Chapter 3

From the moment Kono found out about the curse, Danny knew he was going to regret not having magic like in the Harry Potter books, allowing him to erase Kono's memory of the whole thing. Instead he was stuck with her knowing that he sometimes had the unfortunate problem of being a woman. And Kono was a dangerous enough woman that she could use his secret to blackmail him into doing things with her that he otherwise wouldn't. That was how he found himself standing in Kono's apartment, in his boxer briefs, while she filled up a pot with cold tap water.

"Do we really have to do this? You sure you wouldn't rather go to, I don't know, the shooting range instead," pleaded Danny.

Kono smirked at Danny, giving him a lecherous once over, eyes lingering over the generous bulge in his boxer briefs, before turning off the tap. "Oh. I'm sure, Danny." With that Kono swung her arms, causing the cold water in the pot to shoot out right into Danny's face.

Spluttering and pushing her wet hair out of her face, Dani glared at Kono. She knew very well she would be stuck as Dani until she could get passed Kono to the tap and some hot water. Kono wouldn't make that easy though, so Dani sighed loudly and gave in. It would be safer to just do as Kono asked and hope she didn't embarrass Dani too much. "I hate you."

"No you don't." Kono smiled and pushed Dani's bare shoulder playfully.

Dani huffed and crossed her arms over her ample bust and glared at Kono. Kono just smirked in reply and pushed Dani's shoulder until she was facing away from the kitchen. Another shove to the shoulder had Dani out of the kitchen and walking down the hall to Kono's bedroom.

Grimacing at the mess in the room and the sight of the bikini waiting for her on the bed, Dani turned and slammed the bedroom door in Kono's face. She tried to ignore the sound of Kono's laughter from the other side of the flimsy door. Kono wasn't being mean. Dani knew that. She understood that all Kono wanted to do was share her passion for surfing with her teammate in an effort to help Dani find reasons to love Hawaii as much as she did. Dani could respect that. Dani appreciated it in fact. God, did she appreciate how much trouble her teammates went through to include Danny in their lives and culture, to make Danny feel a little less alone on this island so far from his home and family.

Turning away from the door and back to the bed, Dani looked at the scraps of red fabric that Kono considered a bathing suit. Dani wasn't sure why Kono thought Dani could wear this. Grace's onesies from when she was a baby had more fabric than this bikini did. As good as it looked and worked for Kono, Dani had a bit more of a chest than she did. Okay, Dani had a lot more chest than Kono did. So something this skimpy wasn't going to do Dani any good. She would try it on to prove this to Kono and then Dani could just go buy a normal one piece that would keep all her assets covered.

Dani nodded to herself and slipped out of the wet gray boxer briefs, letting them pool around her feet.

"You dressed yet," Kono called to her from the other side of the door.

"No," Dani shouted back. "Give me a sec, for crying out loud."

"Hurry it up, Dani. The surf waits for no man-turned-woman!"

Dani rolled her eyes, but pulled on the bikini bottoms. The fit wasn't too bad. It was a little too tight across the hips and ass, but they would suffice for a day if Dani didn't run around at all. Looking back at the skimpy scrap of cloth that made up the top, Dani sighed. The top wasn't going to work at all. Dani wasn't going to kid herself about that.

"You sure you don't have anything with a bit more coverage, Kono?"

"No! Now put it on. I want to see this," Kono gleefully cackled from beyond the door.

Dani sighed again, rubbing the bridge of her nose with one hand, before giving in and fitting the top over her breasts. It took a bit of wiggling and adjusting to get everything situated enough that she could walk to the door without her breasts spilling out of the top.

"I'm dressed," Dani called out.

Kono wasted no time flinging open the door to her room and taking in Dani. Whistling in appreciation, Kono pulled out a digital camera from behind her back and snapped off several photos. Dani cursed loudly and lunged at her, reaching for the camera. The lunge turned out to be a bad move on Dani's part, as Kono snapped the last picture just as Dani's breasts spilled out of the top, as she had feared they would.

Kono gave Dani a gleeful smile and darted out of her reach. "I think you're right, Dani. We are going to have to go buy you a bikini of your own." Pushing the camera down her top, between her cleavage, Kono skipped merrily down the hall. "I'll go start the car!"

"Damn it, Kono! I better not find those on Facebook," Dani screamed at Kono, already feeling her face contort into a copy of Steve's Aneurysm Face. "I hate my life," Dani groaned to the empty room.

Shopping for a bikini with Kono was every bit as horrifying as Dani had feared it would be. Who knew there was a difference between a lounging bikini, a Brazilian bikini, and a surfing bikini? Dani certainly didn't care and had never wanted to know. She had also been content with the basic black one-piece she had found that reminded her of a classy 50's era swimsuit that someone like Betty Paige or Marilyn Monroe might wear. But Kono had loudly (and violently) vetoed each of those. Dani not wanting a bikini was apparently offensive to both Kono and the girl working at Splash! Hawaii, because they had double teamed Dani and nearly buried her under a mountain of bikinis.

If that hadn't been bad enough, Kono and the sales girl had forced Dani to try on each one, and to model it for them to critique. Dani felt like a slab of beef at the market on sales day when all the Mothers were out shopping for Sunday dinner. Dani felt like crying each time she stepped out from the changing room to see Kono snapping a picture again and making her turn around to model that back.

This was the reason Dani never let her sisters take her clothes shopping after they learned about the curse.

Silently Dani promised herself that she would never agree to let Kono take her shopping. It would take a random act of God to make Dani agree to this fiasco again. It was almost more painful than hanging out with Steve to watch a Jets game while trying to convince him that he could suffer through one meal that didn't include pineapple. Or that grenades did not belong in kitchen draws, in a potted plant by each entryway, or in the glove compartment of the Camaro.

Dani looked at herself in the mirror and silently agreed that arguing the merits of the Jets, pineapple on pizza, and grenades was by far more enjoyable than bikini shopping with Kono. Still Dani was sure that this time Kono would approve of the bikini Dani wore. Even Dani had to admit she looked smokin' hot in it. The teal color made her eyes appear an even brighter blue, and the underwire support lifted her breasts and helped to keep them from popping out when Dani jumped and twisted about. The bottom was a good fit. Not too tight but not so loose that it would slide off in the water. And the decorative metal hoops on the side of each hip drew the eye over Dani's body nicely. Yes, this one was the one. She was sure.

"Hey," called Kono. "Stop hiding in there and show us this one."

"I'm coming. Give a girl a break would ya?" Dani turned away from the mirror, peeking over her should at the view of her back. If she was a guy looking at her now she would probably be sporting some major wood. Her ass looked fantastic. So round and perky that you wanted to just grab it.

The appreciative wolf call that Kono gave her and the jealous sounding sigh from the sales girl had Dani blushing as she stepped out of the changing room. "So…this one?"

"Definitely that one, brah." Kono nodded. "Now you look good enough to go surfing with me."

Dani rolled her eyes. "How magnanimous of you."

"Isn't it though?" Kono smiled widely at Dani. "Now get dressed and we'll check out and head to the beach."

"Fine." Dani spun about and closed the changing room door on Kono, who was still smirking and playing with her phone. God, she really hoped Kono wasn't posting these online somewhere. The last thing Dani needed was random internet people touching themselves to pictures of her in a bikini. That was just a little creepy.

A small voice in the back of her head whispered she wouldn't mind Steve masturbating to pictures of her though.

From the other side of the door Dani could hear Kono speaking with the sales girl about the swimsuit. She knew Kono she was probably trying to get several versions of the suit they picked in various patterns or colors, while simultaneously trying to get the sales girl to reduce the price. Dani would greatly appreciate a lower price on the bikini, because honestly it was insane how expensive a bikini was. And you had to buy tops and bottoms separately! What was up with that? Even with the bikini on sale and a buy 2 get 1 free sale also going on, it was still around $60 per piece! The last pair of board shorts he bought back before that horrible honeymoon hadn't even cost half that. Sometimes he thought the companies making their clothes were ripping off women around the world. Tops and bottoms together should cost less than $60 on sale. It was just wrong.

"Hurry up, Dani," called Kono. "Everything is up at the register except for you and that suit."

"Don't rush me, woman!"

"If you don't hurry it up I'll send that last picture to Kamekona saying that you think he's cute!"

Dani felt her stomach sink in dread. "Don't you dare!"

"I've got the phone out. One more minute and I'll call him!"

"Damn it, Kono! I'm still trying to get my pants on. Give me a sec would you. Christ!"

Kono snickered. "I'll give you an extra minute. So don't waste it."

Dani groaned and pushed the last two buttons on her fly closed. She was so much better at taking those off a woman than putting them on. Quickly she tugged on her shoes, stuffed her bra and panties in her backpack and rushed out of the changing room, bikini carefully covered by her street clothes. Kono was already up at the register chatting away with the sales girl, debating the pros and cons of various waxes for surfboards. At least Dani assumed that Sex Wax was a surfboard wax and not something else entirely.

It didn't take long to pay and leave, even with Kono happily chatting away about her wax. Dani wasn't sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. Good, certainly, because it got her out of that store and more clothes shopping. Bad because it meant that now Kono would be dragging her out to the beach where she would be seen in public in the teal bikini. It was one thing to go out dancing in a club, and to maybe pick up a good looking guy for some late night horizontal fun it was something else entirely to go out in public practically naked and then get wet. Dani was a little afraid of what she would look like rising out of the ocean dripping wet.

She was afraid. Not just because of what the water meant for her curse, since it should still be cool enough not to change her back into Danny. She was afraid of the ocean and the dangers it held hidden in its depths. She had lost a good friend to it once, and since then she felt like it was just waiting for her to step back into its icy depths where it could take hold of her and pull her down. Down into its darkest depths where light couldn't touch her and her friends couldn't reach her. She felt silly being afraid of the ocean, of thinking of the ocean almost as if it was alive and gunning for her. She knew the dangers of the ocean and she knew Kono, so really Dani shouldn't be so afraid to go out there.

Squaring her shoulders Dani strode after Kono to the car. She could do this and she wouldn't let her own insecurities hold her back any longer. Kono was with her. Kono knew what Dani really was, she knew about the curse and she still had Danny's back. Dani was grateful. It was like a weight had been lifted. He had someone on this island besides Rachel and Grace who knew about the curse and was willing to protect Danny's secret.

For Rachel, protecting Danny's secret meant protecting herself from the ridicule of her peers if they found out she was married to a man turned woman. For Grace protecting his secret was protecting her Danno, one of the most important people in her life. But for Kono, who was his teammate, a friend…it was something else. Kono didn't have to protect his secret. They had only known each other for a few months now. She could have turned her back on him, but she didn't. She protected him because he was her teammate and her friend. Because despite Danny being loud, obnoxious, opinionated, and often times insulting of her culture and home, Kono liked him. She trusted him to have her back and the back of her cousin. She trusted him with the safety of her Ohana and her islands. A little thing like protecting Danny's secret part-time life as a woman was nothing in comparison. But it meant everything to Danny.

"Don't worry, Dani. Everything will be cool. You'll see. The guys at the beach will all think you are aliham, even if you are a barney."

Dani sighed. "I have no idea what you just said."

Kono laughed and gunned the engine, spinning out into traffic a la McGarrett style. Dani cursed and grabbed onto the 'Oh Shit!' bar by the door. They were going to have a talk later. Kono was picking up way too many of Steve's bad habits for Dani's composure. At some point Chin and Danny would have to double team the other two because if Kono picked up all of Steve's bad habits, they were likely going to end up with cases being tossed out of court, and angry DA's picking up pitchforks and torches to chase them down like a monster out of Frankenstein.

Dani closed her eyes and tried to ignore the sounds of angry shouting and wildly honking horns as they made their way away from the shopping center and out to the beach that Kono promised was a good spot for beginners. She had been insisting that Danny was good enough to go in the water on his board for nearly a month now, but Danny had been putting her off. It would have been difficult to explain why Danny fell off the board under a wave and Dani popped up. But now that Kono knew there was no way she was going to let Dani get away with paddling in the sand today. Dani was going to be out on her board on the water.

Secretly, if only deep in the back of her mind, Dani admitted she was excited to be out on the water on her board for the first time. It felt like something that would equal out to the danger level of being McGarrett's partner without the high risk of being shot, blown up, or beaten for information. At most Dani thought she would come out of this soaking wet, a bit sunburned, with aching muscles and a bikini creeping into areas she'd rather not contemplate. And maybe, more than likely, she would be a bit embarrassed by crashing and burning while Kono rode the waves like a Goddess of the Sea come to life. Overall it was likely going to be a good day off. No bad guys, no car chases (not that Kono's driving would make you think she was out for a Sunday drive), and no explosion or gratuitous property damage. And best of all, no Steve related paperwork to file with the Governor.

The screech of the tires and the sudden pain of the seatbelt cutting into her breasts as she jerked forward let Dani know that they must have arrived. "Do you have to drive like that? Good God, this isn't a car chase or freaking NASCAR! There are speed limits for a reason, Kono."

"Brah, you stress too much. Relax a little."

Dani looked at Kono a bit wild eyed. She could feel the crazy radiating off her and was a couple heartbeats away for the Fight or Flight response kicking in after that car ride. "What happened to island time? Huh? I thought things on this pineapple infested hell-hole were supposed to be all slow?"

"No time for island time today, Dani. The waves are waiting." Kono grinned widely at her and hopped out of the car, closing the door behind her and wiggling her fingers at Dani through the window.

Bemoaning her fate, Dani unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the car. Closing the door, Dani looked over the roof and the surfboards attached to it, at Kono. She was stretching, her arms raised up high over her head, her pert little breasts practically glowing bronze in the sunlight under her red bikini top as she arched her back. Behind her two teenaged boys ran into each other as they tried to walk and watch her at once. Dani rolled her eyes as Kono threw her a knowing grin over the boards.

"Pop your top off, Dani. Shirts don't belong on the beach, just bikinis and board shorts."

"I'm perfectly fine with wearing the t-shirt over my bikini if it'll keep me from getting sunburned and ending up with a tan line I don't know how to explain to my overly nosy partner."

Kono smirked again and pulled a bottle of suntan lotion out from her bag. "Don't worry, brah. I've got you covered."

"Great," sighed Dani. There went that plan.

Steve was bored. Bored. Bored. BORED. Danno was out somewhere doing something, but he had apparently left his cell phone off and not invited Steve. That irked Steve. Steve had tried to call him and Danny should always pick up Steve's calls. Even if it wasn't work related. They were friends, right? Friends called each other all the time to talk. And as his partner, wasn't it Danny's duty to talk to him and prevent him from becoming so bored that he had to blow something up or create a car chase just to have something to do? Yeah, that was totally part of Danno's job description from now on. Prevent Steve from being bored. It would be official as soon as he had Danny do the paperwork.

Well, if Danny wasn't available to at the very least stop by to have lunch with him, then he would just go to the beach. Maybe he could find a pretty girl to chat up while he waited for Danny to call him back? That would pass the time. He wasn't sure he really wanted to surf though. Maybe he could just swim or lounge in the sun a bit and read? Still boring but at least it would be better than driving around town hoping he would spot the Camaro and Danny. Maybe he should just surf instead. He had the board in back already and he would look less like a haole tourist if he was doing something active in the water rather than laying on the beach like a beached whale.

"It's not a Grace weekend, so what is he doing?" Steve thumped his fingers against the steering wheel and glared out at the traffic around him. There was a beach near here that he could go to. Not a lot of people other than locals, so he wouldn't have to deal with the tourists, but the downside was the waves were smaller. Beginner waves. But maybe he could find a pretty girl wanting to learn to surf. A little flirting and maybe they could spend the rest of the day rolling about in bed. That wouldn't be too hard and it wasn't like Catherine was anything more than a friend with benefits, and Danny certainly wasn't anything more than a friend. Despite Steve's best attempts to woo him. The man must be oblivious, very straight, and trying not to hurt his feelings. Honestly, Steve was starting to think it was the latter because Danny, as he so loudly stated, was a Detective. So as a Detective he should have noticed that Steve and he were basically dating. They had dinner together most nights, Steve got him those tickets to the hotel with the dolphins, he bought Danny the tickets to the football game, and he took Danny for a ride in the Marquise. Hell, he even took Danny up to the petroglyphs, and he had only ever gone there with his Dad. As far as Steve was concerned they were practically going steady. Why did Danno always find some way to make Steve think they weren't more than friends and work partners? Why did the bad guys on the island, and everyone else for that matter, see how much Steve obviously liked his partner and make the 'How long have you been married' jokes, but Danny didn't get it? God, that man was frustrating.

"Well, if we aren't serious and apparently aren't dating then I'm not going to keep pushing Cath away, or any of the other pretty girls on the island. Danny can come to me for once."

Steve nodded to himself and took the first exit towards the beach of little waves and pretty girls. He would find someone else who would be glad to spend time with him, both in bed and out of it. And maybe doing that would show Danny just how desirable he was.

Dani had spent the last hour on the beach with Kono, perfecting the ability to go from a prone position on the surfboard to a standing position. Her muscles ached pleasantly and her skin felt warm. She was certain she would have a light tan on her back if she stayed out here doing this for much longer. She was going to have to convince Kono to let her off for a bit so she could lay down and let her muscles calm back down while her front warmed under the sun enough that she didn't have some weird half-body tan line thing going on. That might be harder to explain to Steve and Chin than a bikini tan line. At least with the bikini tan line Danny could say he lost a bet to Kono and leave it at that.

"Not bad, Dani. You've gotten good enough that you can go in the water today." Kono smiled brightly at her.

"I think I'll sit out for a bit. I need something to drink and to even out the red that my back is becoming."

Kono snorted, but offered a hand up. "Fine, you baby. Have some water and even out the tan. I'll give you an hour then I expect to see you joining me in the surf."

"Fine." Dani smiled at Kono as she pulled her own board out of the sand near their towels and ran to the water.

She enjoyed watching Kono in her natural element. Kono was so obviously made for the water it was ridiculous. Dani never saw Kono looking so happy in her day-to-day life as she did when Kono was in the water. She didn't even need to be on a board, just in the water bobbing along with the waves like she was a part of the ocean. Dani couldn't understand it but she was envious of it. Danny had lost a good friend to the ocean, he lost his sense of self to a hot spring. Danny could never find it in himself to trust the water the way Kono could. The way Steve could. There were just too many bad memories tied into the water for him to trust it the way his partners could.

Still, watching Kono out there made Dani's heart thump with a brief pang of jealously for what she, what Danny, had lost.

Taking a long drink of water, Dani sat down on her towel. Screwing the cap back on, she dropped the bottle into the cooler beside her and reached for the bottle of sunscreen. It wouldn't hurt to add another layer while she could. It had nothing at all to do with the way some of the guys on the beach watched her as she ran her hands over her legs, or the top of her breasts. Really, it was just to protect against the sun. Nothing more.

"Need some help with that?"

Dani's hands faltered in their motion as the familiar voice intruded on her peaceful, surf free moment.

Lifting her hand over her brow to block the sun, Dani let her eyes trace a path up the long legs, over the blue clad bulge, up the six-pack drool worthy abs, and into the amused, flirtatious grin of her partner. Dani felt a brief flicker of fear clench at her heart for a moment before she remembered that Steve only saw a beautiful blond in a bikini, not his loud, obnoxious male partner.

"I think I can handle it."

"You sure?" Steve smiled and carefully lowered himself onto the sand beside her, his muscles flexing in a way that made Dani's more female parts quiver. "I can do your back for you."

"My back is fine, bright eyes."

"It is at that." Steve leaned back on his hands and took along look at her back side, or what could be seen of it. "Just as nice as the front."

Dani felt her jaw drop briefly before a small bubble of laughter burst out of her. "Smooth you are not, babe."

"I can be very smooth. If you'd like?"

Dani laughed even harder, trying to politely hide it behind her hand, but the shaking of her shoulders probably blew that. "Does that ever work for you?"


Dani gave Steve a long knowing look.

"Okay. Sometimes. Maybe."

Dani shook her head, laughing again. As always she felt relaxed around Steve but also hyper-aware. "You need to work on your game, babe."

"You wanna help me with that?" Steve gave her his best puppy eyes, something he had learned from Grace, no doubt. Dani however had 9 years of Grace grade puppy eyes and as such was immune.

"Not really. No."

"Oh!" Steve slapped a hand over his heart. "You wound me."

"Sure I do, babe." Dani shook her head and looked back out to the waves where Kono was bobbing along, hopefully waiting for something bigger and badder than the baby surf out there currently. "I'm sure you can find some other beach bunny more than happy to stroke your ego."

"Probably could. But what's the likelihood of finding another spitfire like you willing to stroke me?"

"Hmm," hummed Dani, looking out over the beach. "Sadly not too good. Slim pickings today."

"Then surely such a kind woman as you are wouldn't leave a man to die of a deflated ego?"

"Oh, honey." Dani smirked, turning to face her partner. Reaching up she let the tips of her fingers lazily stroke over Steve's chest. "I could certainly inflate your 'ego.' There's no question about that."

Steve's eyes darkened as Dani's fingers lingered over a nipple, twirling it beneath a barely there touch. His lips parted, tongue peeking out to wet his lips as he watched her hungrily. "Yeah?"

"Mmm." Dani let her fingers slowly travel away from his nipple, dipping lower to trace the muscles of his abdomen. "I don't think my friend would like it though. She can be a bit jealous about sharing our time together."

"I share very well."

"I'm sure you do." Dani smiled as she caught sight of Kono finally coming out of the water. Dani gave Steve's body a lingering look before turning to face the ocean and Kono, who was jogging up to them with a wide grin.

"Hey, Dani. Making friends I see." Kono winked at Dani, amused by the flushed look of embarrassment on her boss's face as she looked over to him. "Hey, Steve. What you doing out here at the beginners' beach? I thought you'd be out at the pipeline today."

Steve blushed and pushed a hand back through his hair. "You guys, uh, know each other?"

Dani gave Steve a sassy smile. "This is my friend Kono. The one who doesn't share very well."

"Share," asked Kono. "I'll have you know I am very good at sharing."

"Even me?" Dani pouted at bit at Kono. "And here I thought I was special."

Kono rolled her eyes. "You are special, Dani."

"Aw, Kono. You say the sweetest things." Dani waved Kono to sit by her. "So you know tall, dark, and nameless?"


Dani smiled at Steve. "Mr. Smooth here hasn't shared his name with me yet."

"This is Commander Steve McGarrett. The head of Five-0."

"You're her boss and a Commander, huh?" Dani looked Steve over again and leaned in to "whisper" to Kono. "Bet he looks fucking fantastic in a uniform."

"Hey! That's my boss, Dani. You perv."

Steve blushed as red as one of the lobster tails his Grandma used to make at New Year's. "I think I should just go. Maybe."

"Cool your jets, flyboy. I'm just teasing you." Dani smiled and patted the sand by her again. "No need to flee. I don't bite unless asked."

Kono turned to look away, snickering behind her hand.

Steve looked as if he might choke on his own tongue for a moment, but the obvious attraction he felt for Dani was enough to lure him into sitting down again. "Sorry for hitting on you."

"Don't be. I am flattered. It's not every day I get hit on by an attractive man with a job that requires him to use his brain." Dani leaned back, reaching behind Kono to pull the bottle of water out of the cooler. "You want a drink?"

"God yes." Steve looked wistfully at the cooler. "There wouldn't happen to be anything stronger in there, would there?"

"A couple Longboards okay, babe?"


Dani pulled out a bottle, handing it to Steve, their fingers lingering against each other as Steve took the bottle. Behind her hand, Kono smiled and opened a second bottle. She knew Danny had it in him to be a little shit. It apparently just took Dani being around Steve to bring out the playful, flirt hiding under all those ties. Chin totally owed her twenty bucks.

Steve tipped his head back, downing a couple long gulps of beer. He totally did not just hit on and suggest a threesome with Kono and her friend. Oh God, he really did. Chin was going to fucking skin him!

"So how long have you two known each other," Dani asked glancing between Kono and Steve.

Steve tried not to wince as he looked over at Kono, who was in a bikini that was practically indecent there was so little fabric and still dripping wet from her short trip into the ocean. She was beautiful but completely off limits. Not just because she was Chin's cousin, or his co-worker, but also because of her age. Kono was so much younger than him in some ways, he just couldn't imagine having a romantic relationship with her. But Kono's friend...well, she looked older, not in a bad way. She was smoking hot. But she was old enough that she was probably Steve's age or close enough that he wouldn't feel like a cradle robber.

"Not long." Kono smiled at Steve, a look of such pride lighting up her eyes. "My cousin Chin introduced us a few months back. Steve trusted me with a dangerous job." Smiling even wider, Kono playfully punched Steve's shoulder. "You're a good guy, bossman."

"Thanks, Kono. I couldn't ask for a better rookie."

"Oh, you two are precious." Dani smirked at the both of them.

"Shut up, Dani or I'll show Steve the pictures of you from this morning." Kono gave Dani a long, evil grin as she pulled her camera from her beach bag.

"You wouldn't!"

"Of course I would."

"Kono Kalakua!" Dani lunged at Kono, tackling her to the sand as Kono waved her camera in the air. Kono laughed as the two of them rolled about, kicking sand up, and likely giving Steve (and every other guy on the beach) a show to tide them over on long lonely nights. Eventually, and after some surprising flexibility on Dani's part, Kono had Dani pined beneath her, camera held aloft like a trophy of her victory.

"I hate you so much right now," Dani growled up at her, arms crossed over her breasts.

"Love you too, Dani," Kono said as she rolled off Dani.

Steve was watching them with wide eyes, pupils blown, cheeks flushed and his board shorts suspiciously tight. That had been one of the hottest things he had ever seen. He only wished he had his cell with him to record the whole thing. Though if Chin ever found out he recorded his cousin like this he would probably never be able to have kids, so maybe it's better he didn't have his cell on hand.

Dani pushed Kono's shoulder before sitting up and running her hands back through her hair. "Damn you, Kono. I've got sand in places sand should never be!"

"Get used to it, Dani. You live on an island. There's always going to be sand."

Dani scowled at Kono and moved to sit closer to Steve.

The three of them fell back into a comfortable conversation that consisted largely of teasing each other and sharing embarrassing stories about friends, family and co-workers. Steve seemed amazed that Dani was a Detective for a Major Crimes Task Force. Of course he shouldn't have been given Kono was on his own task force, kicking ass daily. It was amazingly relaxing for each of them once Steve got over his shock. Though Steve really wanted to know what the photos from this morning entailed and keep trying to steal a peek at Kono's phone. Of course he was sure that he could always ask Kono to see them when they got to work on Monday. Surely without her friend Dani around, Kono would be willing to share. If not the photos maybe she would at least give Steve Dani's cell number.

Smiling Steve glanced down at Dani who, over the course of the last hour, had scooted close enough to him that she was practically sitting in his lap. She reminded him a lot of Danny in personality. They had a similar accent and manner speaking. So maybe she was from New Jersey as well? Hmmm. Steve couldn't help but wonder if Dani and Danny knew each other?

Dani let out a loud laugh at something Kono said and leaned into Steve's side, one hand gripping his thigh as her body shook with the force of her mirth.

She was worth the teasing Kono would lay on him if he asked for her number.

AN: For those of you who haven't read Ranama ½, I'll explain the curse a little here in case I don't make it clear in the fic. The curse is water based. Cold water will turn Danny into a girl. Once he is a girl he won't change back into a man until he gets wet with hot water. So you can see how hard this would be to hide on an island that is prone to sudden downpours of rain. The curse is also permanent unless Danny should bath in the water from the Spring of Drowned Man, which would negate the curse he is under for falling into the Spring of Drowned Girl.


Aliham – Surfer lingo for 'Totally hot surfer chicks"

Barney – Surfer lingo for "A person who doesn't know what their doing; a beginner"