Dean stared in shock at his brother and Cas. This was not okay. "What're you talking about Sammy? You're my brother, you're not an angel."

Bobby nodded in agreement, Cas just stared at Sam.

Sam chuckled, bitterly. "Oh I know Dean. A monster like me could never be an angel, could I?"

Dean sputtered. "That's not what I meant. Sammy."

"My name's not Sammy! It's Sam or is it not even that anymore?" He ended with a bitter chuckle.

Dean felt like he was going to hurl or cry, or both. "You'll always be Sam."

Sam just stared at him. And then took a couple steps back and shook his wings to their whole span. "I am sorry, but now I must go."

Dean blanched. "No! Where are you going?"

"People are in trouble." And without listening to another protest Sam flew up into the air and through the sky.

All three men stared at the empty space where their family used to be.

Bobby cleared his throat, effectively disrupting the silence. "My boy's a Nymph?" he cried hysterically.

Castiel spoke with clear shock in his voice. "It is how it turned out to be."

Dean glared at the angel, "Sam is not your brother! He's mine!"

Castiel scowled back, "Not anymore."

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