The lights. The sounds. And to a lesser degree, the smell of wild animals. These were all present in the air of the arena. The crowd was huge, cheering for nothing right now, save the time that the next battle would begin. Popcorn vendors hawked their products. Idiots in full makeup or costumes made asses of themselves in the bleachers. A large chested blond flashed her "assets" for the camera when she came on the big screen. It was your typical tournament crowd and the typical atmosphere. Have fun, forget your troubles, buy some over priced merchandise, and watch as trainers battled for your entertainment. Or if you're a trainer yourself, this was an opportunity to play the crowd, gain experience, and gain in the ranking of your peers. This is what would have normally gone though the head of a particular trainer: Ash Ketchum. But that wasn't happening. The boy in his early teens had other thoughts. Or rather memories. Something that had happened almost a month ago. To be truthful, he did have something else on his mind though. The moon. Or rather the fact that it had happened last full moon. It was rather stupid of him now that he thought about it. Dead of night. Spooky woods. Great place for something bad to happen. Which it did.

Ash and Pikachu had finally decided to call it a night. They'd been up all night, not bothering to check the time or any such thing. Misty had conked out early, with Brock having went to sleep only an hour later. Ash would later get into a good argument with Misty over him being up all night. He and his pokemon had just slipped into the sleeping bag when a low sound got their attention. They heard it several more times, and Ash being Ash had decided to investigate. Pikachu followed, abet grudgingly. Ash should had guessed it was a trap considering what he saw. A mew. Just floating in the air maybe 10 feet from him. Almost begging him to catch it. He had ran after it, the pokemon keeping just a few feet ahead of him. Close, but not near enough to grab. Just like a worm on a hook to entice a fish. Ash had followed for what had seemed like miles, but would turn out to be only a few yards away. It just seemed to vanish. Poof! And Ash was left scratching his head. Pikachu came up to him, his fur strangely up on end. He usually only did it when something was wrong. Something was indeed wrong. They showed up then. It had been like a dream, the sort of sudden flash of light and things that couldn't be real. Ash would later hope it had been a dream, even if his gut said no. They weren't people. They didn't fall totally under pokemon either. More in-between than anything else. There were 4 that night. One was shaped like a Charizard, except for the fact he was not as big, and had a human shape. Sort of a cross between a bodybuilder and a the most badass charizard ever born. Beside him was what Ash had thought was the mew. Well, it sort of was he guessed. Short, but built like a ten year old. His pinkish fur and long tail made sure no one mistook him for that though. The next was what appeared to be an eevee, but bipedal and about Ash's height. The last was a plant type. A Bulbasaur to be exact. The pokemon's features felt grafted onto a person, but without the person under the face.

Ash's blood had run cold as the creatures had studied him, almost judging him. He had felt very exposed to them, assorted thoughts going though his mind. Aliens? Mutants? Monsters planning to eat him? That's not what they turned out to be though. Despite the fact their mouths didn't move, Ash could hear their voices very clearly, everything else drowned out.

"We have come to judge you Ash Ketchum. You are charged with crimes against nature herself. How do you plea?"

The voice was powerful, and not from a specific creature. More like a group thought than anything else. Ash had started to speak, the word "Innocent" on the tip of his tongue. But, they had cut him off. And with his answer no less.

"You have plead "Innocent". We shall take the evidence now to reach a verdict."

Again, before he could protest Ash was cut off. This time not by being interrupted, but by something much more invasive. It was hard to describe. It was like someone was literally peaking into his mind. Birthdays, favorite color, what pokemon he had, everything was being looked at. Then it just stopped. Like someone had just flipped a switch. After it was done, Ash felt incredibly violated. He's just had his brain striped searched.

"We find you, Ash Ketchum, "Guilty" as charged. You shall be sentenced accordingly."

"What! Wait! I..!" Ash bleated out, trying to beg for some reason for it. He felt Pikachu on his shoulder, and heard him yelling at the top of his tiny lungs at them. They eyed him closely, giving Ash a look at what they had done with him. Pikachu's eyes rolled back momentarily, then blinking in rapid succession. Ash assumed they'd just searched his mind too. They started to speak again…

"This new evidence has changed the case. You, Ash Ketchum are "Guilty" of a lesser crime. Thus, your sentence will be less severe. Sentence will be carried out now!"

Light. Blinding light. And a strange pain as well. A sort of pins and needles feeling but so much more than that. Ash felt himself leave the ground somewhat as the "Sentence" what ever it was, was given. Ash could feel himself start to fall, and the hard thud on the ground that followed. He heard Pikachu do the same next to him. Darkness swallowed him up shortly.

Ash would awake the next morning, to the sound of Misty calling his name. It turned out he was only a short distance from camp. And even stranger, he was unharmed. No wounds, no bite marks, no alien ray guns, not jack. He felt almost disappointed. He had turned to his partner, hoping he had some recollection of the night. He had giving Ash his "pika! Piii?" which he knew meant "Watcha talking about Ash?"

Had he dreamt it? Ash wished he knew if he had. He'd be better off thinking it a dream than thinking he was going crazy. Seeing monster pokemon did fall under the "going mental" category. There was something that made Ash know that it wasn't a dream though. It was a strange feeling of dread. Like something incredibly horrible was going to happen. He did have one clue about it though. The moon. Something told him that the full moon was important. He had no idea why. It was like a note in his mind, "Full moon" written on it. The full moon…

"Ash!" hello?"

Misty's voice snapped Ash back to the present. She stood next to him and yanked his hat down over his face.


"Just making sure your awake Ash. Don't want ya losing the 1st match. I wouldn't get to battle you if that happened." she quipped, her competitive side in full swing. Ash pulled his hat back up and gave her a smirk. She stuck her tongue out at him playfully before turning her attention to the field. The two trainers were in a dug out of sorts, a stone path leading to the bright ring in the center of the arena. They were hidden from the crowd, save the doorway onto the field. Ash decided that worrying over the incident was pointless right now. If he didn't have his mind on the fight, he'd get creamed. The announcer then came on the loudspeaker, telling the audience that the next match was just 5minutes away. The crowd gave the expected cheers and assorted noises as response. Ash felt himself get excited as the adrenaline started to pump in his veins. No monsters. Just a trainer he'd beat. Nothing to worry about…

As if on cue, Ash's feelings of excitement and joy left his body. He felt incredibly hot for some reason. He felt his cheek, the heat coming off it almost burning him. Sweat poured from his glands, quickly making him look like he was freshly back from the Sahara desert. He wiped his brow with his shirt, as he got hotter. It felt like a fever, but more was wrong than just simple illness. He started to speak, to ask for water or something to cool him. He felt bile in his throat and covered his mouth. He choked it back down and started to back towards the exit back into the arena's backstage. Misty said something but Ash wasn't able to hear her. He could see the look of concern on her face. The boy felt the urge to leave the arena. The urge to keep going and never stop. He tried to fight it, to regain his composure. He failed in this, flinging the door open and barreling into the near empty coliseum behind the bleachers. He just ran. He felt something briefly grab at his pant leg. He glanced back for a second to see Pikachu pursuing him. Ash wanted to stop, but his legs said no. Ash could feel himself panting and sweating, wanting badly to stop and fall over dead. He just kept going though. Past the concession stand in the back. Past the bathrooms with a drunk passed out next to the water fountain. Thought the stadium doors and into the cool night air. The sudden change in climate helped Ash but he still kept running. He ran, as if he was born for no other purpose. He quickly cleared the crowded parking lot and entered the wooded area past it. The air was silent. No animals were there, all driven off by the noise and lights of the stadium. Ash felt more compelled to run by this. The urge to run told him not to stop there. The boy shortly entered what would be considered true forest, the tall trees and sounds of nature untouched by human presence. Once Ash entered the under brush he noticed that he had slowed now and soon he came to a halt in a opening of the canopy next to a fallen log. He collapsed to the ground, letting his racing heart slow and the assorted pains to lessen. He lied there for many minutes as he rested. He could hear the very alive sound of the forest and realized that he was quite certainly lost. He just panted and listened to the air's sounds. After a few moments, a rather exhausted and panicked Pikachu would catch up to his owner and plop down beside him, panting in very much the same manner.

"Pika..,*huwf*…pi? Chu?" what the…hell was…that for??? he squeaked, as he crawled up to Ash's face. Ash gave a strained grin, blowing a blade of grass from his nose.

"Just did…don't know…*pant* why. Felt kinda sick…" he responded. Pikachu gave him a relived expression as it stood up.

"Jezz…where'd you learn to run like that? I couldn't keep up!" the pokemon joked, more to himself than to his friend. Human's normally only could understand simple phrases, so he wasn't expecting an answer.

"Heh. I thought pikachu were suppose to be fast pokemon." Ash replied, rolling onto his back from the flat on the face position.

"What! Are calling me slow? the pokemon shot back. Ash chucked at his pokemon's irritation.

"Well, if I out ran you…" he snickered making Pikachu contemplate shocking him. Something else clicked for the electric mouse thought. The fact Ash had understood him perfectly. Ash was good at understanding Pikachu, but not that good. The pokemon briefly realized that he had understood Ash perfectly himself. The "Wait! Something is screwed up." alarm went off in his head.

Ash? Do me a favor. Sit up. he spoke, fearing the response. Ash sat up and turned to him.

Ok, I'm sitting. Now what? the human responded, the boy not realizing he'd replied in a series of "pikas". Pikachu's eyes grew huge as he contemplated the ramifications of this. Ash gave his pokemon a confused look, wondering what was wrong.

What is it? What's wrong? he spoke, deaf to his change in language. Pikachu just kept staring at his owner, not believing the change. Irritated from the lack of response, Ash started to speak again. But before he could, a sharp pain hit his face. His vision went white momentarily, but quickly back to normal. Wondering what that was, Ash came to the conclusion that Piakchu had shocked him. He started to rub his cheek, which he though was where he'd been zapped. The boy collided with something unexpected though. The skin didn't feel red or hot. Heck it didn't even feel burnt. Something was wrong , that much he could feel. The boy absently scratched hi head before touching the spot again. He received a sharp static shock when he did.

Ow! The hell?? he mumbled rubbing the area. He felt more static their and raised his hand. To his utter disbelief, he saw a tiny bolt of electricity shoot from his cheek and fizzle out. He experimented, rubbing the spot again. Again, he saw a spark of electricity leave the spot. Not believing his eyes he turned to Pikachu.

Pikachu…is something wrong with my cheeks? He stammered. The pokemon's jaw was hanging open, not believing his eyes either.

Red…your cheeks have red spots on them… he squeaked not wanting to believe it. Ash gave a forced giggle, hiding his nervousness.

Your joking right? Right? he spoke, his voice high with a new anxiety. Pikachu gave no answer, his partner's fear growing. The boy started to stand, not believing the events. Ash cried out instead though, a howl of bestial pain. He fell to his knees, his hands climbed over his ears. Tears streamed down his face as something unnatural started to happen. It felt as if someone was pulling his ears, the tissue tearing and pulling in agony. He screamed again as they started to physically stretch. He moved his hands slightly as his ear tips started to push against his fingers. The tips continued to extend, quickly giving Ash an elfin appearance. He panted, the pain having slowed a bit. This ended quickly as they started to move again, this time not the tips, but the base of his ears themselves. Ash found himself having to move his hands up as his ears traveled higher up his skull, his fingers now only able to grasp the bases. He felt his hair part and move clear of his ears as they moved onto the top of his head. Ash let out a final scream, less from pain but more from the experience, before falling on his hands and knees. The boy let the pain evaporate as he breathed heavily, thinking nothing as he did. It barely registered when Pikachu touched a ear, causing him to shake a bit. The pokemon wasn't believing any of this. It had to be some sort of insane dream. Why did he think this? Not only were Ash's ears now located on the top of his head, they had fur. Yellow fur. With black tips. A pikachu's ears. The pokemon would have pissed himself in fear if this was real. It couldn't be though. It was too impossible to be anything but a dream. At least he hoped it was. He just studied his friend's new ears, not believing and praying both a once.

Ash, feeling that the worst was over, decided to try and stand up again. But, like before, he screamed again instead. From his current position, he could see his hands in front of him. He screamed because yellow fur was present on his fingertips. He rose up and brought his hands to his face, studying them as if they weren't his own. The fur spread further down his fingers, fear and a new pain encouraging Ash to rip off his gloves. He did so, the articles landing in the grass nearby. The fur didn't stop though, now going faster up his hand. Past his knuckles, over his wrist and partway up his forearm. It slowed slightly, but not stopping entirely. Before Ash could contemplate having furry hands, he felt a new pain from his feet. He started to scream again as his feet started to swell inside his shoes. The boy furiously kicked them off, exposing his still human feet. He breathed a small sigh of relief. It was short however, his toes starting to throb. He watched as a thick webbing grew between his toes. To his shock, his toes bent, the big toe to one side, two toes in the middle, and the other two to the side. He found he was now unable to move them separately, as if he only had three toes instead of five. He let out another high scream as that started to happen. Fur swamped his fusing toes and they quickly became one with one another. If this wasn't bad enough, Ash's feet started to lengthen to an inhuman shape. After a moment of shock he realized that he was becoming four legged, and would be soon trapped. He desperately tried to stand, the act causing him to cry out in pain. His body screamed at him for the act. Standing, abet on long, three toed, furry feet, Ash became aware of a new sensation. It felt like something big was pushing against the ass of his pants. The pain increased, traveling up his spine in an extremely painful way. He clawed at his belt and unclasped it, then ripping the button off his jeans. No longer held up by the belt and button, Ash's pants pooled around his ankles. He felt better yes, but the strange feeling in his back was still there. He felt around his rear and collided with something. Something big. He looked at his rear and screamed again. Ash had a tail sticking out of his boxers, swaying with the night air. The impulse to move it quickly occurred and the tail moved. Ash wanted to faint now, and would have if not for the strange urge to watch the rest of this. It was obvious what was occurring, He was turning into a pokemon. A pikachu to be exact. An animal…

The realization triggered something in his body, causing the changes to speed up. He fell flat on his face as his legs snapped into a fully pokemon shape. A pulling sensation caused Ash to scream again, now for the 1st time realizing he had just screamed "Pika" really loud. Tears streamed as Ash felt his genitals start to shrink and change shape. He tried to claw at his groin, to try and stop it, but found his arms constricted and stuck in his suddenly gigantic shirt and vest. He clawed at them as his manhood quickly became furry and well hidden. A pokemon-hood now. He would have started crying harder, if his face hadn't started to hurt again. He felt his hat slip off his head as he shrank more, now barely the size of a three year old. His nose snapped and cracked as it pushed out and darkened, the wet nose of a pikachu. He felt the strange feeling of hair becoming fur, his normal black locks quickly becoming yellow and more fur than hair. He closed his eyes as the ride finished, leaving a pikachu in the boy's place.

Ash Ketchum's human life was over now. A pikachu crawled out of his clothes and stared at his body. Tiny, thumb less, paws. A tail. Big pointed ears. Fur all over his person. The only sign he had been human was the fur on his head being unnaturally unrulely. The assorted points and shape of it gave the impression of hair if only to those who knew the boy. Naked, freighted and robbed of his body, Ash fainted. The irony that a pokemon trainer was now a pokemon never entered his thoughts.

End part 1