only way the food could be better was if her mother had been the one to make it for him. No one cooked like her Mother. Savoring the rich flavor of the maple syrup on the thick egg coated French toast, Dani didn't notice the familiar little red car pulling into the parking lot, or the stunning dark haired woman who hopped out. Nor did she notice the girl spot the Camaro and grin, happily bounding inside.

Taking a long drink of her Kona coffee, Dani leaned further back into the seat. She felt loose-limbed and happy today. Her body ached in the best way from hours of dancing, both the vertical and the horizontal kind. She let herself relax and for once just enjoy a meal that wasn't being crammed into her mouth as she rushed off on some new case for the Governor. Don't get her wrong, Dani loved being Danny and being a cop. Sure being Dani felt easier in some ways, but Dani wouldn't give up who she had been born as and the life that Danny had forged over the years. Danny was meant to be a cop. Dani was meant to be his escape.

Pushing the now empty plate away, Dani scooted out of the booth. Standing she stretched, popping her back. Grabbing her phone off the table she turned and headed to the counter to pay her bill, passing a confused looking Kono. Trying not to flinch or call out a greeting, Dani hoped that Kono wouldn't notice she was driving Danny's car. She was sure she could come up with an excuse if Kono asked Danny, but if Kono caught her and stopped her from leaving, Dani knew she would try to call Danny, which would bring about even more trouble as Dani was carrying Danny's cell.

Fortunately for Dani, Kono ignored her as she passed by and moved deeper into the diner looking for her teammate. Dani rushed through paying her bill and dashed out to the car while trying to look as if she wasn't fleeing. Once she was safely in the car and Kono could no longer be seen through the window, Dani sped out of the parking lot and back towards the newest apartment. All she needed was a quick dowsing of hot water and she could go back to being Danny, and no longer risk one of her teammates trying to arrest her for driving a "stolen" car.

Back inside the dinner Kono continued to look around the seating area for Danny. She had seen the Camaro outside, so Danny had to be in here somewhere, but he wasn't at any of the tables. A little irritated that her haole teammate wasn't there she turned and looked out the window at where the Camaro was parked by the entrance. Cursing, she spotted the blond bombshell of a haole get in the car and drive off.

"Damn. Did Danny get car jacked," Kono fumed as she darted back out of the diner to her own car. Her tires squealed on the pavement as she spun out of the parking lot and into traffic. The angry sound of someone's horn blared behind her, but Kono ignored it as she tried to find where the Camaro had gone.

Punching in the speed dial on her cell, Kono cursed as she caught sight of the Camaro only for it to vanish in the traffic that had seemingly come out of nowhere to fill up the street around them.

"You hit the pipeline this morning, Cuz," came Chin's voice through the speaker of her cell.

"No time for that. I think Danny got car jacked. I just saw a pretty little blond haole woman drive off in the Camaro with no sign of Danny nearby."

"Did you try calling Danny, Cuz? Maybe one of his sisters is in town."

Kono blinked and forced herself to stop at the light as it turned red. She could just turn on her flashers and speed through, but Chin did have a point. "He never mentioned one of them visiting."

Chin chuckled from the other side of the phone. "Maybe because he's seen Steve go all 'Smooth Dog' with the ladies enough to worry over his sisters' virtue."

"I suppose. But what if it wasn't his sister?"

"Then he has likely already called it in to HPD. Call him before you do anything stupid, Cuz. We don't need you to go all SuperSEAL on anyone. If the Camaro was stolen then Steve will be causing enough property damage all on his own when he finds out. Not to mention what Danny's temper will do to whoever was stupid enough to jack a Five-0 vehicle." Chin sighed and she could hear him moving about. "Just call Danny first, all right?"

"I'm almost to his place. I'll just stop on by."

"Fine. Call me back if we need to send out Search and Rescue."

Kono chuckled. "Can do, Cuz."

Kono ended the call and started back down the road to Danny's apartment. She was only a few minutes away so driving there was going to be just as easy as calling Danny. This way if the Camaro was in the parking lot she could casually stroll up and see if Danny did have one of his sisters in town rather than freak him out by claiming she saw someone that wasn't Steve or him driving around town in it. He loved that car and she almost thought Danny would be more volatile if it was stolen than Steve would, even though Steve was the one who drove it most often.

Taking a few deep breaths in through her nose and then exhaling them through her mouth, Kono calmed her racing heart. Her adrenalin was pumping from the thought of a possible car chase before breakfast. Perhaps Chin and Danny were right that she was picking up some of the boss man's bad habits. Still the idea that they might get to meet one of Danny's siblings was also exciting. Danny didn't say a lot about his family, probably because he missed them so much and talking about them would only remind them of what he sacrificed to be close to his daughter. Of course it could also be because of Steve and the fact that their boss didn't really have any family besides a sister that hardly spoke to him, and the memory of a father who died because of him, a father who had sent him away and had not spoken to him for over a decade. She couldn't imagine how much that had to hurt, especially since Steve had been grieving for the loss of his mother at the time. So if the bombshell in the Camaro had been one of Danny's sisters, then she could totally understand why he didn't say anything to them just yet. She hoped he was planning to introduce her to them though. Kono was kind of intrigued to find out what Danny's siblings were like. Were they all as loud and opinionated as Danny, or were they more like those over make-upped, over-tanned girls from that TV show?

Kono smiled lightly as she pulled into the parking lot in front of Danny's apartment. She could see the bright gleam of the silver paint already. Pulling into the empty stall next to the Camaro, Kono quickly turned off her car and hopped out. Locking her car she turned to look over the Camaro.

It looked as it always did. Pristine. Like it had just rolled off the line. The guys at the garage always did a bang-up job fixing the damage the car took in a normal Five-0 work week.

Looking down the way to the side of the building where Danny's tiny apartment was located, Kono passed the Camaro with a quick rub of her palm over the hood. Not bothering to knock, none of them ever did when stopping by each others places, Kono practically surged into Danny's place like a force of nature, bumping into Danny and knocking him and the large pot of water he was carrying to the ground. The slosh of the cold water hit the floor, knocking Kono onto her ass beside Danny.

"Son of a-!"

Kono turned to look at Danny, surprised by the higher, almost girly, pitch of his voice. "Holy Shit!"

Danny looked down at his soaked shirt and the heavy mound of his breasts pressing out against the sodden fabric. "Fuck."


"Yeah," Dani pushed her hand through her wet hair nervously. "So I'm kinda' cursed."

"Cursed," asked Kono a little stupidly, still shocked by the appearance of her very male teammate turning into a girl. Not just any girl. "You! I saw you at the dinner!"

"Yeah," admitted Danny. "That was me."

"You can turn into a girl? This is awesome!"

Dani pushed herself up from the floor, grumbling about the water all over the floor. "How is this in any way awesome?"

"Think of it! That is like the best undercover disguise. No one would connect this blond bombshell," Kono waved her hand at Dani. "With the uptight haole second in command of Five-0."

"Uptight! How am I uptight? I am the very opposite of uptight."

Kono arched an eyebrow at Dani.

"Oh, shut up."

Kono smirked. "So, brah, how does this whole curse thing work?"

Dani sighed and set the pot back down on the kitchen counter. 'So much for washing down the windows.' Dani turned to look at Kono who had followed her in and was now sitting at the bar stool seat by the counter. "It's water based. Cold water turns me into a girl and hot water turns me back into myself."

A look of sudden understanding flashed in Kono's eyes. "That's why you wont go swimming or surfing with any of us."


"That sucks."

"A little yeah."

"Sooo…" Kono glanced over Dani, taking in the hourglass figure. "Now that I know you can turn into a girl, why don't you let me teach you to surf?"

Dani sighed. "And if I don't want to learn?"

Kono grinned that evil grin that Dani knew meant she was so screwed. "Grace is going to want to learn to surf. I know she's asked you already and if you know how to surf then you can surf together."

"Cause that wouldn't be odd for her. Surfing with her Dad while he is in a bikini."

"While 'she' is in a bikini. Since you would obviously be a girl at the time. Nothing unusual about a pretty girl in a bikini."

Dani dropped her head to the counter. "I hate you."

"No you don't. You looove me," teased Kono. "Oh, by the way I should call Chin. I may have called him and told him I think some haole babanees stole your car."

"What!" Dani's head jerked up.

"Don't worry," Kono waved her hand as she pulled out her cell. "I got this."

Dani groaned and slumped back down on her stool. "I hate my life."