I sat alone on my bed. Dean and Cas were gone, they were gone. They told me I couldn't do it. They told me I couldn't end the apocalypse. Cas had said remember what dean did, how that ended? And I remembered, oh yes I did. I remember how I fought with Cas on my side to stop Dean. And it worked out, even though Adam was chosen. But I need to fight. I need to win. I will say yes, I will not lose though. I'll go alone. And even if I never return, I'll win.

I drove in a stolen jeep to the field. And even a mile away I could feel the intense auras. So when I pull in from the street, can you blame me for needing a moment to compose myself. I finally leave the car and walk slowly to a greeting I wish I didn't need to receive.

Adam-Micheal was staring down Lucifer. They broke off the intense gazing and turned to me.

"Nice of you to join us Sammy!" Lucifers beaming voice was creepily happy.

"Enough brother, are you here to fulfill your duty boy?" Micheals voice really was intimidating, even in the body of my little brother.

I cleared my throat and joined their gazes, I was strong, I could do this. "Yes, Lucifer I agree. Yes."

In a flurry I saw Nicks body fall to the floor and then I felt the bonds. Like burning chains they contained and circled around my soul. I felt it. The scorching pain, the wrath of hell. And I let it contain part of me.

Lucifers laugh of insanity left my lips, such a wrong feeling, a wrong, terrible feeling. My body-his body lurched against our brother's. And the battle began. I could feel the signals of the fight being spread through-out the world, the universe.

My legs buckled, our mistake. I looked at Adam-Micheal, and saw him coming, Angel blade high. And I took control, I overpowered the Devil and I grabbed his brothers wrist. I stared in his eyes, ad for a moment I saw the fear. I saw his fear. And in a moment, wings the color of the sun spouted from my back.

And there was scarlet, everywhere. Deep, powerful. And then the battle was over.

I was the lone victor.

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It was basically Sam being badass...
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