"I can see your toner through your jeans!"

Beca turns and quick as a fox, "That's my dick." She walks away with a split second glance at the redhead on her way out.

Chloe furrows her brow as she replays what Aubrey said about Beca and Jesse.

"Do…Do you really think she likes him?"

Aubrey sighs, letting her head hang for a beat before quickly pulling herself together, "Are you blind to it Chloe?"

The redhead frowns, "She said…Beca said there is no them. They aren't a thing."

Aubrey sighs again, "It's only a matter of time if you ask me."

After that Chloe remains uncharacteristically silent and more stoic than as per her usual self. Her thoughts are running wild and rampant.

'I-I need to talk to Beca.' Her eyes get a determined look in them as she comes to that conclusion.

"I'll see you 'brey." She bids her a quick goodbye and goes to find the shorter brunette.

Aubrey watches her leave before breathing out, "I can see your toner Chloe."


Chloe finally stumbles upon Beca half an hour later, under one of the many trees on campus. She notes the brunette has her headphones on and is working furiously on her laptop, oblivious to her phone sitting beside her that no doubt went unheard.

She chuckles to herself as she cautiously approaches the freshman so as not to startle her.

It's as if Beca senses her because the brunette's eyes lift to find her before she's even close enough to try and catch her attention. Her eyes widen as she pulls off her headphones, music pouring out, "Oh my God. Have you been standing there for long?"

She rolls her eyes at herself for repeating those words. Chloe however shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly, not embarrassed like Beca was when asked that question, giving her a smile, "I was looking for you, and I just found you, and I wasn't just standing there."

Beca gives her a grin and the redhead points to the ground next to her, "Is that seat taken?"

The brunette shakes her head, a genuine smile threatening to form as she watches Chloe smile like Beca just made her day, as she situates herself right on the grass beside her.

Biting her lip, Chloe blurts out what's been on her mind since practice, "So…toner for a Treblemaker huh?"

Instead of getting mad, like Beca expected of herself if someone brought it up, she laughs, "God what is that. I can't believe she said that."

Chloe giggles at Beca's lightheartedness, reveling in the precious knowledge that Beca is allowing her in, allowing her to see Beca for who she is, when she knows how uncharacteristic that is of her to do.

Beca looks into her eyes and she sobers up as she gives Chloe a half smile, "You do want to ask me though, don't you?"

Chloe bites her lip and averts her eyes as she nods, flicking them back to Beca's, "It's not like I don't trust you, and as an aside,no way would I betray you with anything we ever talk about together. But-"

Beca nods, knowing that Chloe wouldn't do that. She doesn't know how but she knows this. Chloe's been on her side since day one, even going against her best friend on numerous occasions.

Taking a breath, she says quietly, "Jesse…can't take a hint."

Chloe stops talking and tilts her head, scooting closer to Beca to give her her undivided attention, "I don't like him like that. He keeps hitting on me and hinting and trying but…I just don't like him in that context. He's a little much at times, so no. Definitely no toner from me for him."

Chloe nods and Beca adds on quickly, "So you don't have to worry about the oath being upheld. It is."

Chloe's eyes widen and she lets out, "Oh that's not why I was asking!" before she can stop herself.

Beca is now beyond intrigued, especially after witnessing the blush that quickly colors Chloe's face after saying that.

Beca smirks at her, "Oh? So why were you asking me Chlo?" She mentally what the fuck's herself. Since when does she call her Chlo? Since when is she on nickname terms with people? With Chloe? She doesn't do that.

Chloe's smile more than makes up for the fact that she doesn't do that, and actually makes her want to always make that smile appear.

"I like that. You calling me Chlo."

It's now Beca's turn to blush, "S-stop changing the subject."

The redhead shakes her head, effectively making her hair bounce around, "It's not important. The important thing is…Was that Titanium you were listening to?" she asks with a teasing hint to her voice, flirtatiously batting her eyelashes with a too sweet to be taken seriously smile playing at her lips.

And just like that Beca is transported back to a time not long ago when they were both a lot less dressed.

"Oh God."

The resulting laugh that erupts from Chloe is a sound she wants to be the cause of, even if it's at the cost of her pride and cause for embarrassment. She wtf's herself once again because since when does she do this?

Chloe continues with a smile still in place, "It does sound kind of different though."

Beca's face is still warm, as she struggles to catch her breath and try to get her mind to catch up to the conversation and leave the bathroom incident.

"Yeah- it's not, it's not the original track."

Chloe hums and she grins at her, a twinkle in her eyes, "I'd like to hear it one day. When and if you're ever okay with letting me of course."

Beca's heart swells, a smile playing at her lips, not believing her newfound friend gets it. That is until her mind realizes what the song means to Chloe. Her face colors some more at the implication and memory. Thoughts of lady jams filling her mind.

Her eyes dart to the laptop then back towards Chloe, "That- That'd be ok I think Chlo."

The smile on her face is so bright, "Really? You'd let me hear it on day?"

The freshman grins at her, "I cannot wait for that day."

Conversation flows between them and Beca tries to keep her mind PG and not dwell on the images her mind insists to portray to her of wet skin and fog and shower curtains.

Chloe can't help the fact that she feels so much lighter now that she knows Beca doesn't like Jesse 'in that way' and she happens to like this feeling quite a bit.


Beca rolls her eyes at herself, not able to believe just how Chloe has successfully been able to situate herself in her life so unwaveringly.

Beca's not one to have many friends, none that have made it this far in her life, and none that she's ever had, had she let in but Chloe…Chloe is different.

The redhead was right in saying they were going to be very fast friends. She can't believe the things she finds herself doing and agreeing to since Chloe has come into her life, but honestly thinking about it, she wouldn't change doing these things at all, she likes making Chloe smile.

'Hey BoBeca! Don't forget, I've got coffee with your name on it xx'

Beca laughs, 'speak of the devil' she thinks as she types off a text back, 'How could I forget Chlo lol xx'

Her eyes widen after having clicked send. "Did I just add kisses to the end of the text?! Oh my God. Oh my God!" 'What the hell is she doing to me?' She slips her phone into her pocket hoping not to get a reply from Chloe talking about those kisses.

Walking out of her room she feels her phone vibrate indicating a new message, 'xoxoxox ;) hurry.'

Beca laughs out loud. Of course she'd tease her without actually saying much more than 'hurry'.


Knocking on Chloe's door, she puts her hands in her pockets, however seconds later she's suddenly surrounded by Chloe's arms. Her eyes widen drastically when she feels the taller girl's lips on her cheek twice in quick succession.

Bright blue eyes look at her affectionately with a playful twinkle in them, "Those are for the text."

Giggling at Beca's inability to form words she holds her hands and pulls her into the tiny apartment, closing the door behind them.

"Uh hi." Beca finely is able to say once they're situated in the living room.

Chloe laughs lightly and hands Beca her coffee, "Hi yourself."

They finish their cups of coffee, enjoying the easy flow of conversation while doing so.

"So are you rea-"

The blaring ringtone stops Chloe's question and Beca apologizes as she grabs her phone.


She sighs and her thumb hovers over the ignore button, thinking of the pros and cons of doing so.

Chloe notices and nudges her gently, "You can answer the call Bex, it's alright. I'm just going to go get some more coffee."

Beca slides her thumb across the answer slider, "What."

"Oh wow. That's a nice warm welcoming hello."

Beca has to control herself from growling. She takes a deep breath, "What do you want Jesse?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out on a date with me."

Beca sighs, "No Jesse, I'm with Chloe right now."

"Oh that's alright! I'm sure she won't mind letting us hang out-"

Beca cuts him off, not believing what he suggested she do, "I made plans with Chloe. I'm not just going to bail on her. I want to be here with Chloe. If you had other girls do that then alright that's them, but that's not me. I don't do that. So no. I'm sorry if that ruins your expectations." She says the last bit sarcastically and she waits a beat and once she realizes he wasn't going to say anything, she hangs up.

Realizing Chloe still hasn't returned to the living room, she sighs and takes a second to compose herself. With the silence she can hear Chloe in the tiny homey kitchenette bustling about to keep busy.

Gently smiling at the redhead's considerate nature Beca makes her way to the kitchenette.

"Hey, sorry about that."

Chloe looks at her after pulling down a plate from the overhead cabinet, shaking her head she says, "No, no, it's alright don't apologize."

She places a slice of coffee cake onto the plate and slides it across the counter as she goes to get Beca another cup of coffee, "Aubrey uhm likes this, I baked it yesterday…you might like it, it tastes great with coffee."

Beca appreciates Chloe's ability to not dig even though she knows how curious the redhead is by nature.

They go about their time as if the interruption did not really occur and Beca is incredibly grateful for it, making their way back to the living room.

"That was Jesse." The brunette says almost an hour later, as she's resting comfortably on the floor with her back resting against the couch.

Chloe tilts her head slightly as she looks down to where Beca is sitting, from her place sitting on the couch. She waits silently for Beca to continue and the brunette is forever grateful for her constant silent support.

"He asked me on a date."

Chloe shuts her eyes after hearing that and she continues to stay silent as she waits for Beca to go on.

"I told him no and that I'm with you. He wanted me to go ahead and leave cuz you wouldn't mind."

Chloe can't help the feeling in her chest after hearing that. She can't help it. Jesse wouldn't be the first to think it would be okay to cancel on her.

Beca turns to face Chloe and she leans up on her knees so that they're at eyelevel with each other, "I got so mad at him. How can he- I just. I can't even deal with thinking about going to work with him."

Chloe shrugs her shoulders, "That's ok Beca. I get that a lot, it's okay if you want to go hang out with him."

Beca's eyes widen, "It's not okay! Chloe, I'd never do that to you, and I can't believe that people would do that to you."

Chloe gives her a sad smile, "People think it's okay Beca. I wouldn't mind if you left even after we made plans. Like I said, I get that a lot."

Beca takes a gentle hold of Chloe's hands and lightly squeezes, "I stayed."

Blue eyes tear up slightly as she nods her head, "Yeah. Yes, you stayed."

The brunette smiles at her softly and nods, "I'll always stay."

Chloe's eyes twinkle as she giggles, "That's what Aubrey said."

Beca's eyes widen playfully, "Ew blegh! I quoted Aubrey without knowing I did? Ugh you shouldn't have said that Beale."

Chloe chuckles, loving how Beca makes her smile after feeling so far from wanting to smile.

"In all seriousness Chloe, I'd never do that to you…and I'm glad you've got at least one other person who'd never do that to you either. Even if that person is Aubrey."

Chloe smiles at her and squeezes her hands, the hands that Beca has yet to let go of or even appear to want to, "She isn't bad Beca. She's been my best friend for nearly all of my life."

Beca grins, "I'll take your word for it."

The redhead shakes her head, "I really think you two would get along well."

Beca laughs, "Maybe under different circumstances. Maybe."

Chloe smiles at that, "Thank you."

"What for?"

"For staying, and telling me, and for letting me in."

Beca shrugs her shoulders to play off the fact that yeah it's a pretty big deal and the fact that Chloe knows this is a big deal too, "I don't think I really have much of a choice there Chlo. You've kind of gotten to me, more so than I've ever thought possible."

Chloe's responding smile makes the word vomit worth it.

"I told you didn't I? That we'd be fast friends."

"Well you did see me naked so…" Beca winks at her playfully as Chloe giggles.


Chloe surprised Beca.

Out of all the people she's met, Chloe's the only one to not completely think it's her right to hear her mixes. The only one to not hound her after her initial 'maybe'. But not in the way that she seems uninterested in hearing them.

Chloe is always gracious and excited whenever she does allow her to listen to radio-ready tracks. Every one of the mixes she put onto a flash drive for the radio station was Chloe appraised. The freshman finds that she loves watching Chloe's reactions to the new tracks, her eyes twinkling in delight whenever she gets surprised by the direction the song takes, smile from ear to ear, head bobbing along to the beat.

She knows how much she craves listening to her mind, her inner workings, so it's a surprise that Chloe's able to be at peace with whatever Beca is okay with sharing. She's surprised by how absolutely comfortable she is around the redhead and Beca finds it surreal how much she truly adores the perfectly quirky goofball.

She's not sure how they work so well. As dark, cynical and sarcastic as Beca is, Chloe is completely aware of all of this and is absolutely okay with it. The redhead just knows when a subject with Beca shouldn't be pushed, when she needed space without actually making Beca feel guilty for needing said space.

Beca used to need space from everyone to feel whole and 'content' but since Chloe ran into her life, she's noticed herself needing Chloe in place of needing space, and she doesn't really mind that.

So, Chloe surprises Beca, in the way that they're so at ease with each other, despite the fact that the norm states that neither of them should be.