So it's been quite some time, but here's the sequel that I told myself I wouldn't make when I was making the first one. This is a sequel to my first story, Batgirl Beyond, so I highly recommend reading that one before this one. It takes place several months after the events of that story, and I got enough ideas to work with in order to make this sequel. So here it is, Batgirl Beyond: The Mystery of Ten!


It was a cold and bitter night.

A black SUV with bright headlights pulled up and parked next to a very big mansion. The doors on either side both opened, and two armed police guards exited the vehicle. To a resident of any other town, the level of security at this house would have seemed superfluous. But every resident of Gotham City knew that the precautions were to be expected at this particular wealthy man's house. Paxton Powers.

The guards walked to the front of the house after checking for any unwanted onlookers. The first security guard nodded his head at the second one. He unlocked the door and walked inside of the house. The door shut behind him.

They didn't look hard enough.

From a distance, a figure held up their binoculars. The darkness was so heavy, that the person was completely covered by it. No hair or distinguishable clothes were visible. All that was visible was the shape of a female, and red eyes that pierced through the night. The person held onto the trunk of a nearby tree with one hand and looked through her binoculars with the other. She watched patiently as the men walked into the house. She cracked a smile and let go of the tree. She landed on the ground and crouched down to soften the fall.

One of the security guards walked down a hallway to their left. The other security guard walked straight down the hall. A third security guard with blue eyes was already in the house and standing in front of a laptop computer on a counter. He quickly turned his head when he saw the other guard walk towards him, but the man signaled with his hand, indicating that it was him and not an intruder. The security guard who had just entered the house spoke.

"You get the message from Mr. Powers already?"

"Yep." The other guard replied. "I'm on it now."

The security guard looked over his shoulder and took a look.

"Preparing to secure the files now…." The blue-eyed guard spoke.

The girl outside hid behind a bush that was located in the house's backyard. She watched as a guard walked in front of her. She slowly reached down into her belt and waited for the right moment. A few seconds later, the guard had passed the bush. She quickly threw a flat projectile behind him that stuck in the ground like a knife.

The guard swung back and took a look.

"HEY! Who's there!"

There was no response. He looked around and saw the projectile on the ground. He slowly bent down and picked it up while looking both ways. He took a flashlight out of his belt and shined it on the projectile. At first he didn't comprehend what it was. It felt like a razor, but it looked like….

"A playing card?" The guard said out loud

Just then he was grabbed from behind. The girl had her hand over his face. The guard immediately jabbed his elbow back and knocked her away. The girl jumped up and quickly kicked him down to the ground. She jumped up and seemed to disappear again. The guard reached for his flashlight with one hand and his gun with the other. He thought to reach for his radio transmitter, but all of this was happening too fast.


He pointed his gun, but couldn't see anyone. He suddenly heard rustling behind him. He quickly turned, but not quick enough. The girl held her glove to his face, and he watched as yellow gas escaped from it. He tried to stand his ground, but soon fell on top of it.

"Sweet dreams. Just do us all a favor and try not to snore too loudly" The girl said as the man turned his head and exhaled. He had been knocked out. The flashlight rolled on the ground and happened to stop in front of her. Her bodysuit was fully visible.

"Oh and for the record…" The girl smiled "You can call me Ten."

She wore a suit that was half white and half black, just as the ten suit was before. The black and white mask covered her face and red covered her eyes. She ran forward towards the house.

Thirty seconds later, the alarm sounded.

The two guards by the computer looked up.

"Let's go!" one of them yelled. The two of them held their guns as they sprinted away.

A few seconds later, Ten jumped down from the upper floor. She had entered in through a window before a second guard had noticed his friend unconscious on the ground.

Ten looked at the laptop screen and quickly navigated to the information she was looking for.

"Perfect." She said.

She took a flash drive and plugged it into the computer, and began copying the files.


She was surrounded by three security guards. Two to her left and one to her right. All of them were pointing their guns at her. She looked over at the progress bar, and noticed that it was at sixty percent.

"Put your hands up and step away from the computer now!"

One of the guards demanded

She slowly complied.

Another guard spoke.

"I know who you are. I thought you and your Royal Flush family were out of Gotham for good!"

"And I thought that this place would have better security. But it looks like it's something of a disappointment for both of us, huh?" Ten replied.

She looked at the computer and saw that the transfer was complete. She smirked and put her hands behind her head

"Seriously though. You people make my job too easy. Just think about those news headlines. Four burly, trained security men versus one girl in spandex, and the girl got away"

"Got away?" One of the security men said. "Who says you're getting awa…"

Then, she did it. She swiftly reached into her belt and threw out three razor sharp playing card weapons. They all perfectly hit the security guards' hands and the three guns dropped simultaneously. One of the guards pulled out another gun and began shooting. Ten flipped over him and kicked him to the ground. The other two men sprinted over to tackle her, and she simply dropped one last card shaped gadget towards the ground. As it floated down the two guards grabbed her tightly. She struggled to be let free.

"You're gonna be sorry you ever trespassed here…" One of the guards said. Ten proceeded to hold her breath.

The card had touched the ground, and it exploded with more of the yellow gas.

The guards slowly let go as they began to lose consciousness, and Ten sprinted over to the computer and grabbed the flash-drive.

Ten kicked down the front door and smirked

"Nighty night boys. I recommend getting comfortable having me around. The Royal Flush Gang may be down, but now Ten's back and stronger than ever before."

She ran forward and hopped onto a massive card shaped glider. The last security guard watched her escape as he closed his eyes and fainted.


The next morning, a finger pressed a silver doorbell button.

Commissioner Barbara Gordon slipped her hands into the pockets of her brown coat as she waited for a reply. She had a rolled up newspaper in her right hand which peaked out of her coat pocket as well. She moved up and down to stay warm while waiting for the homeowner to answer the door. She leaned in to press the doorbell once more, and just as she let go, the front door opened.

Bruce Wayne was on the other side.

He leaned on his cane and looked straight at the commissioner.

"One ring is enough" Bruce said.

"Clearly it's not." Barbara replied.

"Is there something I can do for you, commissioner?" Bruce asked

"Don't play games with me, Bruce. You know exactly why I'm here."

She shoved the newspaper in front of his face. Bruce took it with one hand and leaned on his cane with the other. He read the headline out loud.

"Supposedly Reformed Royal Flush Member Suspected of Striking Back at Powers' Mansion."

His eyes scrolled down to a poorly focused picture of Ten from the robbery on her glider escaping the scene.

"My policemen are the ones who found Paxton's security team on the ground after the thief had already escaped. Powers himself was away on some other business at the time." Barbara said. "When we spoke to his security guards, their descriptions of the thief seemed to suggest that Ten of the Royal Flush Gang was behind the robbery."

Wayne looked up at her

"From our scoop of the place, it seemed like no money was stolen." Barbara continued. "But it looked like she stole some sensitive information off of Powers' database."

"And all this concerns me because…." Brue started

"I figured that you of all people would know more about this particular case than anyone."

"If you're talking about my former affiliation with Powers, I resumed my position as CEO a whole year ago…."

"Actually…" Barbara interrupted, "It has less to do with your affiliation with Powers and more to do with your affiliation with Ten."

Bruce looked shocked. His heart rate began to increase. For a moment, he wondered if Barbara had found out that…

"Or should I say, Ten's previous romantic affiliation with your little monkey-boy."

After she said that, Bruce felt relieved. She still didn't know anything about Bruce's run in with Ten a few months back.

"Who Terry spends his time with is his own business. But he and that girl are old news."

"So you're telling me that you haven't the slightest clue about this case."

"I can tell you this." Bruce squinted "You're wasting your time."

"Excuse me?" Barbara said

"The thief wasn't Ten. It couldn't have been."

"And what makes you so sure of that?" Commissioner Gordon replied after a few seconds. "It's a perfect motive. Ten was angry at Paxton for selling out her family like he did sometime ago, so she wanted revenge."

"Just look at the evidence, Barbara." Bruce said. "Ten is a low level thief. Swiping a flash-drive full of corporate data isn't her style. The Royal flush gang has a taste for jewels and trinkets, not files and encryptions. Powers has enemies all over the world, so it could have been anyone. Not to mention, Ten is retired. She's left the Royal Flush Gang."

"Oh come on, Bruce. Don't tell me that in all of those years of crime fighting, you haven't learned that criminals in Gotham don't just change."

"Apparently some heroes do."

"Listen to me, Bruce! I've been doing this for more years than you wanna count. Now if you don't wanna help me, then that's fine, but you have no right to question my judgment as a commissioner. Ten, or should I say…"

She pulled out a small notebook that was in her pocket and flipped to one of the pages.

"Melanie Walker…is a thief. And sure, she may have taken a little time out for a while, but you give her the right motive, and she'll be out stealing whatever she can get her hands on before you know it. That's what we got a perfect demonstration of the other day. That's the way all of those criminals do. It's in their nature."

"You still don't know that for a fact."

"You know Bruce, you seem pretty eager to defend that kid. Are you sure that there isn't something you know about this case that I should?"

Bruce didn't answer

"That's what I thought." Barbara said. She turned around and walked down the steps. "I'm going to find that girl and put her on a strict police surveillance. If she so much as sneezes in an unwanted area, my policemen will be there with a tissue and a hoard of cars ready to take her in for questioning."

"You can't do that. You have no proof she's done anything wrong."

Barbara reached the bottom of the stairs

"Once a criminal always a criminal, Bruce. There was a time when you knew that."

Barbara stopped in her tracks and turned around.

"Oh, and I almost forgot. Why didn't that house get a visit from a certain bat after it was robbed? It's not your style to leave the police's work for the police."

"I gave Terry the week off. He needed it."

"How gullible do you think I am? You really expect me to believe that you gave that boy time off?

"It's the truth"

Bruce said it as put his hand on the doorknob. He continued.

"So hopefully, he's getting some rest. I suggest you do the same, Commissioner."

Bruce shut the door with a slam.


It was nighttime again, and a small black car pulled up in front of an old warehouse. Two security men got out of the front of the car, and one of them opened the door to the backseat. A pair of black shoes touched the ground, and a man in a dark blue jacket over a black and white shirt stood straight.

It was Paxton Powers.

He adjusted his jacket and looked straight at the warehouse. He pulled a small white slip of paper out of his pocket and skimmed it.

The address of the warehouse that he was standing in front of was written on the paper.

"Charming…" Paxton said. He walked in between his two security guards and bumped one of them as he walked past. The two security guards picked up their machine guns from the car and followed Paxton towards the warehouse.

Paxton stood in front of the warehouse and pressed a bell. Not long after, he was buzzed in. He pulled the door open, and he and his two guards walked inside and shut the door behind them.

The inside of the warehouse was pretty big, but old looking. The warehouse appeared to have nobody inside of it. Paxton stood still and yelled.

"So this is your idea of a good place?" Paxton yelled.

Two well built men appeared from behind a giant box. One had short brown hair and the other had blonde hair and a tattoo on his neck. They were dressed in ripped street clothes. At first glance, anybody would pegged these men as typical Gotham "thugs".They walked towards Powers.

Paxton looked around

"What? No Stan? I'm insulted." He said

"Mad Stan chose not to come personally due to the nature of this meeting." The brown haired thug replied. The man spoke in a thick Russian accent. "He doesn't like having his toys taken from him."

"Well it was my toy first, and if you know what's good for you, you would return it to me." He signaled his security guards. They loaded their guns and pointed it towards the thugs.

"Now." Paxton said with a stern face.

The first thug nodded at the other one.

"Bring it out!" He yelled.

A tall, well built black man appeared out of the back pushing a giant wheelbarrow with a light blue cloth over it.

Paxton smiled and nodded at his security men. They dropped their guns.

The man with the covered wheelbarrow stopped several feet in front of Powers.

"Well? What's the holdup? Let me see the weapon." Paxton said.

"Stan wanted us to ask if there was any way he could possibly keep the weapon."

"Absolutely not." Paxton said. "I gave it to you since you paid me good money, but ever since my house got robbed the other night, there's no telling who I can and can't trust anymore."

"We had nothing to do with any of that, Mr. Powers." The man retorted.

"I don't care." Paxton said. He stepped forward and grabbed the cloth himself. "This is weapon is too dangerous for you kids anyway. If Mad Stan would have had the spine to come here and return this to me in person, perhaps he would have been able to plead his case for himself."

The two thugs reached for their belts.

Paxton slipped the cloth off. To his surprise and utter dismay, there was no weapon inside. But there was certainly something under the blanket. Paxton had just found out that Stan had in fact come in person, and just as always, came in the way he least expected.

Mad Stan had been hiding inside the wheelbarrow. His big physique, brown combat jacket and black undershirt were unmistakable. Mad Stan immediately put his hand forward and grabbed Paxton's face.

"Plead my case? Well why didn't you just say so!"

He screamed the statement at the top of his lungs. Paxton's men immediately pointed their guns, but didn't shoot since Paxton was in the way. Mad Stan's men drew their guns and began shooting at Paxton's security guards. Both of them squatted down under the wheelbarrow to avoid the bullets. Mad Stan threw Paxton down to the ground and jumped out of the wheelbarrow.

His men stopped shooting as Mad Stan hit the ground once again. Before Paxton's men could stand up and properly aim their guns, Stan had picked up Paxton by the back of his shirt and made him stand to his feet. Paxton tried to punch Mad Stan in the face, but Stan grabbed his fist and punched Paxton in the stomach. Stan moved to Paxton's backside and instantly locked Paxton's body in place with his two arms. Paxton struggled to try to escape.

"I pronounce that my friend, Paxton Powers, is guilty not only of attempting to take back a weapon that he sold to me, but he is also guilty of deliberately withholding the key to the weapon from me when he sold it."

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

"Lying under oath, Paxton? That's double time!"

"Shoot him!" Paxton yelled at his two security guards. They were still hesitant, since Stan was using Paxton as a shield. One of his security men looked down at the wheelbarrow.

"And due to the defense's lack of a reasonable case, I motion that Paxton Powers not see his weapon ever again, but instead, will kindly hand that key over to me. Even if it's done by deadly force."

The security man ran forward and kicked the wheelbarrow backwards as hard as he could. Paxton jumped up, and the wheelbarrow smashed into Mad Stan's boot. While it didn't hurt him, it caused him to stumble backwards. Paxton took the opportunity to elbow Stan in his chest and subsequently punch him in the face. Stan let go. Paxton ran forward and dove behind the wheelbarrow.

"Now!" Paxton yelled.

The two security men opened fire towards Mad Stan and his men. Mad Stan jumped out of the way, and his men opened fire as well.

Mad Stan climbed up onto one of the shelves in the warehouse. He kept climbing until he could get as high as he could. When he was near the ceiling of the room, he screamed down.

"And what good is a trial without a sentence?"

Paxton and Stan's men looked up. Mad Stan emptied a few of his jacket pockets of all of the tiny grenades and explosives.

"And now for the verdict, I decree that we blow up the whole courtroom! Blow it all to the ground!" He screamed it as he threw all of his explosives down.

"Take cover!" Paxton yelled.

Everyone stopped shooting and fled to the corners of the warehouse. A cascade of small explosions erupted around the entire room. A smokescreen from all of the explosions engulfed the entire room. It was a mystery as to why the warehouse hadn't collapsed on them yet.

When the smokescreen cleared, it was shown that all of the men were okay, but some were wounded.

"Those were just the appetizers! And now…" Mad Stan shouted. He emptied his lower pockets of two big grenades and held one in either hand. "It's time for the main course!"

The men on the ground shut their eyes. Mad Stan held one of the explosives up, ready to pull the pin and throw it.

Suddenly, the lights went out.

Mad Stan stopped. He looked around. Paxton looked back at his men.

"Did you do that?" He asked. His men shook their heads.

They heard three sounds one after another, all of which sounded like items flying through the air. Something dropped in front of Paxton. Paxton leaned over and picked it up.

Stan continued to scan the area.

"Who's there!" Stan yelled

Paxton held the item up to his face. It was a black and red metal weapon that was shaped like a bat. It had a small hole drilled on the top. Suddenly, white gas escaped from the weapon. Paxton instantly threw it aside and yelled back at his men.

"We need to get out of here now!"

"You mean…" One of his security men started.

"Yeah." Paxton said. "He's here."

The other batarangs released white gas as well. The room was soon enveloped in a white smokescreen.

"My show was better!" Stan yelled. He reached into another pocket and pulled out a handgun. "I know you're there Batman!"

He shot the gun blindly into the smoke. He looked around a few times.

After no response, he got angry.

"SHOW YOURSELF!" Stan screamed.

"Okay." The voice came from behind him. Stan slowly turned around. He saw the iconic figure standing in front of his face. He wore a black suit, a black mask, and carried a red logo on his chest. It was the Batman.

Batman knocked the gun out of his hand and it fell down through the smoke and towards the ground. Batman smiled.

"But only because you asked."

Batman wound back and punched Stan in the face. Stan lost his balance and fell backwards down towards the ground. Batman looked down and saw Mad Stan hit one of the shelves first, and then hit the ground.

The smoke began to clear up. Stan's men began shooting at Batman. Batman dove down to the ground and spread his red glider wings. He managed to dodge all of the bullets.

Except one.

One of the bullets shot through his wing and made his gliding unbalanced. He decided to put the wings away and land on the ground.

He landed on the ground and rolled in order to break the impact of his fall. He saw Mad Stan laying motionless on the ground. He ran up to Stan and leaned down to check his pulse. All of the sudden, Sam's fist jabbed backwards and hit Batman's Chin. Stan pushed his weight up with his hands and leapt to his feet. Batman balanced on his feet and looked past Stan. Paxton and his men were escaping the warehouse. Batman sprinted around Stan and tried to stop Paxton, but he couldn't before the Russian thug body-slammed into Batman after running at full speed. Batman was thrown into a heap of rubble left from the explosions.

Batman heard a voice from inside of his suit. It was Bruce Wayne's.

"Terry? Please don't tell me that you're wearing the suit right now."

"Now's not the best time, Bruce." Batman replied.

The black thug had a crowbar in his hand and was sprinting over towards Batman. Batman dug his arm out of the rubble and shot a rope attached to two metallic balls out of his suit. They tied around the thug's legs and he sailed over to the ground. Before he made contact, Batman leapt up out of the rubble and punched the thug in the face. He fell on the ground unconscious.

"I thought I gave you the week off…"

"Well crime doesn't take breaks, does it, old man? So neither should I."

"Careful. You're sounding a little too much like Batman now."

"Please, as if you actually expected me to take a break."

"Even Batman needs rest every once in a while. Trust me, if you push yourself too much you're likely to go over the edge."

"Are you going somewhere with this or did you just call to be my conscience for the night?"

One of Stan's thugs swung a punch at Batman. Batman ducked and tried to counter, but the thug grabbed his arm. The thug punched Batman in the chest and threw him aside. Batman managed not to lose his footing.

"I need you to investigate something for me. The commissioner came here this morning to ask about a robbery that took place this morning that could have involved Ten of the Royal Flush gang."

"You and me both know why that's not possible, Wayne."

Batman ran towards the thug again, but he gained the upper hand and knocked him aside once more.

"I didn't want to believe it either, but Gordon seemed pretty convinced. It's worth investigating."

The Russian thug grabbed Batman from the back and put him in a full nelson. The other thug cracked his knuckles as he walked towards Batman.

"So if you're already in costume, how about you do something about it now?" Wayne continued

"My hands are kind of full old man!"

The thug was about to swing a punch at Batman, but Batman grabbed onto the thug's neck with his legs and tossed him down. Batman bent his back and activated his jet boosters. He flew up towards the ceiling with the other thug on his back and made impact with the ceiling. The thug's back made a large crack in the ceiling. Both he and Batman fell down to the ground and landed in the rubble once more. Batman slowly got to his feet, but suddenly, he was grabbed from behind and thrusted across the room. He looked up. Mad Stan was the one who threw him.

"Come on Batman!" He spat as he shouted. "Is that the best you can do!"

Batman got on his feet and began running towards him. Stan simply stood still with his arms folded and a with a smile across his face. Batman put his fist up as he was running and prepared to punch him, but suddenly, Batman's foot came down on something metallic. He heard and felt it click beneath his foot. Batman stopped in his tracks and looked down.

He was standing on a foot shaped pad with a red button in the middle. He was stepping on the red button.

"I wouldn't step off of that if I were you, Batman." Stan spat. " Two of Stan's three thugs walked up to Stan and stood next to him.

"Exhibit A." Stan pointed down at Batman's foot. "A real life landmine."

It took a second to process, but Batman immediately looked up at him in disbelief.

"The moment you release the pressure, the three second countdown begins, and once the time's up, you blow this whole shack to smithereens." Stan said.

"Are you crazy! If I'd had stepped off I could have killed us all just no…"

"Then it's a good thing you did stop, huh Batman?" Stan interrupted with a shout. "And of course, we have Exhibit B."

Stan pointed to his unconscious thug friend on the ground next to the rubble.

"A typical Gotham lowlife." Stan said. Batman looked up at Stan

Stan opened the door to the warehouse with a remote control.

"The door will be wide open, so there's a sliver of chance that you might escape with your own life. So what will Batman do? Will he try to save his own life? Or will he try to save a local criminal and be blown up for sure? Oh so many choices in life. Unfortunately, this one could be your last."

Batman looked at the unconscious thug, and then looked at the landmine he was standing on. He froze his foot on that button as if his life depended on it, granted, it did.

"Stop this, Stan! That guy is your friend, isn't he?"

"Meh, a casualty or two to finally scratch an annoying bat is a risk I'm willing to not lose much sleep over. Oh and by the way, I wouldn't try to do any surgery on that thing. If it detects a hint of an adjustment, BOOM!"

His shout echoed throughout the warehouse.

"This is crazy!" Batman shouted

"No Batman…"

Stan hopped on a motorcycle and the two thugs hopped on theirs as well.

"It's mad. So long, Batman! I'll try to watch the fireworks show from home!"

Mad Stan laughed as he sped away on his bike and his two men followed him out.

Now it was just Batman and the unconscious thug. Batman looked back at the door that Stan and his men escaped out of. It was several yards away from him. Then he looked forward at the thug who was on the ground. He too was several yards away.

Three seconds. That's all the time that Stan said that he had to escape. Perhaps if his glider wing was working, he may have been able to fly over, pick up the thug, and narrowly escape before time ran out. But his wing had been shot. That meant that he was going to have to escape on foot. And if he tried to save the thug and escape out the front door, he would die for sure.

Batman felt so frustrated. A part of him wished that he would have just taken the week off like Wayne had suggested. Sitting on a sofa and watching television seemed much more favorable than this.

"I gotta cut it out…" Batman thought out loud. "There has to be a way…"

He looked at the man once more. Then he thought. Maybe if the man had woken up by now, he would be able to call him over and tell him to escape on his own.

"Hey! Hey, can you hear me!"

The thug grunted and turned his head.

"HEY!" Batman yelled.

The thug didn't move. He was still out cold.

"So much for that idea…" Batman said.

His muscles were growing tired. It had now been a few minutes since Stan had left, and Batman refused to move his foot even the slightest bit. His muscles were screaming at him to move.

"There has to be something I can do!" He yelled in frustration. He took a final look at the thug. Then he looked up. Batman looked down at the mine again, but suddenly, looked back up at the ceiling above the thug.

The crack was still there from when he smashed him into the ceiling.

That was his ticket out. He wasn't going to go through the front door at all. He quickly devised his plan, and then prepared to act it out. There was still a very narrow chance that he was going to make it, but it was worth a shot. Especially since it was the only shot he had.

"Now or never."

If this plan didn't work, he would have been blown up for sure. But like he thought to himself before, he couldn't afford to think of that now. He pulled a Batarang and held it in his hand. It began beeping. He took a deep breath. Then he ran.

He pushed the mine backwards with his foot and it slid towards the front door. Batman sprinted and threw the beeping Batarang towards the crack on the ceiling.

It stuck onto the ceiling. The mine counted down.


Batman sprinted to the pile of rubble and threw the man over his shoulder.


Batman activated his jet boosters and flew straight up. Even though he was moving straight up, it was extremely hard to keep his balance without his wings, and while holding a 250 pound man over his shoulder. Even with the enhanced strength of the suit, it was a challenge.


His batarang exploded on the ceiling's cracked weak point and the whole ceiling crumbled.


The mine sent out a firey explosion. Batman yelled as he and the thug bursted through the falling ceiling, and as the fire from the eruption trailed behind them.

But he made it out. Barely.

Some of the fire burnt parts of his suit, but once they were out of the building, Batman lost his balance and both he and the thug plummeted to the ground. The thug was dropped onto a pile of leaves and Batman fell into a small, nearby lake.

Moments later, Batman climbed out onto the shore and used the last of his strength to lie backwards looking up in the sky. Batman could hear the police sirens coming towards the explosions.

Batman's suit was burnt and scratched. But he was just thankful he escaped with his life.

"Hey Bruce…" Batman said, speaking into his com-link. Batman breathed huge breaths in the middle of his words. "You might have been right…I think I'm in over my head."

"I guess that means that it's time to ask your sidekick to help you with the next case." Bruce said

"Come on, Bruce. Max is great, but these people are dangerous. I don't want her to get too tangled up with …"

"I wasn't talking about Max." Bruce said. "I meant your other sidekick. The one that's closer to the Ten case than anyone."

Batman's eyes widened as he looked up at the moon. Bruce leaned into the intercom and spoke.

"I think it's time to see if Batgirl's ready to take that suit off the hook."