"White…nothing but white…why is it so white?" Ash Ketchum asked himself, knowing he had no answers. Bleak, empty nothingness stood before him, cold and emotionless. He could feel his body and he knew he was alive but…this place was impossible. No shadow or color or anything obstructing the white. An infinite void encasing him. "HELLO!!!!" he yelled into the nothingness, not receiving any reply. Not even an echo or the wind. Just nothing. Ash had never been so isolated. He looked down at his feet, seeing just the white, causing him to wonder if he was actually standing on anything. He attempted to stamp his foot, to answer his question, but no sound or even a feeling of contact came form it. He was floating it seemed. To his surprise, he also was human again, something that pleased and troubled him at once.

"WHAT IS THIS?!" he screamed, as if demanding some higher power to answer him.

"That's a valid question Ash Ketchum." a voice answered. Ash spun to his right and then his left, looking up down and around for the source of the voice. Nothing but the empty blank as far as the eye could see.

"Hmm…I see this is a bit much to take. I'll show myself to ease your mind…" the voice spoke again, still without a location Ash could follow. After a moment, Ash felt as if he was being eyed, and quickly spun around. His mouth hung open at the source of the voice.

"YOU….YOU!!" the boy moaned, the aslant reviving his memories of recent events. The forest…the transformation…loosing his humanity…and the pokemon that had lead him into the initial trap. The Mew.

He remembered its appearance well. Remotely human sized and shaped. A thin frame supported by two oversized feet, its stance bipedal but with the leg structure of a pokemon. Light pink fur covering the entirety of its body, including the whip like tail with its bulging tip. The angular head with the large pointed ears and the deep blue eyes taking up most of its face, with its tiny mouth almost hidden under its short muzzle. A humanoid Mew. The same Mew that had helped strip him of his life.

Ash's rage boiled. Every bit of anger he had in him was aimed at the creature, Ash having never wanted revenge so badly in his entire life. This…thing…had made him into a dumb animal. He had taken his life away. True, it wasn't the only one of the creatures but he didn't have them in front of him. The Mew smiled, a strange smile, Ash not sure of its meaning…

"Now is not the time to get angry. Besides, you couldn't harm me even if you tried." it spoke, its tone fearless and not the least bit intimidated. Ash felt his rage dissipate, the logic seeping in. This creature had turned him into a pokemon after all. It was doubtful he could contend with that kind of power.

"I am here for a purpose Ash. I didn't come to torment you. I came to give answers. All that is needed of you is to listen…" it continued, its voice having a sympathetic tone. Ash gave up being angry at it, deciding that he was in no position to argue.

"1st things 1st…" it spoke. "This…place. Isn't really a place at all. In fact, it doesn't exist. "

Ash gave Mew a cockeyed look, wondering if this being was as loony as that sounded.

The Mew blushed slightly, realizing that that didn't make much since.

"This…all of this…is in your mind Ash." it told him.

Ash scratched his head. "In my mind? What the heck does that mean?"

Mew shook his head. " I doubt that this is easy to accept. This place is your mind. Your dreamscape so to speak." he spoke. Ash nodded his head, since this place did remind him of a dream somewhat.

" This is your unconscious mind Ash. The reason you are here is because of what has happened to your body…"

Ash tried to cut him off, to tell him it was him who had turned him into a pikachu, but the deity glared at him suddenly, making the boy hold his tongue.

"That's not what I meant. You don't remember do you…." the creature sighed before continuing

"You were captured. You are inside a Pokeball."

Ash's face lost its color as he flashed back to the event. He remembered now…he replayed himself going crazy, spinning around in a circle and wanting to die. He remembered something smacking his head and then…nothing. "Oh….shi.." he mumbled the idea hard to fathom. A new question entered his mind.

"Wait! Shouldn't I be inside the pokeball? Why am I in my brain!?" he yelled at Mew.

The pokemon mused for a moment.

" When a pokemon is "captured"…they are decent grated and reduced to an energy state. Energy cannot be destroyed but it can be stored and compacted. That is why you humans invented poke balls. To have easy transport of your captures. " it began, a slight rage in its' voice.

"In this energy state, a pokemon does either two things. They will sleep until they are released…or in the case of higher pokemon & you, enter their inner mind like this." it said.

Ash pondered this for a moment. "You mean I'm still a pikachu…and I'm inside a poke ball now…?" he asked timidly. The Mew nodded. "That's the basic situation. As for the next, and more important question I know you have…Why have you been "changed".

Ash nodded, clinching a fist as the only act of anger he could release.

"Obviously, I am not just a Mew. In fact, I'm not even that. I may fall under what you humans may call a "ghost". Ash gave him that "Huh?" expression of his.

" I and my brothers, the other pokemon you saw that night, are dead. But we are linked by the fact we died by human hands or actions." it told him. Ash's expression became grim.

"Upon our deaths, nature it seems decided we were to be her tools. We were alive again. And bestowed with great power. And a purpose…" it spoke. Ash swallowed hard before speaking. "And that is…?"

"Our purpose Ash Ketchum, is to teach humans humility for what they have done to nature's creatures. The enslavement of pokemon must be repented." he boomed.

"But, I thought…that…." Ash stammered, realizing that Mew had a point. It was kind of like enslavement to catch pokemon. He never thought that it might be perceived that way.

"True…" Mew continued. "…some humans are gentle and pure, treating their pokemon as equals. But many more are deserved of retribution. And that is our mission: To teach the worst of you humility by becoming what you have enslaved. "

Ash soaked in what the Mew was saying, agreeing with the ideas but not the execution. But why him?

"Why me? I've always been as best a trainer as I can be to my pokemon! Why did you do this to ME!!?" he yelled at Mew, feeling as if he was being victimized at random.

"YOU, Ash Ketchum., have a higher purpose. For you see, YOU now have the fate of many on your shoulders. " it spoke coldly. Ash's eyes widened. "What does that mean…"he mumbled.

"You just happen to be one of the most perfect trainers in this world. You treat your pokemon with the utmost respect and would gladly sacrifice yourself for them. You are devoted. And THAT is why you were chosen." it said.

Ash yelled at him "Chosen for WHAT!?"

"To save all of your fellow trainers. " it told him.

Ash's mouth dropped. "save…all..of them?"

"I am at odds with my brothers I'm afraid. I feel that man is redeemable. Worth saving. They do not. You have been chosen Ash since you represent everything that I believe a human can achieve. My brothers feel that mankind must be punished as a whole…" it spoke.

"Punished!?" Ash blurted out, frightened by what it may mean.

"All humans are to be transformed into pokemon, to wipe the slate clean and restore that balance." it responded.

Ash felt his heart drop into his feet. This was insane.

"WHAT!!!!!!? YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" he screamed, not believing his ears.

"That is why you have been chosen Ash. Your actions will determine if humans are redeemable."

The weight of this revelation hit Ash like a ton of bricks. He felt himself start to puke, but nothing came up, showing that he probably was in his own mind…

"You will be tested by this trial. You must show humans can be redeemed by your actions as a pokemon. If a human can show his worth to the world when he is not a human, my fellow deities will be satisfied and humans will remain unharmed." he spoke quietly.

"BUT…" he boomed. " if you fail to prove yourself. You will be forever a pokemon, and man will share your fate. Your trial will last 1 complete year. It will end if you give up and let go of your humanity, die, or manage to succeed in your task before a year has passed. There is NO WAY to undo the spell that is upon you. You are welcome to try but do not expect success.

Ash started to panic. This couldn't be happening to him. How was he suppose to deal with…THIS?

"You..can't do this! I can't do this! Don't!!!" Ash yelled in vein. A creeping darkness was starting to overtake the void. Darkening and turning night. Ash realized he must be waking up and about to be released from the ball. He was out of time.

Mew gave him one last speech before Ash's mind darkened.

"Follow your heart and soul Ash. Do not weaver and you will succeed in this trial.

Your curse is connected with the moon. By day and moonless night you will remain as a pokemon. By moonlight you will briefly return to your human form. Do not forget your mission."

*to be continued.*