Hey everyone!

In the spirit of the holidays, I decided to write a fanfic about Christmas in Jump City. In the show, there were never any Earth holidays, just Tamaranian ones, so here's how I think the Titans would celebrate Christmas. For those of you who are worried, no, this will not be religious in any way, shape, or form.

Hope you all like it!



Raven woke up promptly at six o'clock. Yawning widely, she glanced at the clock on her bedside table, confused. Why did she wake up so early? It didn't bother her really; Raven loved the peacefulness and quiet of early mornings. But still, she normally slept in a bit later, especially on weekends. Seconds later, the drowsy empath got her answer. It was the day of Christmas Eve. She never really could sleep the day of a holiday.

She remembered the first Christmas she had celebrated. She had been unsure at first whether or not she should. After all, Christmas was when all the good children got presents, and she wasn't exactly the textbook example of a good person. Sure, she helped the Titans save the city from various villains on a regular basis, but still, she was the child of a demon. A witch. A sorceress. She didn't feel right celebrating being good along with the other Titans when she, in her opinion, didn't deserve to celebrate anything.

The others had tried to change her mind, of course. Starfire had showered her with heartfelt pleas, innumerous hugs, and home cooking, the last two of which did not help in the least. Robin had tried to affect her conscience, asking her to celebrate with them or she would be "letting the team down." When that line of approach had failed, he said he would sign her up for double morning training. Cyborg had had much the same idea as his leader, threatening to use the best of his blackmail against her unless she came and participated in the festivities. Regardless of all the flattery, pleading, instructing, and threats, Raven had remained unsure.

The one who had finally managed to convince her was, oddly enough, none other than Beast Boy. Robin had obviously gone to complain to the changeling about the stubborn empath, because the day of Christmas Eve, he had come to her. She remembered bracing herself for a huge argument, violence, or even, Azar forbid, "The Face". Instead, he had calmly looked her in the eyes and said simply "Raven, no matter what others may tell you, and no matter what you may think, you are always good enough." And then he had walked away, leaving the dumbfounded half-demon staring at his retreating form, suddenly feeling like she was worth the world.

Raven smiled slightly at the memory. Ever since that day two years ago, she had participated in the festivities without comment or complaint. Today, she was sure, would be no different.

With a sigh, the purple haired teen reluctantly slipped out of her bed. Putting on her cloak as she walked, Raven headed to the common room. Much to her surprise, the other Titans were already gathered, waiting for her she supposed, in front of the couch.

"Morning sleepy head." Beast Boy teased, that ever-present grin on his face.

"I'm up earlier than you normally, so don't start on me." Raven grumbled. "Why are we up early today anyways?"

"Well, we haven't decorated or gotten a tree yet, so I though that we should probably get going." Robin said. Damn him and his stupid ever-planning mind.

"This shall be most amusing, you shall see, friend Raven!" Starfire chirped. "The decorating of the tree of Christmas is quite enthralling!"

Raven sighed. Outnumbered, as always. "Fine, where are the decorations? Let's get this over with."

"Alright." Robin said, immediately going into commander mode. "Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire, put up anything that goes on the walls or ceiling. Cyborg and I will handle everything else. When you're finished, assemble at the couch, and we'll go get a tree. Everyone clear on what they're supposed to do?"

"We got it, Robin." Cyborg chuckled. "You don't have to go all authoritative on us."

Starfire giggled, and Beast Boy and Raven nodded in agreement.

"Sorry." Robin replied, blushing slightly. "Okay Titans, let's get to work!"

Raven drifted over to the large box of decorations sitting on the couch. She groaned inwardly at the amount of work to be done, but immediately grabbed the humongous "Merry Christmas!" banner and went to hang it by the sliding doors. It was so big, she could barely keep the thing from falling on top of her.

"Could I have some help over here?" Raven called, battling to keep the enormous banner from getting tangled up in her cloak.

"I am coming, friend!" Starfire cried, racing over to help the struggling empath untangle the large banner.

"Thanks." Raven said, voice expressionless as always, but secretly glad that the alien girl had come to her rescue. If Beast Boy had come over, she was sure he would only have made the problem worse. Speaking of which, where was he?

She glanced towards the couch and then began scanning the rest of the room. Suddenly, she stopped and turned slowly to face the ceiling. A green bird was fluttering around the ceiling, holding a fragile, glass snowflake in its beak. Alarm coursed through Raven's system as she realized what was happening.

"Beast Boy." She said, her voice carefully devoid of emotion, "Come down from the ceiling. I need your help with this banner."

Immediately the small bird fluttered down, deposited the decoration back in the box, and landed next to Raven. Shortly it began to change, resolving into the form of the idiot who had almost smashed glass all over the floor of the Tower.

"Hey Raven." He grinned. "What's up?"

She gave him one of her signature death glares, but he didn't even flinch. "Instead of breaking glass all over the place, could you actually make yourself useful for once and help me put up this banner?" She asked, making sure her voice absolutely dripped with contempt and scorn.

"Sure." Beast Boy replied, unfazed by the obviously peeved half demon. Seconds later, a dark green hawk came back with a spool of string in its beak.

"Great." Raven said sarcastically, resigning herself to an afternoon of torture, courtesy of the Tower's resident jokester. "Starfire, could you put the snowflakes up please? Just don't get over-excited or you'll break them."

"Hooray!" Starfire cried, doing an excited little back flip. "I will have the flakes of snow up shortly!"

As the over-eager teen flew off to perform her task, Raven turned her attention back to the banner. She laid it out carefully on the ground, and silently she and Beast Boy began to tie loops of string through the edges of the poster.

"Hey Raven, are these enough loops yet? Because I thought loopholes were a bad thing."

Raven sighed in defeat. She had been hoping to escape the green Titan's bad jokes by putting him to work, but obviously he was as determined to make her miserable as she was to make him disappear. "Just help me hang this up."

Beast Boy shot her a smug smile before turning back into a hawk. Gripping one of the loops in his talons, he carefully hooked it over the pegs in the wall, left over from last year. Raven took the other loop and flew up to slip it over the peg on the opposite wall. They then repeated the same process for the bottom loops. Jobs completed, they landed side by side in front of the remaining decorations. Streamers. Oh joy.

A light green bird took the streamers and flew over the wall. Grabbing a wad of silly putty, Raven followed it. Together they hung up all the streamers, and before long all the decorations were up. Raven flew over to the couch, grabbed her favourite book, and sat down to read it. About ten minutes later, she heard, rather than saw, Beast Boy and Starfire land next to her. Cyborg and Robin walked over shortly after them.

"Dude, you should see this." Beast Boy said, the awe evident in his voice.

"The decorations of Christmas are most wonderful!" Starfire smiled.

Reluctantly, Raven left her book on the couch and stood up to view their handiwork. "So? What's so special about Christmas decora..." She began, and then trailed off suddenly, awestruck by what she saw.

The living area of the Tower had been transformed into a snowy wonderland. Sparkling glass snowflakes hung from the ceiling, making it look as though it was snowing crystals. Holly lined every table and counter, and the top of the couch was covered in stretched out cotton balls, substituting as artificial snow. The humongous banner that had given her so much grief hung over the sliding doors, "Merry Christmas!" written on it with light blue paint and plenty of sparkles.

However, the decorations that impressed Raven the most were the streamers. They were intertwined the form delicate and intricate snowflakes, which looked so lifelike Raven almost expected them to start falling. It suddenly occurred to her that she had not arranged the streamers like this. Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire had all been busy with their own decorations, which left only one option.

"Beast Boy," She asked, surprised, "Did you make the streamers into snowflakes?"

Before the Titan in question had a chance to reply, Robin spoke up. "Yeah, he did." Their leader answered with a smile.

"Finished them all while you were reading." Cyborg grinned.

"Are they not exquisite?" Starfire exclaimed, joy shining in her eyes.

"I guess so." Raven said, amazed. Turning, she addressed Beast Boy again. "Where did you learn how to make snowflakes like that? They're... probably the most beautiful decorations I've ever seen." She finished, looking away shyly. She suddenly realized that this was the first time she'd complemented him on, well, anything. The thought bothered her for some reason.

"I just kinda picked it up when I was learning origami." He smiled, then scratched the back of his neck, embarrassed. He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye, just realizing what she had said. "Did you just... complement me?" Beast Boy asked, astonished.

"Yes." Raven smiled. "But don't get used to it."

"Of course not." He replied, his usual grin back in place.

As soon as he went back to talking to Cyborg, Raven breathed a silent sigh of relief. She wasn't used to embarrassment, humility, or even intelligence coming from him. Partly, it had scared her, but it also made her see him differently. Maybe he wasn't just an insensitive jerk who acted stupid and told corny jokes. Raven laughed silently to herself. Now there was a thought.

Robin interrupted her musings. "Great job team! Now let's go get a tree!"

Raven followed him into the T-Car, taking her usual seat next to Beast Boy in the back of the car.

Only afterwards did Cyborg and Robin wonder why she didn't complain about the seating arrangements like she normally did.