Maybe Avery should've thought it was a bad idea to take on two Shadows by herself, but she defiantly thought it was a bad idea when a third Shadow was thrust into the scene. Well, he was thrown onto the bleachers by a newly recovered Beast Boy, almost exactly in between the face-off that was about to happen.

Thankfully, the Shadow was down for the count and Beast Boy popped up to help with the oncoming fight.

"Need some help rookie?" BB was quick to say.

"The notion offends me," Avery smiled behind her mask and the wide grin the green boy shot in her direction acknowledged the fact. Even if she was eternally grateful in the matter of assistance.

David let out a groan behind them and she flicked her head backwards for a millisecond to look at him. She flicked her eyes over to Beast Boy in question. He read her nonverbal cue and gave a confirmation through the link that he had everything covered before morphing into a jaguar and going after the Shadows.

Avery shook her empty hand to steady her adrenaline fueled body before crouching next to David again and freeing her other hand by laying down her bow. She had already assessed that the bullet went all the way through his leg and was now embedded in the bleachers. He was bleeding but had the sense to bring his leg up within reach and place his hands over the bleeding wounds. She had to give him points for that. The bullet shattered the fibula and broke his tibia in a slightly cleaner fashion.

"I can help you, but only if you let me," She told him in a clear voice that demanded attention. She was aware of the code for allowing medical care outside of a hospital. If you had the knowledge and the consent, you could start working.

The brunette managed a small nod before dropping his head back onto the solid metal. Avery both cursed and thanked the set up of the bleachers as she dislodged his hands moved David's leg to rest on the level above them. Raising the leg above the heart would make blood flow harder and slow the bleeding. Then she rolled his blood stained jeans up until they reached above his knee.

She was then thankful of the tank top she was wearing under her long sleeve shirt as she lifted the top layer over her head. She immediately ripped the left sleeve off at the shoulder and tied it off tightly above David's knee.

"A masked lady taking her shirt off, I should've brought singles," David muttered weakly.

Avery was glad he was still conscious but still rolled her eyes before speaking, "I suggest you keep your hands and sense of humor to yourself during the rest of this process. By the way, this next part is going to hurt."

"Yeah, sure it will, sugar-" His comment morphed into a mix of a groan and shriek as his features twisted in pain. Avery had set his fibula and quickly did as much as she could for his tibia.

"Never say I did not warn you," Avery looked at him with a little less pity as he continued to flirt with her (Aly really was right about the level of flirtatious comments he spewed). Patience was an asset she wished she had in her quiver at the moment. Every nerve in her body felt like it was fried. She was nervous, and she will admit, scared. People were in danger and it looked like the kid with the broken leg was in the safest position at the moment, as ironic as it was.

She separated the torso of her shirt and the right sleeve when Beast Boy cried out behind her, "A, look out!"

Avery twisted her body to look behind her at the threat. While she was glad she still had some semblance of a secret identity, she was not feeling so spectacular about the throwing knife that embedded itself just centimeters off her spine and into her lower back. Avery was positively livid about that one.

"What is with you people and aiming for my spine?" She muttered under her breath as she grabbed her bow and notched an arrow. A volley was let loose and she hoped a few would at least hit their targets and help BB out.

David weakly chocked out, "Um hey… you," not quite sure what to call his makeshift doctor, "do you know you've got a knife sticking out of your back?"

"And you have a bullet wound in your leg. Thank you for pointing out the obvious." Avery didn't even flick her head back to reply as she continued shooting until she ran out of arrows.

She turned back the second the last bit of fletching flew off her string with a twang. "Okay, that has been taken care of."

"The knife in your back or the people throwing them?" David mumbled, mostly to himself.

Avery pulled the knife out and tossed it onto the metal seat next to them. "Both, now."

The brunette started whispering what seemed to be a mix of a prayer and plead for the entire event of his life to be over. It just made Avery glad that he had something to focus on instead of the pain.

She continued working by taking the torso piece of what used to be a shirt and ripping it into one very long strip of fabric about an inch wide by ripping downward at a small angle. The strip was then wrapped around David's leg, around and around until it formed a tight, solid covering that blood was already soaking into. She slid the remaining sleeve over the bindings to keep everything in place.

Once Avery decided she'd done all she could do, she turned to survey what surely must've turned to mayhem. It surprised her to see that everyone was wrapping up their fights, if they had not already. Yes, she wil admit she underestimated the Team, but now she didn't see a need to do it again. Beast Boy was already next to her claiming the knife that had been embedded in her back as a souvenir, which earned an unseen raised eyebrow.

Avery shook her head and accepted Beast Boy's assistance in getting David down off the bleachers. By the time they got him down Nightwing was there calling an ambulance for the teen. Avery shot him a questioning look about the location of a certain mercenary that was answered with gritted teeth and a glare. It was enough to make her back off for the moment and help hand David off to Superboy's waiting arms. She quickly washed the blood off her hands in the snow and cleaned the blood off of any other visible skin that she could take notice off, whether the blood be her's or David's.

Once Nightwing was done with the call Avery nonchalantly walked over to him and said, "As much as I would like to see this to the very end, I have to get back lest others get suspicious."

"The school will let out for the day after this, trust me on that. Supes will be waiting to pick you up, after that it's debriefing at the mountain." His tone didn't leave much room for negotiation.

"Acceptable." Avery bobbed her head, gave a mock salute to the leader of the Team, and gave a parting comment. "Just have some nourishment ready for when I return please." She ran off the field just as the sirens resounded in her ears.

.:Back to Life:.

Getting back in the window was harder than leaving through it; Avery figured that out very quickly. She managed to slide in after a fair amount of negotiation before hitting the tile floor. Marilyn reminded the masked teen of her presence with the clearing of the throat.

Marilyn slid a backpack across the floor as Avery tossed the borrowed mask back to the redhead.

Said ginger caught the mask, and left the bathroom with a parting message, "There's your clothes. Change out, the period's about to end."

Avery gave herself a moment to internally cheer. She helped stop ninjas from holding an entire high school hostage. No one's noticed that she was one to help an entire high school from being held hostage by ninjas. Well, yet. Someone knock on wood.

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