It started out as a normal patrol for Batman, Bruce Wayne, and Robin, Tim Drake. No major villains were breaking out of Arkham for a while. So they were stopping the usual muggings and murders. Saving an old man here, a random woman there, the usual. All of course were too dense to stay inside during Gotham's prime-time for crime.

What caught their attention was screaming from an assumed female –or a male with an exceptionally high voice- two blocks from where they were sitting on a building's rooftop. The vigilantes busted into action simultaneously, jumping across the rooftops to get to the alleyway the scream originated from. Before they could get there the sound of a gunshot ripped through the air. They continued with a new determination, even if the victim was dead the killer could still be caught.

Once there, they dropped into the alleyway to find a teenage girl with short black hair containing a multitude of colored streaks on the ground with a bag on her shoulder that she was probably killed for, a bullet wound starkly showing on her forehead, and three males in hooded jackets and loose jeans. They were the usual "gangster" type. Following with the stereotype, they were an easy take down for the Dynamic Duo.

The thugs were tied up by Batman while Robin checked to confirm the girl had no pulse. Robin had to force back the bile that still came to his throat when he saw murder victims; Gotham's underbelly was still disturbing to the teen, even after a year with first-hand job experience. Especially when he had to step in fresh blood to get to the girl.

The teen shared a look with his elder that clearly stated the girl was dead.

Batman contacted the police, "Three perpetrators, bring a body bag."

Normally, they would've left the scene right then and let Gotham PD carry on from there. But in normal situations the victim of a murder didn't groan in annoyance. With wide eyes they watched as the girl sat up, wiped the blood off her pale forehead where a bullet wound clearly used to be, and looked at them like they were crazy.

The thugs who were tied together not ten feet away from the girl promptly screamed. One might've wet themselves by the distinct asparagus smell that now tainted the air.

"Might wanna scratch that body bag," Robin murmured to his mentor without taking his eyes off the girl.

The girl picked herself up off the ground and brushed off the front of her worn jeans. She looked in more annoyance at the blood that had soaked into the back of her clothing due to the pool she was just lying in. "I just got these clothes too," She huffed out.

Robin stared at the girl, was she really complaining about clothes when she just recovered from a bullet to the brain? The bird briefly considered that the apocalypse might be happening, but brushed it off. He was spending too much time around Nightwing.

The girl finally spared the others in the alley a glance and gazed back at Robin with an irked expression. "Do you not know it is rude to stare?" She asked bluntly.

The teen vigilante was about to quip back if she knew it was weird to come back to life. But his mentor stopped him with the concise words of, "Explain yourself."

"It is a long story," She shrugged.

"Then start at the beginning," Batman growled out. Patience wasn't his strongest point.

"Well, I am actually fairly hungry. So if we could get some food before we start this story session that would be great," The girl wasn't showing any sign of budging towards spilling everything with a simple Bat Glare.

Batman thought it over for a good minute as he glared the girl down. She met his eyes levelly, despite being shorter, showing no sign of breaking when he finally decided. "Fine," All his aggravation at the situation could be heard in the one word.

Robin shot a side glance at Bats. "Um, Batman, are you serious here?"

"Sadly, yes," Came the staunched reply.

"The girl is in blood soaked clothes, we're in costume, and its 2 a.m. Where exactly are we going to be getting food in this situation?"

No reply came. That was strong enough in itself for Robin.

"Please tell me you're kidding," Robin pleaded.

"I'm not," The sound of Batman gritting his teeth reached both pairs of teenage ears. "Follow me," Batman ordered the girl and walked out the alley with Robin in tow.

The girl showed no signs of resistance and followed the black clad heroes out of the alley, but not before looking back at the terrified thugs and saying, "Careful who you shoot next time guys."

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