It was daytime, and Melanie, Terry and Bruce were all standing in Bruce's foyer. Melanie had all of her belongings with her. The three of them were watching the news play from one of Wayne's TVs. The newscaster spoke

"And not long after the reappearance of the mysterious Batgirl, Mad Stan and his group were taken hostage by the Gotham Police, and the weapon itself has been seized and taken into police custody. The criminal 'Ten' was also taken into custody and confirmed to be a different Ten than the one who was associated with the Royal Flush Gang sometime ago. The stolen jewels were both retrieved, and returned to the Brittany's Jewelers as of this morning. While Gotham citizens are on the fringe about the appearance and reappearance of these villians, they've found comfort in knowing that Batman and this new Batgirl aren't far behind. This is Kevin Carr, Gotham City News."

The TV shut off. Wayne had pressed the remote.

"Thanks again for all of your help." Terry said.

"No. I should be thanking you guys. I never would have guessed that Chloe could have gone so far as to almost destroy the city just to get me back."

"You were on to her pretty fast though. You better be careful before you start making the original Batgirl look bad." Terry joked. "And hey, about all of that stuff that we were saying to each other when your friend was around…I hope none of it was taken personally."

"No. We had to make it look good. And speaking of looking good, I had better go back to Star City and go back to my real job."

Terry looked at his watch

"Yeah. I had better take off too."

"Here." Melanie passed her backpack to Bruce.

Bruce looked down and pushed it back

"No. I think you should keep it."

"Mr. Wayne?" Melanie asked.

"I agree." Terry said. "I know that it'll be in good hands."

"You realize that I'm not planning on wearing the suit again, right?"

"Somehow I doubt that." Bruce said

"Huh? Why?" Melanie asked

"Because we'll need you to. When the time is right." Bruce said

Melanie smiled and put the bag over her shoulder.

"Don't hold your breath."

"We won't. It'll be up to you to decide when you want to come back. And when you do. We'll be ready." Terry said.

Terry walked out the front door.

"I'll see you two later." He stopped before he left. "And Melanie. Good job. I hope that this isn't the end."

Terry closed the door. Melanie looked forward and Bruce was behind her.

"You know, you're going to have to tell him sooner or later. If not he may find out for himself." Bruce said

Melanie turned around and looked at Wayne.

"What? What are you talking ab…"

"You can save the act. I learned everything about you long before you ever stepped foot in the Batcave. Including what happened the night when you and the Royal Flush Gang came to Gotham."

Melanie stood still

"And you took me in in spite of that. You really are the world's greatest detective aren't you?"

Bruce kept quiet

"So what now? Are you gonna tell him?"

"No. But I think he needs to hear it from you."


She crossed her arms and looked out the window

"Terry can't know. He can never know."

Bruce walked up next to her

"Take it from the one who spent the greater part of his life hiding under a mask. Everyone has their secrets, Melanie. But secrets always have price."

Melanie began walking forward

"Then it's a price that I'm going to have to be willing pay. Until next time, Mr. Wayne."

Melanie left the house and locked the door behind her. Bruce looked forward with a frown.


Wayne Industries in Star City.

It was 11:02 PM the following day. 2 minutes past closing time.

Kate Robinson picked up a stack of papers and put them in a file. She was dressed head to toe in her work uniform. She walked down the aisle and turned the corner. Her instructions were to deliver the file to the front office, and then lock up for the night.

She stopped in front of the front office and pulled the key out of her pocket. She unlocked the door, walked in, and then closed it behind her. She was expecting for the room to be empty so that she could put the files on the office table and then leave for the night. She walked forward to the table with the files, but was startled when she heard a man's voice behind her.

"Kate Robinson." He said. Kate jumped and dropped the files on the ground, and the documents fell on the floor.

"Who on earth do you think you…"

She turned around, and was standing face to face with the businessman with black hair. Paxton Powers.

"Aren't you…"

"Paxton Powers. Sorry if I startled you."

He knelt down and picked the files off of the floor. He handed them back to her.

"Your dad used to own this place along with Bruce Wayne."

She took the files from him.

"Yes, he did. And actually, it seems like our fathers were both pretty well acquainted. They worked together on a pretty ambitious project."

"Yeah. Some weapon or something. Word on the street is that Batgirl stole the trigger from my house while no one was home."

"It's funny that you mention that, I've had a very recent run in with that Batgirl myself. Both her and Batman have been among the greatest nuisances in the history of Gotham."

Kate blinked a few times

"Is there a reason why you're here?" She asked

"Well you see, I was getting to that. I was doing a little research on our own, and it seems as if neither of our fathers put a ton of stock in that bomb of theirs because they were extremely fascinated in another project that was being done by other scientists at the time. Out of all of our neighboring cities where the weird and unexplained things happen, Gotham has the longest and most diverse history of mutated specimen. Everything from subzero metabolisms to Splicers, Gotham's had it all. And what would the potential be if we could reproduce some of the abilities that the mutated specimen had use them against, well, certain bats that make Gotham a hard place to live."

"Bottom liner, prep boy. Why does this concern me?"

"I'm here to offer you a job. A job that pays 10 fold what this one does. I figured, that hey, Dr. Robinson's apple couldn't have fallen far from the tree, so I thought you could be a good fit."

"10 times what I make here huh?" She asked. She deliberately dropped the folder on the floor once again and folded her arms and smiled. "I'm listening."

"Good. But first I have a quick background question for you."


"How interested are you in…" Paxton raised his eyebrow. "Plant life?"



So that's pretty much it for the second installment of Batgirl Beyond. Hope you liked it. Just so you know, I am planning to make this a trilogy, so the next story will be a direct continuation of this one, and will be the epic conclusion to the three stories. Hoping to make it better than this and the first one.

And unrelated to this story, but since I've been asked, I am still working on some of my other projects, namely the Digital Crisis movie that I announced a while ago.

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